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Unconditional Happiness

**Just one opinion, in a sea of billions**


There is no right way to live life. Anyone who claims that is trying to con you.

There are realizations you come to that bring you peace after finding yourself; & after letting go of the past by tearing yourself open (go where they pain is – it’s there so you know which part needs healing), dealing, healing, & getting closure & moving on, freeing you up to fully live in the now. For me those were operating from a place of gratitude, joy, kindness, harmony & unity. To not see people with my eyes, but with my heart. As hearts & souls. The importance, the necessity, to move your ‘beingness’ – where You reside, where you operate from – out of your head, & into your heart. Your core; your soul. That by doing nice things for other people it made me feel really good. That by giving, is how I receive. I learned that I don’t have to wait for outside things to bring me happiness; happiness is an inside job. It’s a feeling & we decide how to feel. Happiness is a decision to make in the morning when we wake. Happy just because. Smiling all the time. Happy just being alive – everything else is bonus. 


A mature, emotionally stable, well-balanced, respectful, joyful, human being, is self-aware. They wouldn’t want to harm another in any way. They wouldn’t want to force anybody to do anything they didn’t want to do. They wouldn’t tell anybody what to think, as they are curious to find out what that person thinks on their own. They aren’t jealous, controlling or manipulative; they trust & they love unconditionally. To love somebody unconditionally means giving them room to grow, not wanting or trying to control them, not trapping them by giving them space & freedom.

Make happiness a choice you make every day. For no reason in particular. For no reason at all. That way your happiness isn’t conditional, relying on a specific something to be there in order for happiness to be possible. That’s nonsense. Unconditional happiness, is content no matter what. All else – the bonus – which enters, just adds to the happiness already there. Always be respectful, honorable, noble. Strive for harmony & unity – know that every little random act of kindness is a positive ripple effect in the world. Every person is special & has a unique gift. 

But only you can unwrap it.

Each soul, while here, will experience an awakening; on a path to awareness, awakening consciousness & spiritual enlightenment. Go on, go forth, don’t be afraid.

You got this 😉