BREAKING: Judicial Watch Uncovers: Clinton Lawyer Indicates Hillary’s Emails Were Altered

Judicial Watch Uncovers Clinton Attorney Samuelson Interview with FBI – Indicates Hillary’s Emails Were Altered & Other Crimes

What’s Good for this Goose? A Noose!

Whoever said “Not all is as it seems” was NOT kidding. There’s been a colossal Psychological Warfare / Propaganda campaign against us from Hillary & her fixers & her corrupt posse. She paid Media Matters + many others to smear the fuck out of Trump. Anyone who shuts off their TV & starts doing someContinue reading “What’s Good for this Goose? A Noose!”

Trump is a HERO. Yes, You Heard That Right – Hero

Living in a Brainwashed Nation🎈

Bill Marshall Top FBI Official Admits Under Oath:’Obama White House Hid Elicit Clinton Emails’

Judicial Watch on Obama’s Complicity in Clinton Email Cover-Up Notice the pause after he says “Hillary was trafficking .. ” We know what you were going to say ..