A Chess Game ‘Hidden-in-Plain-Sight’ Many Don’t See

Love the vid, thanks @BlackConservativePatriot Lovin’ ya! 😉 I’ve been blogging about ‘this stuff’ for about 2 years now & I swear I never thought I’d see the day! Check it 😛

🔥 FBI: Plot by Democrat Senators To Frame Kavanaugh 🔥


Definitely gotta hand it to President Donald Trump – he is AWAKE. He’s been calling out these very propagandists from the get-go. The mainstream media is nothing more than tabloid trash – blatantly obvious if you’ve done your homework. I’ve been calling them out for their bullshit right here for 2 yrs – I’ve seen right through their disinfo for so long. The Fact is – I know, I’ve done my homework – he’s 100% correct; & he’s shown great integrity standing up against them so strongly for so long. Two years.


How does one know who to trust these days, with regards to information? You can trust those who encourage you to research & think: 1) People without agendas want to know what You think. 2)People with agendas don’t give a damn about what you think or anything else about you – you’re but a pawn in their twisted nefarious games. We’ve wrongly been lead to believe over the years on the ‘news’ every night, our media, our governments..for decades, centuries..these nefarious ‘No Such Agencies’ & other letters – broken records with a constant: NopeNot-A-Conspiracy-Just-A-Theory-&-You’re-Wrong-But-Don’t-You-Dare-Investigate!’ Same ol’ song –  time for a new tune 😉



But last night, watching this vid of a seemingly ‘stealthily coordinated advance’.. to see that .. wow..slowly outta the woodwork they come.. calling them out on their colossal corruption & manipulation. Golden moment. That was great. We know not all letters are bad 😉 Great to see ds called out like that, finally. Many are deservedly shaking in their boots. The jig – it’s almost up! Tick Tock. We’re gettin’ there .. almost there .. so close!!!! Can’t take these completely unhinged, unstable, ‘unable-to-be-a-civil-human-being’  democrats encouraging people to be more violent, more rotten? The morally bankrupt bunch, rotten to the core. projecting & gaslighting – yup, sounds about right 😉

And by none other than I-shit-you-not Hillary fuckin’ Corrupt Criminal Clinton?! & every other completely unhinged human who calls themselves a democrat. We’re watching, front & centre – now can you see how we’ve always been pitted against each other? Brainwashed into believing it’s been us the ‘bad people doing bad things’ in this scary, dangerous world. It’s always been them – projecting, gaslighting .. pure Evil.


The Good Place








What is Life? To Me: Magic & Meaning

What is life? Life is whatever you want it to be. It can be anything you want it to be. You can be anyone you want to be. We decide. We choose. What does your heart say? Your head won’t tell you. But your heart will 🙂
“Life is meaningless,” I’ve heard some say. Everyone chooses to look at the world in a certain way. That’s their choice. Every single day & with each new day we can make new, different choices – if we choose to. I know, I keep mentioning choice – just to really make a point of the power you have.

Some stay stuck in ruts & stagnant states for far too long. 


I find incredible meaning in life everyday. By trying to focus on the good stuff. Life becomes whatever we focus on, whatever we tell ourselves we believe. Tell yourself the world has no point, no purpose, is dark, meaningless, & that’s exactly what it becomes.
Tell yourself the world is a mysterious, elegant symphony of lessons, epiphanies & synchronicities, & you’ll see a world that’s filled with so much beauty. It’s the same thing with the things that happen to us, nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ happens – things just happen. It is us who then attribute a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ value to those “Things that Happen.”

The ‘colossal-is-an-understatement’ power of our minds is something that many haven’t fully embraced. We are powerful beyond the wildest imagination. Our worlds are created by us, first in our minds, then becoming our outer worlds. So what we think, believe, & say we know, is what becomes our reality.
Therefore what we think, what we tell ourselves we believe & tell ourselves is ‘true’ becomes the most important choice one makes 😉

Choose Happy👦👧👲👵👷Smile 🙂



People Can’t Change

Who said that? Surely you jest! When was the last time you heard that phrase? Do you agree or disagree? Can you remember who said it & why? Of course people can change – if they want to. And that’s the only reason they should. All else is futile.

Troubled Relationships: Two individuals who struggle with their own authenticity unconsciously conspire toward an inauthentic relationship. This is one of the largest impediments to successful relationships. Two individuals struggling with their own authenticity won’t experience a thriving relationship. What we might refer to as a troubled relationship is actually a manifestation of the challenges each individual face in their own personal evolution, but just further projected onto the external relationship. It’s the exceptional individual who seeks authenticity.”

Source: ‘Seeking Authenticity

So who might say such a thing? Insatiably curious I am. Could be:

  • those with no desire to change
  • those who think they don’t have the power to change
  • those whose partner is trying to change them
  • those who are trying to change their partner

Excellent advice here, I completely agree with this list – how many of these do you do?

Authentic Relationships – Do You Have a Genuine Connection?

If you aren’t in an authentic relationship, you’re essentially dating a layer. A mask. There is no relationship. It can be a toxic mess. I always thought setting out to change the one you’re with was complete insanity. What they should have done was change the one they’re with for a completely different one more like what they actually want. No one should be trying to make you into what they think you should be. Nor should you ever ask anybody to change for you. Why would you choose a partner based on everything you don’t want – it’s insanity. Pick someone else.

Oh, you wanted to buy a red shirt but you bought a blue one? Are you going to sit at home all night crying, yelling at the red shirt – begging it to be blue?

That infamous Jim Carrey scene in Liar, Liar plays on my inner movie reel:

Why get a cat if what you really wanted was a dog? Why try day after day after day to get that cat to fetch, sit, stay, lay down, or roll over, to no avail? Why not just go out & get a dog?!

Learning as much as I can about human behavior, human nature, & both enlightened & twisted psyches has helped me ‘read between the lines’ – read people far beyond the limited verbal communication, & helped my awareness skyrocket.

I changed. Because I wanted to.

Cuz why drink one beer at a time when you can drink 4 & go from sober to blackout within the hour? Who does that? An unawakened Soul. Anybody can change, I’m living proof. And I’m far from the only one. I can think of a few people who I know who have done so just as drastically.

Took me a long time to realize & rid my life of all the toxic people in it. Funny (but not really funny – it sucks) when those ‘who care about you most’ refuse to accept you for who you are. What that translates into it is they who cannot accept themselves for who they are. It is of the utmost importance to Wake Up, to Find Yourself; the amount of suffering we cause ourselves & others before we do is incredible. So many of the problems we faced within ourselves, others, & in relationships was due to not yet having had the necessary awakening in which self-awareness & self-reflection are born. The necessary life lessons must be learned to help you grow & evolve in order to operate in a different, much better manner – from a place of gratitude, kindness, love, compassion, honor, empathy, harmony & respect.

This meme so accurately describes my journey so far, & cracks me right up every time!


Remember to just be yourself.

Never apologize for who you are.

My favorite awake ‘n’ aware friend kindly reminds me to never apologize for being who I am. How refreshing – I love it 😉 He is so right on. Very very wise. I don’t know if he knows the importance & the depth of that truth for me, & what it meant to me to hear that. Such a good friend. I’ll be sure to let him know 😉 I’ve met so many ‘like-souled’ souls on WP, people I’m proud to call friends. I love you all.

Awake 🙂 I want to explore, play, wonder 😉