The Cynical Soliloquist

Lecture Soliloquy: s–lil-–kwz 1: the act of talking to oneself 2: a poem, discourse, or utterance of a character in a drama that has the form of a monologue or gives the illusion of being a series of unspoken reflections.   “Preach it sista!!” But don’t you go lecture me. Her silence, intriguing Broke into sililoquy. Her words chosen, with delicate care And fancy flair Does she dare The … Continue reading The Cynical Soliloquist

Here’s Hoping Those in Need May Weather Their Storm

The United States sure knows how to waste money.  When I saw that the fight today was bringing in 1 Billion dollars, I bowed my head & closed my eyes.  I wondered what other people must think of that, like those in war torn countries, (usually at the hands of the United States themselves), those who lost a loved one, or maybe a now orphaned … Continue reading Here’s Hoping Those in Need May Weather Their Storm

The Scientology Scam 

When a few people come forward with some pretty serious allegations of abuse, violence & criminal activity, & then more people come forward with similar stories & more & more & more – don’t you think that warrants somebody taking a look to see what the hell is going on? I sure do. There is an award-winning brave new show on A&E: “Scientology & The … Continue reading The Scientology Scam