What’s Good for this Goose? A Noose!

Whoever said “Not all is as it seems” was NOT kidding. There’s been a colossal Psychological Warfare / Propaganda campaign against us from Hillary & her fixers & her corrupt posse. She paid Media Matters + many others to smear the fuck out of Trump. Anyone who shuts off their TV & starts doing someContinue reading “What’s Good for this Goose? A Noose!”

The Fire that is Mark Levin

Mark Levin accurately depicts the anger, frustration & complete and total disbelief at what actually happened behind closed doors over the past 3+ years.

Are They Silencing You? Use ‘Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool’

https://whitehouse.typeform.com/to/Jti9QH If you are being censored or shadowbanned, or find your videos & tweets being deleted, your follower count going down drastically & basically your stats just not making any sense – you are likely being silenced. And President Trump wants to hear your story.

There’s Nothing Wrong With #QAnon

Have you been laughing at the Q followers, or calling them ‘conspiracy theorists’ or calling it a cult? It’s the antithesis of a cult – a cult has “groupthink” whereas Q encourages thinking for yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you think there’s something wrong with that there’s something wrong with youContinue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With #QAnon”