‘When They Go Low, Make Them Come Higher To Where We Are:’ Stacey Dash #WalkAway

A message of Empowerment, Motivation & Inspiration (full vid below)

Will more people see through the intense smear campaign against Donald Trump – for which not many seem to ask themselves the always most important question of why (when investigating – why might there be such a colossal takedown effort?) & do a little digging – or will they stay drunk on Koolaid forever?

Although those who support Trump are branded as everything that they are – one will see right through that if they understand projection & gaslighting – they are not the propaganda that is incessantly thrown at them.

I’ve heard from numerous sources that the Trump rallies are filled with nothing but love & acceptance for their brothers & sisters, not like what we see on the ‘other side’ – and we have to stop even looking at it as the other side, & somehow come together.

It sure would be nice if people like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, etc etc etc stopped inciting violence & egging people on, to “go lower.”

#WalkAway March – Brandon Straka


BREAKING NEWS: MAGABomber is a Democrat, NOT a Trump Supporter

Their story is a fraud, it is nothing but narrative – it has false flag written all over it. The people responsible for this – the Democrats, George Soros, the CIA, CNN – the Deep State, MUST be held accountable once & for all. This bullshit has to stop, & it looks like it will by Donald Trump’s statements in the video.

And why would they do this you ask? Because Donald Trump is going after Hillary Clinton. Watch the video posted last night by Black Conservative Patriot showing clips of Donald Trump speaking at his latest rally – in of all places Florida, exactly where the supposed bomber lives.

‘Trump Strongly Hints that Hillary Clinton Will Be Arrested in 2018’

They have to cheat – they can’t play fair because they’ve got nothing. This is a terrorist attack & these people need to be held accountable.

And according to Trump’s statement in the video it looks like we can expect that happening soon.

I’ve been telling you there is an epic battle of good against evil playing out right before eyes & half the world can’t even see it. Wake up folks, do your research & think for yourself; things are not & never are as they seem. When your best friends are the CIA who specialize in mind control for decades you are naive to think they don’t use it daily to maintain a ‘leg up.’

Complete & total fraud.

Don’t forget this from a couple of weeks ago:

‘FBI Uncovers plot to frame Cavanaugh by the Democrats’

The Dirty Dems & Their Far From Perfect False Flag Bomb Attempt: All a Setup

There’s NOTHING they wouldn’t do to stop Trump from cleaning up the corruption & the ‘Pedo Push:’ the global epidemic called paedophilia.

When Hillary Clinton said, “If he wins we’ll all hang by nooses!” it was because she knew very well the depth of the corruption & pedophilia would be discovered – as they’d been setting it up for YEARS. Bush + Obama + Clintons did SO MUCH DAMAGE to the country, while projecting, gaslighting & brainwashing ‘We the People.’

She was a certain she’d be able to continue it; & after losing – in complete & utter shock – she fabricated a Russian conspiracy, for which we’ve heard them whine about for 2 years now with not even a shred of evidence or an ounce of proof.

WHEN MEANWHILE – SHE was the one selling the Uranium …. & to who??? TO RUSSIA. (I have an account at Pacer, I’ve seen the court cases & all the damning docs). Classic PROJECTION & GASLIGHTING.

If they actually had anything to bring to the table, they’d be able to sit down with opponents & discuss a myriad of subjects while remaining civil, exchanging ideas in order to make progress.

But this simply does not happen; instead they create mobs, antifa, & now send fake bombs to themselves so that they have something that they can blame on Trump. It’s pathetic, & it’s transparent.

Not to mention the I-can’t-count-that-high amount of them that were actually inciting violence, actually egging people on to hurt other people! Where is their Humanity?? Their humanity is gone.

It’s like Russia 2.0 – their accusations were unfounded then & their accusations are unfounded now.

Just follow the money to find out who’s making it all possible.

Watch “Q: The Plan To Save The World” on YouTube

The Plan to Save the World

Doesn’t this video give you the shivers?! Gives me goosebumps every time!

I’ve been researching this stuff for a long time now; some see it, many don’t. There is a darkness in this world people don’t like to talk about, refuse to even look at, let alone accept.

We are trying to shine a light on it – for in the dark the cockroach thrives, yet in the light it cannot survive.

Pope Francis Thinks ET’s Would Want to Join an Organization That Covers Up Child Rape?

Caught the news last night, saw the Pope said if ET’s visit us he’d welcome them into the catholic church & baptize them.

Give me a fuckin’ break Pope Francis.

You think a more advanced being would want to have anything to do with an organization that has been covering up child rape for decades??

What a joke. Feeling they’re preparing for their last card, a false flag “alien invasion.”

Let me tell you something people – if ET’s wanted to destroy us we’d already be obliterated.

Watch “Q: The Plan To Save The World” on YouTube

✴This vid is the best thing I’ve seen all year✴

This is what I research & blog abt for 2 yrs now.

Whether you’re ready to see it/accept it or not depends where you are in your Awakening process ..

But it won’t make this any less true or any less real.

✴There are still so many people who cannot see the amount of work that goes into pitting us against each other✴

Media, celebrities, actors, singers .. so many plants in the world around us if only you could see.

Resonates 1000% #Real #Truth

These 4 Constants Bombard You Daily: Do You Even Notice? 

An Open Letter to the World: You MUST Do Your Own Research. Here’s why:

If you find yourself being ridiculed for thinking differently or wanting to look into something that everybody else laughs at – SMILE – you are not a clone! You are being led by curiosity, imagination, intelligence – not fear & ignorance. 

Wisdom is, among many other things,  knowing who can be trusted & who cannot. It is imperative that everyone know both the definition & some examples of these 4 things – constants in our everyday lives:

  • Disinformation 
  • Propaganda 
  • Controlled Opposition 
  • Merchants of Doubt

My challenge for you today: What do you find most ridiculous? Investigate it objectively. Look at every angle as possible, & research & research & research some more.

Today’s research: A conspiracy so ridiculed, it set off my ‘spidey sense,’ cuz when such great effort is put into discrediting – alarm bells should go off. They tell us where to look by telling us where not to look. 

The most important question: WHY? 🤔

🤡 Remember nothing is real & anything is possible 🤡 

Turn off your TV’s – they just program nonsense into you – they are called programs for a reason. 

Say no to Disinformation, Propaganda & Controlled Opposition. I implore you – question everything, do your own research & investigate. 

Is the #BigPharma House o’ Cards a Crumblin’? 

Smiling at the Thought.. 


Reuters:  Trump unveils plan to target drug dealers & traffickers.

‘President Trump’s new plan to combat the opioid addiction crisis includes seeking the death penalty for drug dealers & urging tougher sentencing laws from Congress for drug traffickers. ‘In addition to pursuing street dealers, the plan directs the DOJ to aggressively go after criminally negligent doctors & pharmacies & take criminal & civil actions against opioid manufacturers that break the law.’ 

My favorite part! So he wants to execute the drug dealers? ‘Splendid!’ 

Sayonara to the worst of the bunch!

RIP #BigPharma

Yeah, you. 

These are the richest drug dealers in the world: 

Johnson & Johnson: Market Cap: $356.89 billion ~ Q2 2017 net income: $3.8 billion

Novartis: Market Cap: $222.84 billion ~ Q2 Net Sales: $12.2 billion

Roche: Market Cap: $223.61 billion ~ First half 2017 group sales: $26.3 billion

Pfizer: Market Cap: $204.17 billion ~ Q2 Revenue: $12.9 billion

Merck: Market Cap: $177.63 billion ~ Worldwide sales: $9.9 billion


Odd isn’t it; all that money, & still more & more people are getting sick,sicker 😦 Especially cancer. Hundreds of thousands die every year in the US alone. So what exactly has Big Pharma been doing all this time? Aside from whipping out a new pill every week of course? And those pathetic commercials?! Their “We are not Authentic” lifestyle shines right through. No doubt all that FDA bribe money came from you the people. I’ll tell ya what they haven’t been doing though: Trying to find you a cure. Because why would they rid themselves of all the customers they ‘worked so hard to build scam?? Exactly; they wouldn’t. 


Their “solution:” Claim to cure the one ailment, but then they simultaneously put you at risk for about 27 other issuesdamn opportunists! And often, it includes death. Death. Are you gonna risk blindness, loss of limbs, a heart attack, a stroke, & maybe even death to eliminate your high blood pressure or your indigestion? Nope. Not a fan of  Russian Roulette.


Gee thanks Big Pharma! I’ll hardly notice my indigestion cuz ya know, I’m dead. 

The most efficient plan of action is NOT to waste time with the little guy at the bottom; Gotta cut the snake off at the head, of course! The swiftest way to eradicate a problem. Now go & find me the street corner, neighborhood dealer who makes more than Big Pharma does, & we’ll let them off the hook. Don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath 😉 


Hey Big Pharma:

I hope that in your next round you’ll choose to value human life over the almighty dollar. Chances are that just might happen, as I doubt your passage through to your next dimension will be anything close to pleasant. Instead of healing disease as you claimed, you knowingly & intentionally made the healthy sick & caused many sick to die. Higher intelligence frowns upon those kinds of things. Not big fans of those who make it their life’s work to deceive. Merchants of doubt. Those who choose to speed up someone’s journey to death’s door, to buy their 5th or 6th Ferrari – not giving it a second thought – are a special kind of evil.

Show me the money: Top 5 Big Pharma Verdicts & Settlements: 2015


Big Pharma, I can’t stand ya! You kill .. You murder hundreds of thousands of people per year – just in the US! All for those damn green dollar bills you hoard to buy more & more things you don’t need, uselessly trying to fill that empty, soulless void inside. Too bad this void cannot be filled with THINGS.


Cannabis. Ahhh, a wonderful, healing plant that grows amongst us, given to us by our Mother Earth. Medicine. A medicine so beneficial for us humans, it has a perfect score: ZERO.




That’s huge – & rare. How many can say that?? Not many ..

Peanuts .. even peanuts can’t say that!! 

Quite the Easy Decision – One I’ve thoroughly enjoyed for almost 2 decades 😉

The worst are those who echo the narrative & slam Cannabis tell you it’s dangerous – but they’ve never even tried it! 

That’s like me writing a book about “What it’s Like to Live in Africa,” having never even visited.

So your Propaganda & Disinformation Campaign – you can shove it up your ass & have a lovely day. No respect for those with no regard for human life. No one has the right to take away another human’s life. No one.

The Disinformation Campaign

Make no mistake, this is their intention – to confuse & mislead the public. They are merchants of doubt. That way they can go about their nefarious business & none will be the wiser.


If we all stood together against the system instead of wasting our time fighting each other like the oblivious pawns that they want us to be, we’d probably tear down this house of cards a lot faster.

It’s so imperative you do your own research. Question everything.


If something is on the up & up, it’ll stand up to some questioning. It’s when we’re told to dismiss something that you need to pay attention.









The mainstream media is nothing more than tabloid trash.

Nothing is as it seems.

Turn off your TV.

Remember – if someone calls you a conspiracy theorist for asking questions & being a critical thinker, you can say, “Why thank you – yes I do think for myself & do my own research.”

Be a critical thinker. A creative thinker.


It’s ok, they just don’t get it yet. Do You? Don’t be afraid. Just take a step back. Breathe. Look at the bigger picture; there’s more than meets the eye. Change your perspective & don’t take anything too seriously. There is an epic showdown of Good vs Evil going on behind the veil. Will you wake up in time?

#WakeUp #Awareness #Awakening #Consciousness #Strength #Power #Motivation

Fraudulent Religious Organizations: Millions & Millions of Tax Free Money: Corrupting the Minds of Many for Personal Profit

Are you familiar with the Trinity Broadcasting Network? TBN is the world’s largest religious broadcasting organization. MinistryWatch gave TBN an ‘F’ for financial transparency & keeps them on its list of the 30 worst ministries. $583 million in assets. Paul Crouch & Jan Crouch founded TBN in 1973 & as of 2016, both have passed: Jan Crouch dies, Cofounder of Trinity Broadcasting Network & 2013: TBN co-founder Paul Crouch dies at 79.

PaulCrouchAnd the skeletons keep pouring out of their closets. Their son, Matthew W. Crouch has since been named Chairman of the Board.Matt-Laurie-Caption Small


Exempt from paying taxes, Paul & Jan declared over $800 million in net assets in 2010. They used donations to buy a $50 million jet, 13 mansions & a $100,000 mobile home – for the dogs. They own a total of 30 homes all paid for in ca$h; they have personal chauffeurs, gold-plated bathrooms, & offices fitted with saunas & wet bars. 


The World’s Largest Christian TV Network Has a Lot to Hide Jan Crouch of TBN was facing many scandals & legal allegations – the least of which may be if her dog has pink hair: TBN Exposed: TBN’s Power, Profit & a Pink PoodleThey embezzled funds – their own granddaughter Brittany Koper sued them for their some of their fraudulent activity – the misappropriation of $50 million in this case.

Allegations of attempted murder & the cover-up of other granddaughter Carra Crouch’s rape at 13 by one of their employees that was swept under the rug. Paul hushed a gay partner with half a million$. Former TBN Employee Alleges Gay Tryst With Paul Crouch. Paul’s son, vice-prez Paul Jr. quit & left abruptly, under suspicious circumstances that have been hidden from the public. TBN’s Jan Crouch Found Liable for Covering Up Granddaughter’s Alleged Rape

Jury awards televangelist’s granddaughter $2 million in Trinity Broadcasting molestation scandalThe only people they were helping was themselves. Noticing a trend?  We must bring awareness to this blatant misuse of donations. These so-called religious orgs claiming to help people; if help means separating them from their money. The general public has a right to know what a scam these organizations are & that their donations are being used for personal use.


TBN is a member of the  Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability® – an association for non-profit, tax-exempt orgs. The EFCA boasts 2100+ clients & have a 25 BILLION$ annual revenuetax free. And the rich get richer & the poor get even poorer. No one gives a crap about those who are suffering anymore. If you’re fortunate enough to have way more than everyone else, the human thing to do is help those who suffer, not hoard it all for yourself. And the thing is they don’t have more than others, they took it, under false pretenses.

“Just as important, the Bible also teaches that human beings are to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our Maker, and that we will all be called to give an account for our use of His blessings here on earth. This includes Paul and Janice Crouch, and while they would insist that their stewardship of TBN’s resources are honoring to God, they would likely benefit from some serious, Biblically-rooted soul-searching. Do multiple mansions, luxury hotel suites for poodles and clothing, and $300k per year fine dining budgets illustrate a ministry geared towards service to others or one designed for self-gratification and self-glorification? In the end, only God can answer that question.” Source: TBN: Trouble in Paradise

TBN Asks Court to Seal Records in Response to Blog Investigation.

“The stark contrast between the message they’re espousing and the details of these allegations is why these stories so quickly make headlines,” Burke said. “It’s so counter to their supposed beliefs.”

Those who dictate to others how to live & not to live, often state their way is not only the right way – it’s the only way.

Well there is no such thing.

“Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways.”

—Proverbs 28:6