Happiness is a choice, so is thinking for yourself – don’t be a clone.

It is imperative to do your own research & check your sources in this world of disinformation, propaganda & controlled opposition.

We are being misled on purpose.

Time to wake up 🤗


Let’s Paint! Studio Time, Bunched Up Panties & Q

Felt great to get back into my studio last night!


Nice to detach from the world’s many kerfuffles. Painted up a storm trying different things. New tools, kidnapped from la cucina! There are so many household / kitchen items that I look at in a whole new light!

Now accepting donations for funky old strainers, barbecue implements/utensils, pie cutters, anything I can paint/spray paint through, with holes, cutouts, shapes 😉


I think those spheres – with the (red & blue) jaggers seemingly stabbing ‘earth’ – could be an intuitive interpretation of what how I see the way things have been lately. Especially on Twitter. It’s the blue & the red, stabbing the earth (or Collective Consciousness?) Ahhh the US political circus; red & the blue continuously attacking each other. Fights – literally beating the crap out of those who think differently. All hate, all the time.

Where is the love?

We can’t even have discussions with people anymore; not all, some. I guess I’ll call them sheeple for now. I know some don’t like that .. I know it’s not their fault they’re ‘sheeple,’ the system makes us that way. My anger is at the system. I’ve never witnessed anything so rotten. You know, it’s their own fault I’ve done nothing but research; every single day, for at least a decade. Maybe with better cover stories, an extremely awake / aware person might not be able to see right through you. Your game is weak.

After the first incident of corruption – shocked – I asked myself, ‘Well what else have they done??’ As soon as I saw the first cover-up, I said, ‘You don’t really expect people to buy that do you,’ mouth gaping wide. But they did, they do. They get away with just about everything. Spin masters. And ‘We the People’ suffer great loss & tragedy, none-the-wiser that it’s all by design. The amount of ways they’ve failed ‘We the People’ is heart-wrenching.

Had I not had that abusive relationship with what’s his name, I’d have never known about the awful, evil gaslighting. Never would I have noticed what the media & the government are doing to the people right now. Their non-stop narratives push their nefarious agendas; & Voila! they snuck hatred & fear into “We the People’s” hearts. The amount of hatred being spewed about right now – especially on Twitter – just breaks my heart. This is Not how we’re supposed to be. We’re better than that; we’re smarter than that.

So many narrative echoers over there, my goodness – they rip you apart if you don’t echo their beliefs. Like I care what some Joe Blow in Oregon believes. Doesn’t matter! Doesn’t change anything in my life.

Don’t tell me where I can & cannot get my info, thank you very much.

Where I get my info doesn’t concern anyone but me – sure I like Q – but I gather information from a variety of sources. I like him/them because of the “fingers crossed” hope of eradicating what is in my opinion the biggest “open secret” global epidemic — the “elephant in the room” of the world is paedophilia.

Not to mention that I trust anybody who presents information, encourages me to investigate & research & to think for myself. That’s more than I can say for the puppets of the mainstream media who – lacking integrity & character on a daily basis – so transparently echo the narratives of their keepers, while not only discouraging any & all research – but failing to even mention it as an option; the sleepwalkers are oblivious.

Podcast: I Like Q – Here’s Why

They’ve twisted ‘thinking for yourself’ into some kind of ct. (I refuse to use the term anymore – cuz it’s not a real thing. I don’t echo terms born out of CIA propaganda).
If you do dare to think for yourself (as you should) & go against the grain, prepare yourself for a shitstorm of harassment, ridicule, & insults, as they work overtime to discredit & dismiss you as a fool.

Boy are their panties all in a bunch; they’re pissed we listen to Q. Why is that?? What are they afraid of?? Maybe I’ll paint a big ol’ Q on a canvas & give ’em some big ol’ wedgies.

I’m over here just chomping on popcorn, glad I’ve already passed the part in my Spiritual Awakening where I let go of any & all concern for what anybody thinks of me. The best Personal Freedom 😉 Follow your heart, your gut, your intuition, & don’t ever bother for a sec worrying about what anyone thinks;)

Q – scaring the fuckin’ fuck out of ppl.

Why is that?

Yes, yes of course there’s a reason.

Could it be:

Skeletons in paedophilia closets ❓



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A Global Epidemic

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‘The Pedophilia Problem’


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“How To Think For Yourself & Why You Should” #Reblog from #Hubpages

A woman after my own heart 😉 We must remind people to take things they hear with a grain of salt, & encourage them to research & investigate for themselves. I think there’s more disinformation, propaganda & controlled opposition campaigns today than there’s ever been in the past – and they’ve been going on for decades & decades, longer than most realize.

How To Think For Yourself & Why You Should


The Media: Training Your Brain


The media used to deliver information & say see ya tomorrow.

Now, they peddle narratives & agendas, telling you what to think, & ridiculing & attacking you if you dare to believe anything else.



Global News: Censorship Live

There is no glory in winning by cheating. There just isn’t. God forbid they keep it a level playing ground. Are you ok with being played?

I’m not. I’m an intelligent human being, with 4 decades of life experience, I’ve been through hell & back & lived to tell about it. I’ll do my own research, go over all the facts, theories, & points of view & come to my own informed conclusion, thank you very much.

‘The Disinformation Campaign’

‘He who controls your information controls your reality.’

Until this week, I’d never seen them do it right before my eyes. Global News posted a blog about how New Brunswick had started a campaign against marijuana, to inform the public about the various dangers of using it, even sharing a poll that showed “the majority of New Brunswick’s residents are against it’s legalization” just weeks before it’s legalization.

I was bummed out to see such a negative story – and quite surprised – as Canadians in majority favor it’s legalization according to my research. My first comment started out chill just offering another point of view. Took all of one minute for it to be deleted. I thought maybe there was a glitch.

Perhaps they weren’t a fan of the suggesting of a more appropriate target, like the hundreds of thousands of kills per year by #BigPharma ..

I realize it’s been purposefully removed & I don’t hide my annoyance. Took a full 3 minutes before that one disappeared too.

In my final comment, sarcasm got the better of me & I didn’t hold back from the chance to tell the media exactly what I, & many others think of them.

One big minute later, like ‘magic’ Pouf! it’s gone too.

The media doesn’t play fair. They don’t want us to think for ourselves, & they’re manipulating truth & facts & in order to drive what we believe in a certain direction, their direction.

My advice?

Get out of the car.

See my previous blog:

‘Help Me Combat Disinformation: Here’s How’

🎶There’s Something Wrong with the World Today🎶Malcolm X Knew🎭 

Check your sources, investigate several points of view, question everything 😉

It’s happening. Been happening. Still. 

It has to stop. How?

Teach Creative & Critical Thinking

This world. So much Beauty. Too much Tragedy. Waaaay too much manufactured  tragedy. A stage. Theater. I wish it would stop .. maybe more people have to try .. plant more seeds, make more memes to help combat their propaganda bs .. We can’t go on like this; it’s too f*cked up. Too eerily similar to gas lighting n projection stuff ..  It’s f*cking with people’s reality. Just like it’s meant to. 

This should be taught in every classroom. 👇⚘💞

Every human being should be learning this. It’s critical in helping to really see.

Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction? Why Has Mainstream Media Claimed, ‘No They Didn’t?’ 34 Times? 

Ridiculed 34 times, listed here:

  • 1971 ‘Diamonds are Forever’
  • 1972 ‘Top of the Heap’
  • 1980 ‘The Shining’
  • 1992 ‘Sneakers’
  • 1993 ‘Coneheads’ 
  • 1995 ‘Toy Story’
  • 1998 ‘King of the Hill’ (2-12)
  • 1998 ‘News Radio’ (4-17)
  • 1999 ‘David Letterman’ (G. Anderson)
  • 2002 ‘Believe Nothing’ (1-1)
  • 2002 ‘Friends’ (9-8)
  • 2002 ‘Grand Theft Auto’ (video game)
  • 2003 ‘Looney Toons – Back in Action’
  • 2004 ‘Amerika – Rammstein’
  • 2005 ‘That 70’s Show’ (7-13)
  • 2005 ‘Family Guy’ (4-4)
  • 2005 ‘Area 51’ (video game)
  • 2006 ‘RV’
  • 2006 ‘The Colbert Report’ (7-27-06)
  • 2006 ‘Red Bull’ advertisement
  • 2006 ‘Washington Mutual’ ad
  • 2007 ‘Nat’l Treasure – Book of Secrets’
  • 2007 ‘My Name is Earl’ (2-19 & 3-9)
  • 2008 ‘American Dad’ (4-7)
  • 2009 ‘Futurama’ (Into Wild..Yonder)
  • 2009 ‘Leverage’ (2-5)
  • 2013 ‘Doctor Who’ (7-12)
  • 2013 ’30 Rock’ (7-11)
  • 2013 ‘Arrested Development (4-4)
  • 2013 ‘On Top..World’ ImagineDragons
  • 2014 ‘Interstellar’ 
  • 2015 ‘Minions’ 
  • 2015 ‘Moonwalkers’
  • 2016 ‘Operation Avalanche’

Every single one mocks the very thought of it ever having happened. Thoughts?

Nicely compiled right here (Thanks ODD) for your viewing pleasure:

The Moon Landing According to Mainstream Media 

These 4 Constants Bombard You Daily: Do You Even Notice? 

An Open Letter to the World: You MUST Do Your Own Research. Here’s why:

If you find yourself being ridiculed for thinking differently or wanting to look into something that everybody else laughs at – SMILE – you are not a clone! You are being led by curiosity, imagination, intelligence – not fear & ignorance. 

Wisdom is, among many other things,  knowing who can be trusted & who cannot. It is imperative that everyone know both the definition & some examples of these 4 things – constants in our everyday lives:

  • Disinformation 
  • Propaganda 
  • Controlled Opposition 
  • Merchants of Doubt

My challenge for you today: What do you find most ridiculous? Investigate it objectively. Look at every angle as possible, & research & research & research some more.

Today’s research: A conspiracy so ridiculed, it set off my ‘spidey sense,’ cuz when such great effort is put into discrediting – alarm bells should go off. They tell us where to look by telling us where not to look. 

The most important question: WHY? 🤔

🤡 Remember nothing is real & anything is possible 🤡 

Turn off your TV’s – they just program nonsense into you – they are called programs for a reason. 

Say no to Disinformation, Propaganda & Controlled Opposition. I implore you – question everything, do your own research & investigate.