Exposed: The Story the US Would Never Dare Touch (by 60 Minutes Australia)

“Australian 60 Minutes published a story that 60 Minutes (America) would never dare touch: In America & the UK, the Paedophile Network controls high ranking Paedophile Politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA & top Law Enforcement. This has made it almost impossible to get the truth out about the presence of this worldwide Satanic Paedophile Network.”

You know, that thing referred to as #Pizzagate in the media – the thing no one wants investigated (huge red flag) .. oh it’s real alright, & it’s beyond disturbing. How do I know? Well, I’ve done an incredible amount of research, & I don’t listen to what the media thinks I should think, say, do or feel. I’ve been investigating this for years – I’ve seen things I can never unsee, & heard things I can never unhear – & far too many aren’t ready to hear that. 

Ask anyone who studies Human Behavior:

If it wasn’t true, why push to investigate (we wouldn’t), just making us look foolish on our wild goose chase, as we’d find nothing (if there was nothing to be found) .. & they’d let us do it wouldn’t they, cuz why would they care? They wouldn’t. Exactly. Why would the  media/government care about some “insert derogatory name here” looking into the existence of something that isn’t real (such as unicorns)? They wouldn’t.

They absolutely would not. If they weren’t involved in a top secret mission to hide the existence of unicorns, they wouldn’t give a flying fuck about what some random twit was looking into / claimingBut that’s not what’s happening is it? Oh no .. they care alright – they care very very much!!

Why do you think they’re trying to keep us from investigating in the first place? Think. For. Yourselves! 

The truth is right before our very eyes; they told us where to look when they told us where NOT to look.

Kids are being raped right now as I type this, it must be taken seriously!




Your Help is Needed 

Back from a phenomenal week in the absolutely gorgeous Antigua. Preparing a series of blogs of our adventures 😉

For starters, I was happy to see this when I arrived. Human trafficking is no joke – it’s very real & is happening every day. 

I’d like to see this in every airport & country. The victims need to know help is available & that people care; & the general public needs to up their awareness & help if they can. 

What if it was your child? 

Be aware, observe 👀

16 Ways to Take Action Against Human Trafficking

The SOAR Act

Thrilled to announce that the SOAR Act was approved in the House of Representatives this week!

What does the SOAR Act do?

It creates training programs for nurses, doctors, & first responders to help them recognize the signs of human trafficking in patients. A reported 88% of sex trafficking survivors had contact with a health care provider while being trafficked. In many cases it may be the only time that they are separated from their trafficker. Training health care providers to contact law enforcement after identifying a human trafficking victim creates opportunities for intervention.

We’re not done yet! The Senate must pass SOAR before it can be signed into law.

Email your senators now and urge them to pass the SOAR Act.

Source: Polaris


National Human Trafficking Hotline now offers Text & Chat Services

The National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) announced it has expanded the modes of communication survivors can use to reach out & get help to include 24/7 SMS texting & online chat services in both English & Spanish. This expansion provides additional, discreet ways for survivors to get connected to support through as many modes of communication as possible.

Previously, communication from survivors & people reporting suspected tips was limited to phone calls, emails, & webforms, as well as limited hours for texting through a separate service provided by the Hotline’s operator, Polaris.

The number of human trafficking cases reported to the National Hotline has increased significantly every year since 2007. More than 7,600 cases were reported in 2016,& 2017 is projected to surpass that number by 10 to 20 percent. More survivors than ever are also reaching out to access services. Polaris will be releasing data in early March on the cases reported to the National Hotline across the entirety of 2017.

Source: Polaris Press Release