Antigua Sailing Week 2018 Festivities

Seems I booked my trip during some pretty exciting festivities that I really hope to partake in! It just so happens that it’s Antigua Sailing Week 2018! Past winners of the Lord Nelson Trophy return for the 2018 edition of Antigua Sailing Week & include Sir Hugh Bailey’s Team Rebel © Paul Wyeth/ Internationally acclaimed reggae […]

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Friday 4/20: Happy Birthday Love Infusion©️ Inc.❣

This Friday, 4/20 is the official birth of Love Infusion©️ Inc. ❣ I am officially an entrepreneur 👧 Working on my designs & I’ll have some merchandise out by the summer. ❣❣ I love the colors in this one❣❣ #Happiness #Joy #Kindness #Harmony ‘Merchandise for the goofy spiritualist’ #Inspirational, #motivational, #empowering messages with great visuals […]

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Disrupting the Norm

Disrupt the ordinary. Never conform. Be an original. Never one to follow the herd, I beat to the tune of a very different drum. I wonder sometimes, how come I knew to do that at such a young age? When so many are still in such a deep sleep? Is it all the trauma? Almost dying? […]

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