BREAKING: Just In! Hillary & the Twitter Truthbombs 

In a series of shocking tweets, the truth finally comes out:

Hillary finally did some self-reflecting:

She echoed the sentiments of many. 

Wtg. A little humility can go a long way. There are too many people who’ve been waiting for a sorry from Hillary Clinton. 

Yes, we know you love your Russia card. You use it every single chance you get, like the predictables you are.

Disclaimer: Just a little satire, a parody, a wishful thinking scenario. 

A girl can dream. Just venting, as I often do. I’m annoyed at being censored, but it’s a very annoying platform. They are violating people’s right to free speech. 

And not just people: specific people. The magas, the qanons, the pro- Trump, etc. Several members from a few of my circles have been shadow banned, or suspended, simply for voicing our opinions. I guess our opinions aren’t allowed on Twitter. So they need to redefine themselves. Right now Twitter is looking like their own personal website & they delete or block whatever they choose. 

Then they’ll shout: “Hey we’re winning!” & gloat – completely oblivious to the fact that they had to cheat to win. Clueless to the fact that there is no glory in winning by cheating. They step on people, crush people, “Hey we made it!” But that’s the DNC way. 

Everybody has an opinion; & emotionally mature, stable, open-minded, respectful, objective, critical thinkers, are able to discuss & debate – even if their views oppose- & still go to dinner together afterwards, laugh & have a great evening. They wouldn’t smear, discredit, ridicule, threaten, attack, silence or destroy, what they deem as their “enemy,” for having different viewpoints. No. That would be the people who are the opposite of those nice adjectives up there. 

What a disconnect.  
I’ve blogged about this times before; what is it with people thinking everybody has to be a clone of each other?  Awful, it would be absolutely awful. Why do people automatically brand someone with a different point of view as an enemy? Ever see a man who is operating from his ego have his beliefs challenged? It can become a pissing contest rather than an exchange of ideas about how to cook salmon, for example. Some say debate, I prefer exchange of ideas; either way it’s an opportunity to grow – you can learn from somebody who sees things differently, but many fight to the death to be right.

Twitter has become so ugly. A bitter feud between left & right. It more often than not degenerates into personal attacks. They can’t attack the argument, so they attack the person. 


The Company You Keep


Are you aware of your surroundings? Who surrounds you?


Set yourself up for success.


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs.





Fraudulent Religious Organizations: Millions & Millions of Tax Free Money: Corrupting the Minds of Many for Personal Profit

Are you familiar with the Trinity Broadcasting Network? TBN is the world’s largest religious broadcasting organization. MinistryWatch gave TBN an ‘F’ for financial transparency & keeps them on its list of the 30 worst ministries. $583 million in assets. Paul Crouch & Jan Crouch founded TBN in 1973 & as of 2016, both have passed: Jan Crouch dies, Cofounder of Trinity Broadcasting Network & 2013: TBN co-founder Paul Crouch dies at 79.PaulCrouchAnd the skeletons keep pouring out of their closets. Their son, Matthew W. Crouch has since been named Chairman of the Board. Matt-Laurie-Caption Small


Exempt from paying taxes, Paul & Jan declared over $800 million in net assets in 2010. They used donations to buy a $50 million jet, 13 mansions & a $100,000 mobile home – for the dogs. They own a total of 30 homes all paid for in ca$h; they have personal chauffeurs, gold-plated bathrooms, & offices fitted with saunas & wet bars. 


The World’s Largest Christian TV Network Has a Lot to Hide

Jan Crouch of TBN was facing many scandals & legal allegations – the least of which may be if her dog has pink hair: TBN Exposed: TBN’s Power, Profit & a Pink Poodle

They embezzled funds – their own granddaughter Brittany Koper sued them for their some of their fraudulent activity – the misappropriation of $50 million in this case. There were allegations of attempted murder & the cover-up of other granddaughter Carra Crouch’s rape at 13 by one of their employees that was swept under the rug. Paul hushed a gay partner with half a million$. Former TBN Employee Alleges Gay Tryst With Paul Crouch. Paul’s son, vice-prez Paul Jr. quit & left abruptly, under suspicious circumstances that have been hidden from the public.

TBN’s Jan Crouch Found Liable for Covering Up Granddaughter’s Alleged Rape

Jury awards televangelist’s granddaughter $2 million in Trinity Broadcasting molestation scandal

The only people they were helping was themselves. Noticing a trend? 

We must bring awareness to this blatant misuse of donations. These so-called religious orgs claiming to help people; if help means separating them from their money. The general public has a right to know what a scam these organizations are & that their donations are being used for personal use.1614108745_sheeple_dont_know_answer_3_xlarge

TBN is a member of the  Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability® – an association for non-profit, tax-exempt orgs. The EFCA boasts 2100+ clients & have a 25 BILLION$ annual revenuetax free. And the rich get richer & the poor get even poorer. No one gives a crap about those who are suffering anymore. If you’re fortunate enough to have way more than everyone else, the human thing to do is help those who suffer, not hoard it all for yourself. And the thing is they don’t have more than others, they took it, under false pretenses.

“Just as important, the Bible also teaches that human beings are to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our Maker, and that we will all be called to give an account for our use of His blessings here on earth. This includes Paul and Janice Crouch, and while they would insist that their stewardship of TBN’s resources are honoring to God, they would likely benefit from some serious, Biblically-rooted soul-searching. Do multiple mansions, luxury hotel suites for poodles and clothing, and $300k per year fine dining budgets illustrate a ministry geared towards service to others or one designed for self-gratification and self-glorification? In the end, only God can answer that question.” Source: TBN: Trouble in Paradise

TBN Asks Court to Seal Records in Response to Blog Investigation.

“The stark contrast between the message they’re espousing and the details of these allegations is why these stories so quickly make headlines,” Burke said. “It’s so counter to their supposed beliefs.”

Those who dictate to others how to live & not to live, often state their way is not only the right way – it’s the only way.

There is no such thing.

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.”

—Proverbs 28:6


Circling the Drain

Can you read people? Do you often know what they’re gonna do before they do? Are you tuned in? Aside from feeling the energy – can you see it? All around us, all the time? Quantum Physics – my favorite subject ever – is so mind-blowing. When someone asks me if I believe in God, I say yeah – Quantum Physics.

I don’t need “a God” – I’m not looking for someone to save me.

I saved myself.

Unless one day you realize how important, how necessary & how totally fucking amazing self awareness & consciousness is – you’ll keep circling the drain & suffering. Drain.png

Never realizing that you could change it all in the blink of an eye; with one different thought, one different action. It’s the most ridiculously simple thing: realizing that in every single second, minute & moment, you can create a new reality for yourself. You are creating a new one every second, minute & moment, many just don’t realize it, and they continuously choose the same reality over and over and over again stuck on an invisible hamster wheel.

Can you enter other dimensions while staying in the same spot?

There are many reasons why it’s a good thing to develop your self awareness & sharpen your intuition. In this ‘day & age’ we need to read between the lines, to decipher the truth from the madness. The more I wake, the more asleep they seem. I really thought my higher vibrational energy would help lift that of the collective consciousness. I waited. But I’m sensing the opposite.

I am continuously waking up more & more; I was under the impression it would be enough to help raise the collective consciousness. But guess who got impatient! 😒

While I was ‘waiting around’ for the world to wake up, while constantly emanating high vibrational, positive energy; the powers that be spun their disinformation campaign harder & with more fervor than I’ve ever seen before.


I watched many on the brink of awakening get overwhelmed trying to navigate through the static; I watched them retreat back into their shell for hibernation yet again. So I changed my strategy.
And yet again, a whole new world has opened up to me. I found an amazing community of awakened souls who strive for truth & authenticity & only want goodness & peace in the world. Compassionate people who are making a real difference.

Get as close to #Authenticity as you can.

It feels so good 😘💝🙆