Here’s Hoping Those in Need May Weather Their Storm

The United States sure knows how to waste money. 

When I saw that the fight today was bringing in 1 Billion dollars, I bowed my head & closed my eyes. 

I wondered what other people must think of that, like those in war torn countries, (usually at the hands of the United States themselves), those who lost a loved one, or maybe a now orphaned child, people who’ve lost their homes, people who’ve lost everything. People with nowhere to turn, no where to go, living in the streets. People dying. Too many people needlessly dying. People who have no running water, or electricity, & hardly any food to eat. How awful they must feel, wondering where they’re gonna get their next meal, whilst knowing of such gluttony.

Meanwhile people get all dressed up & the cameras snap snap & the flashes flash flash.

And just like that, a boxer & an MMA fighter have the ‘fight of the century’ & it generates 1 Billion in a day. 

I hope those people never find out.

However much longer they have left. 

The Scientology Scam 

When a few people come forward with some pretty serious allegations of abuse, violence & criminal activity, & then more people come forward with similar stories & more & more & more – don’t you think that warrants somebody taking a look to see what the hell is going on? I sure do. There is an award-winning brave new show on A&E: “Scientology & The Aftermath” with Leah Remini & Mike Rinder. Have you heard of it? Have you been watching it? Check it out. Make up your own mind.

Of course it comes as no big shocker that the ‘church’ denies any & all allegations made against them by everyone who appeared in season 1. It’s unfortunate that instead of coming forward & having a healthy debate or discussion, they choose to childishly smear, viciously harass & aim to destroy those who are just trying to find some peace in their lives. In my opinion a mature, emotionally stable, well-balanced, respectful person will listen to an opposing side’s story & weigh other people’s opinions. Grown-ups agree to disagree. They don’t attack, discredit, belittle, harass, & smear in a cowardly fashion. wp-image-454334181

I support their bravery. I support everyone who has come forward. I stand with them. The ‘church’ says we are religious bigots. We are not. For it to be religious bigotry we have to believe it’s a religion. We don’t. The only reason it is classified as a religion is to ensure tax exemption. There are only 11 countries which classify it as a religion & there are 23 that do not. There are four countries that classify it as a cult: Chile, France, Israel & Norway.

Scientology Status by Country



We are supporting the victims. The ‘church’ has not once shown their face to tell their side, instead they hide behind letters smearing everyone. They want us to believe it’s all lies. I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. And I’m not sorry. What you are doing is wrong on so many levels. Who would subject themselves to that kind of relentless aggressive harassment for years? They can deny that they do that all they want – but all you have to do is type Scientology on YouTube & see for yourself. It’s pretty sad to see people so aggressive, so hostile & even violent defending something that they don’t see for what it really is. wp-image-1429064719

I applaud this show & I believe these people. I’ve watched many movies & docs from many different viewpoints – from those who are scientologists & those who are not. I have read many different opinions. I’ve done my research. Do yours. The facts are out there. Wake Up! They say they aren’t a cult but they tear people down when they’re inside, they tear families apart when they  leave, they are shrouded in secrecy. Actions speak much louder than words – they say one thing but what they do is quite different:

The Church claims a membership of 118,000 members in the United Kingdom,[7] including 15,000 regular participants,[8] and in the past has claimed as many as 200,000 British members.[9] However, the 2001 census of England and Wales, which included an optional question about religion, gave a figure of 1,781 Scientologists.[10

They grossly exaggerate membership in every single country.

If Scientology was such a success & these people who were in for 20 or 30 or 40 years are all these things that the church say they are – well then I guess Scientology doesn’t really work after all ..

Watch & decide for yourself. Also check out the fantastic eye-opening documentary “Going Clear & the Prison of Belief.” 





Land of Illusion

These are incredible times. Incredibly good. Incredibly trying. Everybody has the right to live this life. To feel #safe. To be #Happy. To feel #Love. 

We must accept our differences & let other people live their lives – as long as you are not hurting any people, animals or the planet – do whatever you like. Many push to have their own beliefs as the only right ones – to have everybody think or be like them – have you imagined a world of 8 billion people all a clone of one person ? 

How does that look to you? 

Looks pretty crappy to me. 

I only want to push you to think for yourself & create your own path. 

When there is #harassment, #aggression, #violence & even #murder to cover up something that should not be happening in the first place – I take issue with that. How #whistleblowers are getting into trouble at all is beyond me – a whistleblower is somebody who’s doing the right thing by reporting something #illegal, #unethical, #immoral or just downright #criminal – they should be given a goddamn #medal. 

Just take a step back, look at the bigger picture – don’t look at WHAT people are doing – look at WHY they’re doing it – you must #learn to see through things – to read between the lines – to navigate through the #static. Trust your #Intuition. Use it. 

It’s a #Tool for you to sharpen & use to your advantage. 

#Peacefully & #Lovingly.

I take issue with being lied to –  of the public being lied to – on a grand scale. I stand for those who are too scared to speak. The violence, the ugliness in the world is surrounding many big secrets. Whether it’s #Scientology, the #Catholic #church, the #pedophilia problem, #cannabis, #USAP’s, #UFO’s, ET’s, #CIA, #mainstreammedia .. the list goes on.

Now is the time to see through the #bullshit #lies #coverup #corruption 

#WakeUp #WakeUpWorld #loveinfusion 

#Spotlight #TheKeepers #ScientologyTheAftermath 

#BigPicture #Matrix #LandOfIllusion

#loveinfusion ☮🕉😚✌🤗