There is No Cloud

Just someone else’s computer.


Amazon + CIA & $600 Million Bucks

This was 2014:

What do you think their plan is, & what have they been up to since?






‘Livingry’ vs ‘Killingry:’ The Challenge

Patents anyone? Check these out:

Meet R. Buckminster Fuller & The Fuller Challenge

In the 1960’s he launched the Design Science Revolution with an open call to the world’s creative communities “to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.


First recognized in 2011 by Metropolis Magazine as “socially responsible design’s highest award”, the program conferred an annual grand prize of $100,000 to a project that best fulfilled the entrance criteria & embodied what we have called the ‘spirit of the Challenge.’ Winning projects are visionary initiatives that address multiple problems simultaneously, & evoke inspiration for others to study & replicate.

An open call to anyone creatively addressing any of the world’s most urgent problems – enabled the accomplishment of several goals:

  • honor the legacy of Fuller & create a prestigious program that would encourage innovation & recognize integrity
  • draw attention & support to the thinkers & doers applying a comprehensive, whole-systems approach to designing solutions to the great challenges we face today
  • leverage the power of a prestigious innovation prize to demonstrate the importance of whole systems-thinking & its integral function in design-thinking
  • educate a new generation of designers to take up Fuller’s Challenge to transform our world through design, by showcasing world class projects & celebrating the people behind them.

Integrity indeed!




Podcast: Weapons of Mass Confusion

Listen to this episode of my podcast, Or Maybe .. “Weapons of Mass Confusion”


30 Day Challenge: Say Only Nice Things on the Internet

I absolutely love this guy: Meet Bryan Lunduke & The Lunduke Show. This is a great challenge; we all need to check ourselves. Especially in the Twittersphere.


Let’s Play the IP Game: I’ll Start: UK Ministry of Defense. You?

How do you spell S-k-e-t-c-h-y?

A friend of mine asked me to do this ‘test.’ Insatiably curious, I obliged. I was quite surprised by the result. And I can’t say that I understand it.

What’s yours?

Just follow these steps.

  • Turn off WiFi
  • Restart phone
  • Turn on Mobile Data.
  • Check your IP.
  • Search it online & share where you landed.

England: There I was smack dab in the middle of the Thames. At the Ministry of Defence no less; to a Mathew Newton.

Emailed him.

No response.

Thanks my friend (he got the DOD – US Dept. of Defense) who’ll remain anonymous 😉 Love ya xo


Oh, you’ll wind up hearing, “Oh they just have blocks of too many IP’s & so they sell them & that’s why it’s linked there & blah blah blah blah ..

But since when do we naively believe all we’re told without investigating?

We don’t 😉


Own a Smart Phone? You Should See This

Have you ever seen someone get hacked, & what they can see & do? You’re about to. We know it happens – but it’s pretty creepy to see it. Especially creepy is the IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catcher), or Stingraya telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic & tracking location data of mobile phone users.

Essentially a “fake” mobile tower acting between the target mobile phone & the service provider’s real towers, it’s considered a man-in-the-middle attack.

Check out ‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden & Shane Smith:

Stay Informed, Stay Aware. Thank you Edward Snowden, without you we may have never known this was going on. Integrity is seriously lacking in this world. I don’t care what anyone says, you’re a Hero to me. Those calling him a traitor are probably either the narrative-ridden MSM, the government, those exposed, those who want to continue being corrupt behind closed doors, & those too brainwashed to do anything but follow the narrative. In other words, I wouldn’t listen to anyone who calls him a traitor. He exposed something illegal. He is in the right. The government is in the wrong. 


Unless you plan on telling me that if I murder you, then tell your mother about it – and she turns me in – that SHE should go to jail, not ME? 

Yeah, didn’t think so. That’s the most preposterous utter bullshit I’ve ever heard. 

And exactly what’s going on here; there was no threat to national security – only a threat to them continuing to break the law in secret. ed1

~Think for Yourselves~


If Smart Devices AREN’T Spying on You, Why the ‘Fake Off’ Mode?

The battle for your information; such a hot commodity.


In Public: “Smart devices aren’t spying on you.” 

In Private: “Ooooh look we developed a ‘Fake off’ mode!

“Using the ‘Fake Off’ mode, the government can trick you into thinking your TV is off when it is actually still on, recording your every word.” And they’re not really battling for your information anymore – people are handing it over voluntarily.

A simple blue LED in the back of your TV can help you identify if Big Brother is watching. Simply turn the device off; if the blue light still shines, that means it’s on Fake Off mode & you are being spied on. 

See: Is Your TV Safe From The CIA?

After Wikileaks documents revealed the CIA can spy on Americans through their internet-connected Samsung TV & other devices, many wonder about their own gadgets. Strangely enough, those pushing it never suggest anything dishonest could possibly be going on. Their track record somewhat lacks honesty & integrity. A little research will show you the value of their word. A trove of documents posted by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks claims the CIA developed, borrowed or purchased at least 12 different tools aimed at turning computers, cellphones & other gadgets into surveillance tools. Some programs could automatically make copies of files on a thumb drive or SD card; others could inject hidden monitoring or sharing programs.The files mention malware called “Assassin” & “Medusa” – like a spy film, with tools the CIA uses to steal data from iphones, seize control of Microsoft desktops or make Internet-connected Samsung tv’s secretly function as microphones. That’s insane – not to mention a violation of our privacy.

“The release of so many sensitive files appeared to catch the CIA, the White House & other government entities off-guard. A CIA spokesman would say only that “we do not comment on the authenticity of purported intelligence documents.”

WikiLeaks reveals CIA hacking secrets of smartphones & other smart gadgets

I love Julian Assange & WikiLeaks; we need more people like him, with integrity, who do the right thing. Would you rather have the government continue lying, deceiving, confusing, controlling & manipulating you? They just brainwash people on their gadgets to go buy more gadgets. It seems like every 6 months they update the iphone & sell it to you for around $1000, yeah, you’re kinda being played. And now, people are voluntarily placing always on, always listening devices in their homes: the Echo / Alexa / HomePod / GoogleHome, etc. And they refuse to answer questions about CIA affiliations, & will shut down. But a lot of people who reviewed it online think it’s slightly sketchy, so the reviews online are making more people doubt the ‘nothing to see here’ narrative. We should be talking about it: Amazon gave the CIA $600 million for a cloud storage contract. The CIA + Cloud service? Geez, you’d almost think the CIA is interested in your information. Weird. And now the CIA is helping Amazon store all that info? I see ..



See: “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?”

After several similar video reviews, I stumbled on this from Ellen: 

See: Alexa’s Involvement with CIA @ The Ellen Show 

The first thing that came to mind after watching this: “Ellen, do you work for the CIA?” She has a big platform & influence, I was surprised she ridiculed something we should probably be more concerned about – at least look into – I felt uncomfortable watching her use it to ridicule something to such a degree, it’d make one feel silly to suspect anything sinister or nefarious going on. Smells like disinformation; how ’bout “Research this shit cuz it’s sketchy as fuck.” What do you think? Safe & nothing to worry about? So in other words ‘Trust your government?’ Can’t. That ship has sailed. One must always research, ask questions, & research some more. Trust your gut. Know your sources. Recognize, then steer clear of corporations with corrupt bosses with secret agendas. Keep an eye on the narratives they push & you’ll know it’s often the opposite that’s true. We’ve been lied to, about so much, for far too long. Always investigate – you’ll see who’s constantly pushing their agenda, who’s biased, & who outright fabricates. “Dismissing, without even mentioning the wisdom in investigating, & the importance of critical thinking, is suspicious.”  


Are your smart televisions, smart phones and smart fridges vulnerable to eavesdropping spies?

WikiLeaks: The CIA is using popular TVs, smartphones and cars to spy on their owners

This user wants us to remove the flashlight app – it’s supposedly malware: Do You Have this App on Your Smartphone? Uninstall it! 


How Woody? I know how – We could stop giving them money. Without us, they couldn’t survive. That’s one of the most important things to these people. We bitch & moan about them & then we still buy their products:


We’re keeping them alive. We hafta be more conscious of where we spend our money & who we’re giving it to. There has to be a rEvolution.

Please don’t do this anymore. Save your money. Take a vacation. Spend on experiences, not things. Every year I hope this is the year this stops:

Stop making rich companies richer. Stop making fools of yourselves – the CEO’s are laughing in their offices, laughing all the way to the bank. 

Always ask questions. Think for yourself.



The Web: A Powerful Awakening Tool

Do you have something to say? Do you have an important story to share? Do you want to help Humanity? Wake up the world? The web is your oyster! If you do I strongly suggest you start a blog – you don’t need to be a writer to blog – you just need to have a story. Blogging is quite therapeutic. If we can help only one person out of their suffering & misery it’s all worth it. Don’t be afraid of what anybody thinks. Follow your Heart ❤ Create the life you want 🕉 Each and every single person is important & has a unique message & mission. Do not be afraid connect to yourself & then connect to the world!

Don’t ever think that you cannot make a difference. You can.