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You’re beautiful because you’re You💕 And you’re the ONLY one💕


James Gunn Deletes 10,000 Pedophilia-Related Tweets



Challenge Your Beliefs, Change Your Life: Practice Non-Attachment

Or did they? Who knows. Anything is possible. How ’bout this: Practice not caring. Not reacting. “Doesn’t matter!” Freedom from concern. 

(Thanks Jim C it’s done wonders for me 😉

‘Operation Avalanche’ trailer (2016)

The fact that they can, means that it’s possible.

I just watched the 2016 documentary ‘Operation Avalanche’ – it shows how easy it would be to fake a moon landing, pretending it really happened, through film. 

🛑You know, like they’ve been doing in movies for over a century🛑

🛑Anything can be & is faked in movies🛑

🛑You know – pretending🛑

🛑We should know, we pay money to watch them do it🛑

 Yet Still, people believe everything they see when it’s on a ‘screen.’ It’s to the point where evidence to the contrary can be presented & they’ll still refuse to even  acknowledge, let alone look into. Even as screens scream the possibility of being 100% fabricated – since movies have existed for over 100 years; but suggest something’s fake or a hoax & you might be told ‘That’s preposterous!’

No, preposterous is thinking that it’s preposterous.

🛑The whole world is just a big spin🛑

Maybe even while possibly not actually moving at all 😅 Wouldn’t that be ironic?! More opposites. They are always coming back around ..

Free yourself from the ties you bind yourself with.

Where is the Objectivity? Critical Thinking? Creative Thinking? Where is the curiosity?? People get so vicious online; it’s ruthless the bullying that goes on sometimes .. lots of times. All for being different – or on the perceived other side

I was even told off by a couple of online friends cuz of my questioning everything & wanting to get to the heart of the matter💞 I just watched them as they made fun of me, to the point of ridicule, to the point of bullying, to the point of telling me I just shouldn’t talk about those things .. 😅

It sucks, I love to discuss these things .. as this world seemingly becomes one big constant Whodunnit.

See what’s going on? And why? 

He knew💞👇💞

The sooner people see it for what it is, the sooner it’s hold will cease to have power on them. Can’t take much more of those who when facing 25 coincidences in one case, will still argue to the death ‘Just a coincidence!’ .. conveniently omitting the fact that that just might shatter the laws of probability .. 

I feel so much better letting go of it all – especially my “beliefs.” I don’t want or need to believe things anymore, it’s unnecessary. Dangerous even – cuz when you’re so attached to your “beliefs” they’ve got you by the balls ..

Think for yourselves!  Are You? Curiosity is so much fun – never a dull moment & always a new adventure under the sun 😉 Refreshing to lose the need to be ‘right,’ ‘believe’ or ‘pick a side.’ Talk about freeing! 🌊🏄‍♀️🌊🏄‍♀️🌊🏄‍♀️ 

🔊 If people could (they can, but will they?) let go of their attachments to what divides us, we wouldn’t be so divided. No, we’d all get along, & we’d agree to disagree – even if we had very different points of view.🔊

I’d think that’s what wise, well-balanced, kind, compassionate & aware people would do; respecting each other, our selves & humanity. Aware of the importance of having empathy, ensuring harmony, & keeping the peace 🔊

💡That’s how you grow, evolve & learn💡

I betya we’d even be curious about what others think when they differ so much from our own. We’d invite those other opinions into our lives, curious as to what led them to their conclusions; comparing notes as we excitedly shared at our turn. I know, I remember doing this in high school & college. I used to love participating in the debates. And the spelling bees & the acting class & the poetry writing. If it involved reading I was  in 😀 And the kind of poetry – the involuntarily rhyming kind of course 😅 

Not all, but a lot. I’m cringing at some of the corniness 👀  I just stumbled upon my long forgotten poetry from my teenage years – they’re dripping with angst .. 

I’ll sort through some today & see what’s share-worthy 🙄 Have a great day .. don’t forget to give yourself some love today .. do that everyday 😉 🎉💞🎉💞

The Colossal Arrogance & Total Lack of Awareness of Predators: Canada, Brian Way & Azoz Films

On May 12, 2015 in a verdict that came as a surprise to no one, Brian Way: “Canada’s biggest child porn case” ends with a conviction on 15 charges. Mr. Way was being evaluated by a psychiatric while awaiting sentencing. [17] 

(See: Azov Films Prosecutions – Canada)

But in an Oh-The-Irony moment:

On June 8, 2016, Brian Way seeks stay of conviction, claiming abuse by jail guards.[18]

Excuse me, what??

Oh cry me a fuckin’ river.

From the Waterloo Chronicle: “Way made the allegations at a recent sentencing hearing in Toronto; he testified about being made to strip & ‘pirouette like a ballet dancer,’ left naked in a cell, punched in the face by a guard & ‘sexually assaulted’ by a court officer.”[19]

On August 8, it was reported that Mr. Way’s sentence was reduced by six months due to the psychical & sexual abuse he was forced to endure while in jail. [20]

Awww that must have been awful! Poor fuckin’ baby.

Cry me another fuckin’ river.

Am I in crazyland?

“From a nondescript warehouse on the Queensway, Way sold thousands of videos & images to customers around the world. When Toronto Police raided his offices in 2011 & gathered 187,000 images & more than 8,000 videos, it triggered the largest child pornography bust in Canadian history & one of the largest anywhere, involving police in 90 countries. Before the so-called Project Spade bust was over, police arrested & charged hundreds of Way’s customers internationally — including doctors, lawyers, coaches, teachers & priests.” Canada’s biggest child porn case ends with conviction on 15 charges

**He’s just like the fucker who broke into my apartment with the intent to rape me, as he climbed on top of my while I slept, ensuring he had immobilized all my parts that could’ve helped me defend myself. **The cocksucker had the gall to attempt the same thing on a neighbor right after, & when my other neighbors caught him before he broke in & held him down, waiting for the cops – he actually yelled, “Rape, Help, Rape!**

“2:43: I Hope My Murder Wakes My Neighbors”

The fuckin’ gall. But nothing wrong with the raping others right?! Don’t to it to YOU, but everyone else is ok. Wow. It’s enough to make me wanna bang my head against a brick wall. Everything is so backasswords. Can you believe this shit??!!


We’re gonna need more Oscars …..

Who’s Looking out for the Hollywood Children? #Oscars

Are the Hollywood Children Safe from the ‘Open Secret’ ?

Oh look, it’s Oscar night. Whoop-ti-do. I never cared for awards shows before & I certainly don’t plan on ever watching one again. Some people are taking to the streets to express their disdain in interesting ways:



“Seemingly inspired by Oscar-nominated ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,’ a street artist takes aim at industry predators this week, with 3 huge billboards in LA. They’re covered over with messages attacking Hollywood for purportedly shielding pedophiles.”

 “Street Artist Commandeers 3 Billboards in Hollywood ahead of Oscars.”

Well, ain’t that ballsy! Touche! Way to bring attention to the problem.

Has anything changed in Hollywood since the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal? Have we made any progress? Only Hollywoodians know for sure. For me, as the audience, much has changed. I can’t watch a movie without wondering,“Was that kid molested? Or that one?” Just how many young actors & actresses had to pass the casting couch audition before the actual audition? Some of them? All of them? Thanks a lot Hollywood for ruining movies for me. I’ll get over it. But, the kids – you ruined so many kids lives. Ruined, yes, ruined. Only victims know how much it royally fucks us up.


Are fame & fortune so grand, that morals & principles go out the window? Many who reach the pinnacle of success in the industry have stated it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. We mustn’t allow any more children, blinded by ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ to ever be taken advantage of again. Although the predator moves from victim to victim without a second thought, always hunting for new prey; each victim’s life, from just one incident of abuse, is forever altered. We must work harder at keeping the children safe & keeping people aware. These things mustn’t continue to get swept under the rug.

The only way I know how to do that, short of erecting billboards in California, is to continue to keep them & their families aware. How? For starters, watch & share exceptional documentarian Amy Berg’s eye-opening 2014 documentary, “An Open Secret.” Share it with your friends & family, ask them to share it too.

It’s the movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to see; which is why it’s a must-see; like all her docs. She is truly a gift to the industry, to the world, & to the children. We need more people like her exposing these broken systems if we’re ever going to break free from the vicious cycles in place. See my previous blog for the movie link:

 ‘An Open Secret.’ Official PG-13, Copyright Esponda Productions LLC’

These 10 Hollywood predators need to hang up their clipboards & call it a day, if they haven’t already. If Hollywood wants to retain or I guess, regain some credence, it should ensure these names are no longer seen in the rolling credits of any movie:

  • Roman Polanski
  • Woody Allen
  • Jason Michael Handy
  • Marty Weiss
  • ? (re: Corey Haim, RIP)
  • Brian Peck
  • Marc Collins-Rector
  • Bryan Singer
  • Bob Villard
  • Jason Michael Murphy


Coming soon: Blog in progress about the heart-breaking number of kids in the industry who died before turning 18 from suicide, a drug overdose or under suspicious circumstances.  Some even younger. They shouldn’t be forgotten. There are way too many 😦