Dear Facebook

You’ve got a lot of nerve accusing me (& many others) of posting something that would harm people, when it is YOU & YOUR constant Propaganda who is doing the actual harm 🎯 Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with terms like defamation & slander but I can assure you lawyers are not. You use Psychological Projection &Continue reading “Dear Facebook”

Disconnect Yourselves from the *Smart* Network IMMEDIATELY

Why is it called COVID: COV (is virus) ID (is ID, Identification) = Rolling out the Communism under the guise of protecting you – the COVI-PASS is in the works peeps, this isn’t about your Health this is about Tracking & Control. And let me take it one step further: cuz you’ll say “Tracking ohContinue reading “Disconnect Yourselves from the *Smart* Network IMMEDIATELY”

Meet Your Domestic Terrorists: Hollywood Celebs, MSM, Democrats & Antifa

HILARIOUS watching these Big Tech guys scrambling, playing whack-a-mole with every single one of us 😂 It’s futile yo! We’re currently watching you drown & it is a beautiful thing, because you have no Integrity no Character & no Honour. No sportsmanship, no ability to keep it a level playing ground & give everyone aContinue reading “Meet Your Domestic Terrorists: Hollywood Celebs, MSM, Democrats & Antifa”