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Watch “How To Defeat The Cabal: Find Yourself” on YouTube

Figure out who you are & own it. You already have everything you need inside of you but you’ve been led astray by The Establishment. There is a war going on for your Thoughts, for your Mind, for your very Soul.

This is no laughing matter, it’s not a joke. You are being attacked on a daily basis with Psychological Warfare –  whether you’re aware of it or not; it’s happening.

The only defense against that is for Humanity to wake up, to see things for what they really are, & exit The Matrix once & for all. Only then will you experience what it truly means to be F.R.E.E.✨🌎✨

Connect to your “Inner Ninja.”
Listen to the W.O.R.D.S.

Canadians Classified & David Myles 🇨🇦 ✨🏜️🦅🏜️✨

Preying on Your Fear

We’ve been led astray. But it’s okay.
Cuz we’re waking up now. And the world that opens up to you when you let the old one go holds a beauty & a love so unbelievably profound it’ll make you bawl your eyes out with such incredible JOY.

Come on over to the other side – it’s so beautiful over here!😍

Former Transgender Activist: The Ulterior Motives Behind their Push to Transition

Watch these former transgenders as they share how they woke up to the ulterior motives of this ‘movement.’

I don’t claim to understand what it might be like to feel like you’re in the wrong body; who am I to say that’s wrong, I’ve never experienced it, I don’t know anything about it. If someone chooses to make that decision, that’s none of my business.

The problem lies in forcing someone down this road instead of letting them become who they really are – the complete & total opposite of self-love & personal freedom.

Watch: Ex-transgender Walt Heyer’s Warning To All

You don’t create a transgender/drag reading hour for kids as young as 3 & push it onto them; not without malicious intentions.

They’re kids. Leave them alone, let them play, have fun, be kids. Teach them about self-love, encourage them to discover & pursue their passion, teach them about kindness & compassion🌻

It’s wildly inappropriate, expecting such a young child to even begin to comprehend, they’re not capable of tackling this subject matter at that age.

There’s a word for what they’re really doing – and that word is indoctrination.

The ulterior motive is deafening. Every agenda they have has the intention of tearing us away from what makes us us.

Psychological Warfare 101.

Former Transgenders Share Their Tremendous Regret

‘Debbie Downer’ or ‘Smiley Joe’⁉️

Are you bothered by what other people think of you?

Try this: Who Gives a Fuck!

Feel better? Do yourself a huge favor & let go of your need to know or care what others think of you. It’s such a waste of time & causes you so much needless suffering. What others think of us is irrelevant – all that matters is what WE think of ourselves.

Once you get yourself into the mindset that it really doesn’t matter what other people think, you’ll stop being bothered by such nonsense.

🎯Set solid boundaries🎯

There is good & bad in the world & it’s up to each individual what to focus on. ‘Everybody‘ is not going to like ‘everything‘ “all of the time.” Remember that what you focus on grows.

Take this example: Let’s say you’re car shopping – you are set on getting a 2 door blue car.
All of a sudden you start noticing blue cars everywhere as you go about your day. Why is that ⁉️

Cuz when you focus on a particular thing, you’re feeding it, making it grow, giving it life .. focused on that one particular thing, it stands out, & you notice it more, cuz you’re keeping it in your consciousness.

Well the same thing goes for what you focus on in life; whether you choose to focus on the Love & Beauty, or the Fear & Hate – whichever one you choose is the one you’re going to get more of.

One of the biggest things I learned in my journey so far, in my Spiritual Awakening, was: to find & keep your “inner peace” is to let go of all the labels & boxes & things society tries to fit you in & just be free. Don’t get attached to outcomes, don’t expect anything from anyone, let go of the past & the future & truly live in the moment🤩

We are the creators of our lives & our reality .. & you choose to either be a Debbie Downer or a Smiley Joe!

‘I’ll Take “What is the Opposite of Authentic” for $1,000 Alex!’

Awareness or oblivion – your choice.

But make no mistake we are currently, daily, & have been for decades – under attack, a silent but very deadly attack, disguised as “entertainment” & “fun” & “fads” & “trends” & the music industry & the movie industry & most of Hollywood & those shallow “celebrities” who do not deserve your “worship” & most late night talk show hosts & social media & all of Big Tech & the mainstream media; no longer journalists but political operatives masquerading as information sharers when they’re more like “reality controllers.”

‘He who controls your information controls your reality.”

You have to be born with curiosity to wind up learning how to think – schools today only teach our kids what to think.