Facebook Exposed Millions of People’s Private Photos to 1,500 Apps: Delete #Facebook



Free Speech

Censorship Solidifies Legitimacy of Target: #QAnon: Outcome? The Streisand Effect

The big tech companies are working overtime with their coordinated effort to suppress anything but their narratives.

This is the epic battle going on that many don’t notice – evil trying to suppress truth & anything encouraging people to think for themselves. It’s exactly what William Casey in 1981 in the CIA said: ‘Their mission will be successful when everything America believes is a lie.’

And here they are doing exactly that – everything in their power to erase truth from existence.

Among those who lost their accounts, simultaneously by Facebook AND Twitter as they are working together behind the scenes, are the Free Thought Project, Anti-Media, Police the Police, with millions and millions of followers.

Those who aren’t familiar with the Streisand Effect are about to be.

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook is Always Listening

‘Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home & Work’

Yup – it’s time to say goodbye to FFB..

I keep saying it but not doing it – I still need everyone on my list’s email/ contact info. But I’m hardly ever there. Of all the nooks ‘n’ crannies I can explore, FB is by far my absolutely LEAST favorite place. It’s deceptive. It’s sketchy. Clearly weaponized. Twitter too. And don’t even get me started on Google, or Amazon. Five minutes of research into these 4 will tell you all you need to know.

Not only have they been secretly collecting our data for years – they’ve had access to our phones, cams n mics for quite some time – but when caught, don’t hold your breath for a flash of conscience.  They don’t even exhibit a smidge of empathy or compassion, or anything even remotely resembling a ‘Yea you got me, the jig is up; we had a good run.’ Nunca. Nada .. 

Instead – as if the level of complete & total disregard for the feelings or welfare of another wasn’t already at it’s lowest point – in a blink of an eye they project & gaslight & tell tales that make absolutely no sense to anyone with a critical mind, playing their broken, transparent record of propaganda & disinformation.

Am I insane to think that one day they might wake up ..

What – in my most patient voice everis taking sooooo looooong??

Are you Awake? 🥁🎶🎵🥁🎶🥁🎵🥁🎶🥁🎶

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