The Company You Keep


Are you aware of your surroundings? Who surrounds you?


Set yourself up for success.


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs.






It reeaally is! “How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.”

Shared via: “How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” -Art of Quotation“How people treat others is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” Paulo Coelho


🌞 Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity & joy. The award is given to bloggers by other bloggers who are creative, positive, & inspiring. 

1)Thank who nominated you 2)Share 10 things about you 3)Nominate who inspires you


Much Love & Gratitude to one of my favorite bloggers here, The Blooming Scribe. Thanks for the nod! Check out his blog, you won’t be disappointed! As is the tradition for this award, here are 11 random facts about me:

  • I love peanuts! Cannot stand peanut butter!
  • First concert, Honeymoon Suite, Toronto, at 13 #StayInTheLight
  • I’ve skydived 6 times #SkydivingForLife
  • Met/hung out w/ Antonio Sabato Jr, ’98, when working at Club Med Turks & Caicos
  • In 1989, 4 of us saw NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) tix 10th row floor+room at their Four Season’s hotel (.. tbc in another blog ..)
  • I was born with my right foot so twisted, they weren’t sure if I’d be able to walk
  • As a toddler I wore special shoes with a metal bar attached underneath to guide my foot into growing a certain way (it worked cuz I can walk!)
  • In grade school I wore a lift in my right shoe, I had a limp – 2″ diff/legs (Sigh.)
  • I got teased & bullied relentlessly (Relentlessly.)
  • At 10, had chunk of left tibia bone removed, I s/b 5’9/5’10 not 5’4 (dad is 6’0 & my bro is 6’2) They made me shorter! (It was that or a limp..)

If you could speak before thousands of people, what topic would you choose & why:


I’d talk about the importance of lifting people up. We must Empower, Inspire & Motivate. There’s way too much of the opposite, & the world is suffering. Everyone has a right to Life, to Freedom, To Peace. I take issue when someone stands in the way of this – especially when it’s for their own nefarious gains. This & similar peer given awards here on WordPress are in total sync with my message.

12) Name 2 people (living or dead) that have inspired you & why:

  • Ben Bradlee: “The man who took on the White House”
  • He was one of the few (last) authentic journalists with integrity
  • He wasn’t interested in being liked – he was searching for the truth.
  • Watch this great doc, his life & times at the Washington Post:
  • The Newspaperman: Life & Times of Ben Bradlee (2017)Trailer0
  • The Sunshine Makers: Tim Scully & Nick Sand, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s US drug counterculture; united in a utopian mission to save the planet through the consciousness-raising power of LSD; Orange Sunshine. What could go wrong?
  • A noble mission, to raise the consciousness of the planet;
  • Didn’t take long for the merchants of doubt to come out of the woodwork – as disinformation campaigns were launched & quickly began demonizing drugs – the same ones docs used to treat people
  • The last thing gov’t wants is a planet full of people they can’t control! 
  • Awakened, enlightened beings, expanding our consciousness – can’t control us.
  • Big reason why these tools have been made illegal in the first place.


I would like to nominate the following bloggers, who use their experiences, lessons learned & acquired wisdom to help others along their path. I chose blogs that really inspire me with their honest & loving desire, intent & action to Empower, Motivate & Inspire – but that I haven’t yet gotten to know very well. I’d like to 🙂

Much Love to you all & thank you for what you do. You are an Inspiration xo


Mr. Val Patterson

Mr. Val Patterson’s life motto was, as he wrote in his own obituary:

“Anything for a laugh.”

Mr ValP 2018-07-08 02-24-23.png

At first, his obit starts off rather typically, listing what he enjoyed most in life. But the laugh comes in when he simply can’t keep the good guy act up anymore. As he went to his grave, he found the deep need to confess his life’s crimes. Patterson was a downright thief, on multiple counts. Only his ploys weren’t all about diamonds or rare paintings.

“As it turns out,” he writes, “I AM the guy who stole the safe from the Motor View Drive Inn back in June, 1971. I could have left that unsaid, but I wanted to get it off my chest. Also, I really am NOT a Ph.D.” In fact, Mr. Patterson never actually graduated college. A clerical error resulted in not only a college diploma, but also an unearned Ph.D.

He adds, “I never did learn what the letters ‘PhD’ even stood for.”

Thankfully, he didn’t receive a Ph.D for medicine, or a lot more people would have written their own obituaries by now, but he did work as a professional electrical engineer. Oh, & that’s not all. Just to spite a “mean park ranger,” the man rolled rocks on top of a geyser to ruin the ranger’s day.

Patterson also admits to being banned from both Disneyland & SeaWorld, but gives no reason why.

What a life!

Source:  Most hilarious obituaries of all time on Grunge


7 Types of Souls – Which Are You?

SOUL TRAVEL RULES: “There Are 7 Types Of Souls In The World — What Type Of Soul Are You?”

Original post by: BlueDragonJournal

7 Types of Souls

People Can’t Change

Who said that? Surely you jest! When was the last time you heard that phrase? Do you agree or disagree? Can you remember who said it & why? Of course people can change – if they want to. And that’s the only reason they should. All else is futile.

Troubled Relationships: Two individuals who struggle with their own authenticity unconsciously conspire toward an inauthentic relationship. This is one of the largest impediments to successful relationships. Two individuals struggling with their own authenticity won’t experience a thriving relationship. What we might refer to as a troubled relationship is actually a manifestation of the challenges each individual face in their own personal evolution, but just further projected onto the external relationship. It’s the exceptional individual who seeks authenticity.”

Source: ‘Seeking Authenticity

So who might say such a thing? Insatiably curious I am. Could be:

  • those with no desire to change
  • those who think they don’t have the power to change
  • those whose partner is trying to change them
  • those who are trying to change their partner

Excellent advice here, I completely agree with this list – how many of these do you do?

Authentic Relationships – Do You Have a Genuine Connection?

If you aren’t in an authentic relationship, you’re essentially dating a layer. A mask. There is no relationship. It can be a toxic mess. I always thought setting out to change the one you’re with was complete insanity. What they should have done was change the one they’re with for a completely different one more like what they actually want. No one should be trying to make you into what they think you should be. Nor should you ever ask anybody to change for you. Why would you choose a partner based on everything you don’t want – it’s insanity. Pick someone else.

Oh, you wanted to buy a red shirt but you bought a blue one? Are you going to sit at home all night crying, yelling at the red shirt – begging it to be blue?

That infamous Jim Carrey scene in Liar, Liar plays on my inner movie reel:

Why get a cat if what you really wanted was a dog? Why try day after day after day to get that cat to fetch, sit, stay, lay down, or roll over, to no avail? Why not just go out & get a dog?!

Learning as much as I can about human behavior, human nature, & both enlightened & twisted psyches has helped me ‘read between the lines’ – read people far beyond the limited verbal communication, & helped my awareness skyrocket.

I changed. Because I wanted to.

Cuz why drink one beer at a time when you can drink 4 & go from sober to blackout within the hour? Who does that? An unawakened Soul. Anybody can change, I’m living proof. And I’m far from the only one. I can think of a few people who I know who have done so just as drastically.

Took me a long time to realize & rid my life of all the toxic people in it. Funny (but not really funny – it sucks) when those ‘who care about you most’ refuse to accept you for who you are. What that translates into it is they who cannot accept themselves for who they are. It is of the utmost importance to Wake Up, to Find Yourself; the amount of suffering we cause ourselves & others before we do is incredible. So many of the problems we faced within ourselves, others, & in relationships was due to not yet having had the necessary awakening in which self-awareness & self-reflection are born. The necessary life lessons must be learned to help you grow & evolve in order to operate in a different, much better manner – from a place of gratitude, kindness, love, compassion, honor, empathy, harmony & respect.

This meme so accurately describes my journey so far, & cracks me right up every time!


Remember to just be yourself.

Never apologize for who you are.

My favorite awake ‘n’ aware friend kindly reminds me to never apologize for being who I am. How refreshing – I love it 😉 He is so right on. Very very wise. I don’t know if he knows the importance & the depth of that truth for me, & what it meant to me to hear that. Such a good friend. I’ll be sure to let him know 😉 I’ve met so many ‘like-souled’ souls on WP, people I’m proud to call friends. I love you all.

Awake 🙂 I want to explore, play, wonder 😉


Of Course You Can🌱

What happens when you tell yourself you can’t?

Nothing. Nothing happens.

At all. Things just stay the same.

No growth, no progress .. stagnation.


Always tell yourself you CAN.

It’s the only way you Will. 😉