Scientology is the Abusive, Toxic Boyfriend🕴

We’ve all had one. The one we’re oh so happy ‘got away’. The parallels between ‘him’ & scientology are frightening. He wants to control everything. He isolates you. He has something to say about where you go, how you act, what you say, who you talk to. What you keep from him. He interrogates you. Spies on you. He threatens you if you want to leave. He comes after you if you try. These are not the actions of a mature, stable, well grounded person:

360409b1404619468793a0e3c7595bfcOn the contrary, these actions speak volumes. Fear. Paranoia. Arrogance. Callousness. Ruthlessness. Lack of trust. Lack of self-awareness. Immaturity. It’s toxic. And it’s unhealthy. For everyone involved. Narcissism. Projection. Gas lighting. Unstable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. He stalks you. Your friends. Your family. Your coworkers. Your boss. He smears you everywhere he can, spreading lies in hopes it turns people against you. He’s a master manipulator. Egotistical. Obsessive. Impatient. Aggressive. Out to get you. A huge reflection of scientology’s inventor, L. Ron Hubbard. Delusional. Zero scientific evidence.

It’s abuse on so many levels. Toxic. Wrong. And when you call them out on their bullshit, they deny, deny, deny. 

“Never happened!” – scientology

Let’s be frank – if LRH was really interested in helping people, he wouldn’t have charged such exorbitant fees. That in itself is proof he was only interested in helping himself. Combine that with exploding volcanos, invisible alien body infestations, Xenu, & well …
Move over Pyramid, Ponzi, & Madoff: This is the Hubbard scheme. He puts the evil in devil. Auditing: A blackmail session – Log your secrets for use at a later date = Control & SP: One who cannot be brainwashed = Control over those he cannot control.a9033160968b2bdf2fabe3010cfeb285--narcissistic-sociopath-narcissistic-peopleThe best thing to do in both scenarios is run. Run like hell.wp-image-1416157132

Scientology: A Smear Campaign a Day Will Keep New Recruits at Bay

Keep it up! 💩 Can they make themselves look any worse? 💩

Scientology’s report card: 

Originality: D- 

Predictably: A+ 

Believabilty: F 

Transparency: A+ 

Authenticity: F 

Scientology’s fraudulent smear campaign is at it again. Automatic tweets are being sent out to smear the victims they created with their immoral & unethical practices. Do we need any more proof that they are guilty as charged? Most of these accounts have been outed as fake accounts, with pictures taken from various websites & stock photos. Some of these accounts have thousands of followers (paid I’m sure); but aside from the robotic smear posts, their timelines are like ghost towns – no one ever likes or retweets them. They claim to have 10 million followers, but like everything else that comes out of their mouth, that is a blatant lie. That was made obvious by the necessity to create fake people to push their agenda: Accusing others of the very things they do themselves – THEY are the bigots, the haters, the cowards. 

How dare you attack people for trying to heal from the pain YOU caused them in the first place! Is their no limit to your depravity? 

Cheers to them digging their own grave.

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Scientologyland: A Playground for Madness

Lafayette Ron Hubbard knew exactly what he was doing when he set up his Ponzi scheme. He was misguided to say the least. Here he is, in his own words, charming as ever. From his books, memo’s & policies:

H​e wanted ultimate control of everything – all the scientologists, their money, their minds, their children, their lives, the IRS, the psych industry, Big Pharma, the media, the papers, his critics, his enemies, the world. Everyone.

He was not qualified to treat anyone, especially not their mental health. His was in such a state of disarray. He had no training or certification of any kind to treat anyone. In fact, he never finished college – his grades were terrible. He did not have any degrees from any accredited schools. When he invented scientology, he gave himself a ‘doctorate of scientology’- which has absolutely no validity in the real world.

He set up his scam in such a way so that if anybody dared to question his policies & ways of thinking, they would turn the attack on that person instead of addressing the allegations. “Don’t defend, deflect. Don’t explain, attack.” .. ‘that person is lost & they haven’t realized how wonderful scientology is yet, we must cut them off so that they realize the error of their ways & come back to us’ .. or whatever their bullshit du jour is.

He was evil. A compulsive liar. There wasn’t a genuine bone in his body. Even if scientology was valid, he can’t charge people 3 million dollars while simultaneously claiming he’s helping people. There’s only 1 person he’s helping – LRH. Actions speak volumes – they drown out words .. He used fear to control. He created such a climate of fear; a reflection of his sick & twisted psyche. He isolated people to better control them. He saw the world through the eyes of fear. Everything he did yells Fear! Fear! Fear!

The “bridge” to total freedom would have been more aptly named the ladder. A bridge takes you across, & often you are at about the same level as when you started. Sounds more like ‘being taken for a ride’. A ladder takes you from the bottom to the top, you climb the levels to reach higher & higher. So a ladder would have definitely been the better piece of equipment. You’d save a whole lot of time by using a ladder instead of a bridge. There is no logical reason to call it a bridge. I think he called it a bridge because he wanted to laugh at people in plain sight. Remember the age old saying re gullible folk? “.. well if you believe that then I’ve got a bridge to sell you!” People have been making that joke for eons when they run into somebody gullible; always the joke about trying to sell them a bridge. Well there you go. He weaved a very wicked web. A lot of these twisted delusionals take sick pleasure in watching the results of their evil schemes.I noticed one thing continuously absent from his “teachings.” The one thing that is consistently missing from any & all of the org’s policies, rules, vids & people. There is something that he, & scientology as a whole, never speak about; something so important, so beautiful – Love 😍

Where is their Compassion? Empathy? Kindness? Joy? Inner Peace? Harmony? Positivity? Authenticity? Unconditional Love? That’s right, nowhere. It isn’t present in anything in scientology. He never wrote about that. He holds the Guinness book of world records for most books published by one author, but never once mentioned that maybe what would help the world is being kind & compassionate towards others. Giving instead of taking. Showing gratitude & appreciation. If you discovered (invented) a formula that could help people, give it to them at a reasonable price; show that you truly want to help them instead of just making yourself rich.

Instead, he chose to be aggressive, hostile, combative & volatile. Chose to rob them blind. Chose to tear families apart. Caused many deaths through negligence & drove many to suicide – too many people weren’t getting the help they needed. They don’t help people, they destroy them. It was never about helping people. They fraudulently claim they can treat & cure people of things they have zero qualifications or certifications to do so! It’s Insane! The truth is he didn’t have the faintest fucking clue on how to live a good life. He was trapped in his sick & twisted mind. He set up a perfect plan, evil but brilliant – by ‘declaring’ everyone who disagrees as the problem; deflecting the attention away from himself.

.. trick them, fool them, keep them busy, isolate them, suffocate them, & all will be mine, you’ll see.

Here’s Hoping Those in Need May Weather Their Storm

The United States sure knows how to waste money. 

When I saw that the fight today was bringing in 1 Billion dollars, I bowed my head & closed my eyes. 

I wondered what other people must think of that, like those in war torn countries, (usually at the hands of the United States themselves), those who lost a loved one, or maybe a now orphaned child, people who’ve lost their homes, people who’ve lost everything. People with nowhere to turn, no where to go, living in the streets. People dying. Too many people needlessly dying. People who have no running water, or electricity, & hardly any food to eat. How awful they must feel, wondering where they’re gonna get their next meal, whilst knowing of such gluttony.

Meanwhile people get all dressed up & the cameras snap snap & the flashes flash flash.

And just like that, a boxer & an MMA fighter have the ‘fight of the century’ & it generates 1 Billion in a day. 

I hope those people never find out.

However much longer they have left.