Trust yourself to Be The Captain Of Your Own Ship. Become The Master Of Your Domain. That’s the last thing *they* want. AND INCREDIBLY ENOUGH IT’S THE THING THAT’LL GIVE *YOU* THE MOST POWER 🌊

Being a Grown-Up vs Being an Angry Toddler Pulling Tantrums

“The left” doesn’t think for itself, their minds have been hijacked by the most evil people on the planet with many a nefarious agenda. By targeting your emotions they get you all riled up & keep you in a state of chaos – far away from anything that even remotely resembles calm, cool & collectedContinue reading “Being a Grown-Up vs Being an Angry Toddler Pulling Tantrums”

Watch “You Were Born To Stand Out” on YouTube

It’s nice to see that not all of Hollywood is fruit from a poisonous tree. Thank you Jim Caviezel for standing up 🎯

NBC Sports Has Sold Their Soul To The Devil 👿

Wow, @nbcsports has clearly sold their soul to the Devil 👿 How dare you slander God like this. What a pathetic organization you are, your actions clearly show the world the true colors of your Soul & it is all kinds of UGLY.Sam Coonrod has more backbone & balls than your entire organization, for heContinue reading “NBC Sports Has Sold Their Soul To The Devil 👿”