There’s Nothing Wrong With #QAnon

Have you been laughing at the Q followers, or calling them ‘conspiracy theorists’ or calling it a cult? It’s the antithesis of a cult – a cult has “groupthink” whereas Q encourages thinking for yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you think there’s something wrong with that there’s something wrong with youContinue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With #QAnon”

Welcome to The Great Awakening: Can You Feel It⁉️

💥When Hillary said “if Trump wins we’ll all hang from nooses” – she was talking about the #Treason she knew they were guilty of💥 This is why the world’s been brainwashed into hating Donald Trump – a man no one had a problem with pre 2016, as everyone with access to YouTube, or even justContinue reading “Welcome to The Great Awakening: Can You Feel It⁉️”