Dolphins in Captivity

It was with a heavy heart that I paid for this excursion. It was even harder when I saw how small the area was where they were performing, afraid that that small space was all they had to swim in. All I could think of was how could this incredibly intelligent creature be used inContinue reading “Dolphins in Captivity”

Antigua Sailing Week 2018 Festivities

Seems I booked my trip during some pretty exciting festivities that I really hope to partake in! It just so happens that it’s Antigua Sailing Week 2018! Past winners of the Lord Nelson Trophy return for the 2018 edition of Antigua Sailing Week & include Sir Hugh Bailey’s Team Rebel © Paul Wyeth/ Internationally acclaimed reggaeContinue reading “Antigua Sailing Week 2018 Festivities”

Antigua: A True Caribbean Paradise ☮️

Calgon, please take me away. Five more days. Almost here 😉 🕉💞☮️ 🌅Finally🌅 ☮️💞🕉 It’s time. And after one of the longest, most brutal winters I’ve lived through a really long time. Don’t I say ‘it was a brutal winter’ every winter though? It’s true, I cry inside each year from December to March. IContinue reading “Antigua: A True Caribbean Paradise ☮️”

The First Time I Noticed the Universe Might be Conspiring to Help Me

In my mid-twenties I started to wake up, & at 26, I got my dream job: bartending for Club Med in the Caribbean. Yeah baby! In May of 1997 I was off to Eleuthera, Bahamas for a 6 month contract – never having set a foot behind a bar. After 4 years of schlepping forContinue reading “The First Time I Noticed the Universe Might be Conspiring to Help Me”