Did Jussie Make a Deal?

When I saw the 16 charges be dropped, I, like many, was furious; the collective “Here we go again ..” was heard around the world. We need justice, we need fairness – the Universe has to balance itself out .. & soon; it’s been tilted to one side for far too long.

I guess the Earth cannot be flat as we’d have tipped over for sure by now 🤣😂 How long can one stay sane on the constant losing end of this never-ending double standard? It’s not the losing that’s a problem – if we had a fair shot; it’s the unsportsmanlike conduct. But that’s what happens with people who have nothing to bring to the table – they have to cheat to try to win.

An interesting theory by T.R.U Reporting

Jussie Smollett: Deal or No Deal?


When Two of the Most Despicable Things You Research Cross Paths

Well doesn’t this take the cake⁉️

I thought I had seen the worst of the worst, but clearly, I was wrong.

I wonder how many people are aware of this assault on our children? It’s beyond reprehensible. What is being done about it, if anything? 😲

What do you do when you find out a pedophile is operating a center that gaslights child victims of sexual abuse & pedophilia into believing their memories aren’t real?

And the kicker: These are psychologists, & he did this to his own daughter. Did I mention he opened the center with his wife – her mother?

Meet “Dr.” Peter Freyd – the diabolical pedophile who created ‘false memory syndrome‘ to silence his daughter & a myriad of other victims after she came forward accusing him of molesting her.

What do we do if the pedophiles are doctors & create something they can use to their advantage to rape children while simultaneously escaping justice. They conveniently set themselves up to be in a position where they can say it never happened & be believed.

Using a completely fabricated “syndrome,” to convince the children they rape it never happened – is there anything more depraved ⁉️

Talk about a ‘How to destroy a human spirit, a human soul’ -“How to”

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

I wish I could say he was the only one.

Roger Underwager – Another ‘False Memory Foundation’ Pedophile & the Interview that Forced Him to Resign

Finally Some Justice for 9/11

SGT Report – Grand Jury Report

Finally after 17 years, they finally admit what we’ve known all along.

Tom Fitton @ Judicial Watch: “The Scandal of Our Generation”

Tom Fitton: Update on Judicial Watch Lawsuits

Moving Forward

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele on Human Trafficking

Something CAN be done about it. Be aware. Be vigilant.

What if it was your child?

Sword & Scale: Episode 20

The worst one yet. I can’t believe these people exist.