Sexual Abuse & the Vatican

Vatican expresses ‘shame and sorrow’ over abuse of 1,000 children by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania

Vatican Expresses Shame & Sorrow

But does absolutely nothing about it.


Are You Conscious?

Pope Francis Thinks ET’s Would Want to Join an Organization That Covers Up Child Rape?

Caught the news last night, saw the Pope said if ET’s visit us he’d welcome them into the catholic church & baptize them.

Give me a fuckin’ break Pope Francis.

You think a more advanced being would want to have anything to do with an organization that has been covering up child rape for decades??

What a joke. Feeling they’re preparing for their last card, a false flag “alien invasion.”

Let me tell you something people – if ET’s wanted to destroy us we’d already be obliterated.

A Global Epidemic

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‘The Pedophilia Problem’


#WalkAway: Bill Burr ‘Lets Go of Religion’ Hilariously

Bill Burr’s ‘How I Walked Away from Religion’

I know the quality is meh, but the audio works just fine 😉



#WalkAway from the ties you bind yourself with!



Thank you Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion) for enlightening me about the excellent trending hashtag #WalkAway 🐾

‘How I Walked Away from Religion:’ A Comedian Awakens

If you have a slightly twisted sense of humor, don’t take anything too seriously & have either already gone through or are currently experiencing your Spiritual Awakening, then boy do I have a treat for you. Those of you who know Bill Burr – no explanation needed. If this is your first intro, sit back, relax, & enjoy the hilarious ride. The religion bit starts at 18 mins. The whole thing had me in tears, but the religion bit is my favorite stand up bit of all time 😉 Gotta love comedians tellin’ it like it is 😉

On Netflix: Bill Burr – ‘I’m Sorry You Feel That Way’


The Global Epidemic of Pedophilia

It’s everywhere – even the places that claim to help. 


Every year, pedophilia, sexual abuse, & sex trafficking rates increase.

“6 Case Studies That Point to a Massive Child Pedophile Ring at the Highest Levels of Power.”

British police declared the scale of the pedophilia epidemic in the UK is now so severe, it’s no longer possible to arrest all pedophiles. “UK Police Announce There Are So Many Pedophiles, They Will Stop Arresting Them.” West Midlands Police chief constable Dave Thompson said the number of active pedophiles in the UK was ‘horrifying.’  

The International Labor Organization estimates 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide & 4.5 million people trapped in forced sex trafficking around the globe. At least 100,000 children are prostituted annually in the U.S. adding to the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry.’ 

According to Thorn: 2004 had 450,000 files* vs 2015 with 25 million files(*number of child sexual abuse files reviewed by NCMEC). 63% of victimized kids Thorn encountered were advertised online. At least 1 in 6 runaways reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children likely became victims of sex trafficking.** Who started NCMEC? Hillary Clinton.


The Dutroux Affair: Belgium’s biggest scandal: “In 1995, two 8 yr old girls were kidnapped, Dutroux (a convicted sex offender), a prime suspect from the start, wasn’t arrested for 14 months. By then 4 of his captives – plus both girls – were dead. Since his arrest, 20 potential witnesses connected with the case died in mysterious circumstances, fueling suspicions of a cover-up reaching the highest levels.” “Belgian paedophile who kidnapped & murdered children planned to abduct as many youngsters as he could & create an ‘underground city’ in an abandoned mineshaft.”


“Special Report: The Truth Dies In Darkness; Dutroux”

He clearly shows himself as an evil manipulator as he denies any wrong doing:

“I was a Small Cog in a Sex Slave Ring, but I am no Murderer, claims Dutroux”

“You have to understand, John, sometimes there are forces & events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for others, that you can’t do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are & how dedicated  you are or how much evidence you have. It’s simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face.”
– Former CIA director William Colby giving advice to senator John DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair & to write a book instead (The Franklin Coverup, 2nd edition, foreword). “The Franklin Scandal: A Story about Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal.”

This film about America’s own Dutroux affair, in Lincoln, Nebraska in the 80’s was funded by Discovery – who later pulled the film, obviously crumbling under the mounting pressure from the corrupt.

 “Conspiracy of Silence”

There’s Amber Alert, who hired a woman who tried to kidnap 33 kids from Haiti after the 2010 hurricane. Silsby is the former director of “The New Life Children’s Refuge.” Revealed: Clinton’s Link To Convicted Child Stealer Laura Silsby & Sex Trafficker


Not to mention Europe’s other enabled sicko Jimmy Savile: “Jimmy Savile scandal exposes pedophile network at heart of British establishment.”

“Former colleagues at the BBC overlooked the gossip about Jimmy Savile for their own ends.”

There’s OXFAM, in a tweet that isn’t aging well:

The responses echo each other:

And this: 

“Top OXFAM staff paid Haiti quake survivors for sex.”

The UN: “UN Peacekeepers: Child Sex Ring, 2,000+ sexual abuse cases reported.”

The CDC’s director: “CDC Official Charged in Child Molestation & Bestiality.”  Bestiality?

We can’t forget the whole Hollywood débâcle, that also helped expose Disney:

“Weinstein Scandal Exposes Disney for Giving Convicted Pedophile Access to Kids.”

“35 Arrests: Huge Pedophile Ring Discovered at Disney.”

Nancy Schaefer, killed shortly after exposing CPS: “Nancy Schaefer: CPS Criminality”


Earlier I posted: “Spartansburg Congratulates New Fire Chief: Convicted Pedophile.”

He raped a 4 year old girl. 

Of course, the vatican & the catholic church, the pastors, the (tele)evangelists ..


These religions/churches/charities are not who they say they are. Far from it. Aside from the whole raping your children thing, they are fans of bribery: They’ve paid out $6 billion since the ’50’s to silence the victims of their abuse. Watch these 2 excellent docs to see the extent of the problem – & that’s just two cities in the US:

“Spotlight” trailer (2015) Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton & Rachel McAdams.”

“The Keepers” 7 part Netflix Documentary.”

Can’t forget everybody’s buddy Jeffrey Epstein:


“Only very few reporters are still listening to me, listen to my cry for help. They aren’t allowed to publish or broadcast. They tell me they’re stonewalled by their bosses. The aggression of some of the magazines, newspapers & tv programs is frightening. This is not normal anymore, this is a war in which the victims have become disposable waste.” – Victim-witness Regina Louf (X1) about media’s reaction to the initially open-minded reports about the X1 case, 1998.”

Sound familiar? Not allowed to report? Seeing a pattern? The media, trying to hide the truth? That’s nothing new ..

When does it end? 

This MUST stopWhy is this happening more & more? Why isn’t more being done to stop it? 

Perhaps because the very people in charge of bringing these people to justice are guilty of the exact same thing? I don’t see any other plausible explanation ..



How Can Anyone Say This? #Religion #Fails Again: Kevin Swanson

A christian pastor, Kevin Swanson, has the gall to blame the victims of one of the worst pedophiles of the century, Larry Nassar.

“Christian Pastor: The Larry Nassar Scandal is the Fault of Immodest Gymnasts”

This is outrageous. I will keep posting despicable stories about the church until everyone walks away from religion. They are the exact opposite of what they claim to be. They scam people out of their hard-earned money, while they abuse your children & defend those that abuse children in general. Enough is enough. Seems the judge agreed as she sentenced him to 175 years & said, “I just signed your death warrant.”

Larry Nassar wrote a letter to the judge prior to sentencing, trying to diminish his actions, in order to get a lighter sentence.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the judge shame him in court by reading his letter, then tossing it to the ground & sentencing him to the max. He got exactly what he deserved. 

“Larry Nassar sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for decades of sexual abuse.”

The Pedophilia in the Catholic Church Needs to be Addressed

One of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church has stated that he would “rather go to prison” than report pedophilia to police. And there you have it ..


Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go to Prison Than Report Child Abuse to Police’

Not to mention the fact that the Vatican has paid about $6 billion to silence their victims. How anyone can set foot inside a church these days is beyond me ..


Fraudulent Religious Organizations: Millions & Millions of Tax Free Money: Corrupting the Minds of Many for Personal Profit

Are you familiar with the Trinity Broadcasting Network? TBN is the world’s largest religious broadcasting organization. MinistryWatch gave TBN an ‘F’ for financial transparency & keeps them on its list of the 30 worst ministries. $583 million in assets. Paul Crouch & Jan Crouch founded TBN in 1973 & as of 2016, both have passed: Jan Crouch dies, Cofounder of Trinity Broadcasting Network & 2013: TBN co-founder Paul Crouch dies at 79.

PaulCrouchAnd the skeletons keep pouring out of their closets. Their son, Matthew W. Crouch has since been named Chairman of the Board.Matt-Laurie-Caption Small


Exempt from paying taxes, Paul & Jan declared over $800 million in net assets in 2010. They used donations to buy a $50 million jet, 13 mansions & a $100,000 mobile home – for the dogs. They own a total of 30 homes all paid for in ca$h; they have personal chauffeurs, gold-plated bathrooms, & offices fitted with saunas & wet bars. 


The World’s Largest Christian TV Network Has a Lot to Hide Jan Crouch of TBN was facing many scandals & legal allegations – the least of which may be if her dog has pink hair: TBN Exposed: TBN’s Power, Profit & a Pink PoodleThey embezzled funds – their own granddaughter Brittany Koper sued them for their some of their fraudulent activity – the misappropriation of $50 million in this case.

Allegations of attempted murder & the cover-up of other granddaughter Carra Crouch’s rape at 13 by one of their employees that was swept under the rug. Paul hushed a gay partner with half a million$. Former TBN Employee Alleges Gay Tryst With Paul Crouch. Paul’s son, vice-prez Paul Jr. quit & left abruptly, under suspicious circumstances that have been hidden from the public. TBN’s Jan Crouch Found Liable for Covering Up Granddaughter’s Alleged Rape

Jury awards televangelist’s granddaughter $2 million in Trinity Broadcasting molestation scandalThe only people they were helping was themselves. Noticing a trend?  We must bring awareness to this blatant misuse of donations. These so-called religious orgs claiming to help people; if help means separating them from their money. The general public has a right to know what a scam these organizations are & that their donations are being used for personal use.


TBN is a member of the  Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability® – an association for non-profit, tax-exempt orgs. The EFCA boasts 2100+ clients & have a 25 BILLION$ annual revenuetax free. And the rich get richer & the poor get even poorer. No one gives a crap about those who are suffering anymore. If you’re fortunate enough to have way more than everyone else, the human thing to do is help those who suffer, not hoard it all for yourself. And the thing is they don’t have more than others, they took it, under false pretenses.

“Just as important, the Bible also teaches that human beings are to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our Maker, and that we will all be called to give an account for our use of His blessings here on earth. This includes Paul and Janice Crouch, and while they would insist that their stewardship of TBN’s resources are honoring to God, they would likely benefit from some serious, Biblically-rooted soul-searching. Do multiple mansions, luxury hotel suites for poodles and clothing, and $300k per year fine dining budgets illustrate a ministry geared towards service to others or one designed for self-gratification and self-glorification? In the end, only God can answer that question.” Source: TBN: Trouble in Paradise

TBN Asks Court to Seal Records in Response to Blog Investigation.

“The stark contrast between the message they’re espousing and the details of these allegations is why these stories so quickly make headlines,” Burke said. “It’s so counter to their supposed beliefs.”

Those who dictate to others how to live & not to live, often state their way is not only the right way – it’s the only way.

Well there is no such thing.

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.”

—Proverbs 28:6