The Fire that is Mark Levin

Mark Levin accurately depicts the anger, frustration & complete and total disbelief at what actually happened behind closed doors over the past 3+ years.

Obama Administration DID Spy, Current Court Case Proves It: Sharyl Attkisson, CBS

The first lawsuit of its’ kind to hold the US government accountable for spying on its’ own citizens.

Welcome to The Great Awakening: Can You Feel It⁉️

💥When Hillary said “if Trump wins we’ll all hang from nooses” – she was talking about the #Treason she knew they were guilty of💥 This is why the world’s been brainwashed into hating Donald Trump – a man no one had a problem with pre 2016, as everyone with access to YouTube, or even justContinue reading “Welcome to The Great Awakening: Can You Feel It⁉️”

Bill Marshall Top FBI Official Admits Under Oath:’Obama White House Hid Elicit Clinton Emails’

Judicial Watch on Obama’s Complicity in Clinton Email Cover-Up Notice the pause after he says “Hillary was trafficking .. ” We know what you were going to say ..