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“How To Think For Yourself & Why You Should” #Reblog from #Hubpages

A woman after my own heart 😉 We must remind people to take things they hear with a grain of salt, & encourage them to research & investigate for themselves. I think there’s more disinformation, propaganda & controlled opposition campaigns today than there’s ever…

The Media: Training Your Brain

Literally shaping your reality daily.

The Matrix

Foggin’ shit up more for people who already view the world thru tarnished lenses.

Ask Questions & Think For Yourself: Free Yourself From Others’ Opinions

It’s healthy to ask questions. Trust your Intuition & FUCK WHAT THEY THINK!

Americans: Unwittingly Fund own Shadow Government; Still Deny Existence of ‘Deep State’

How awful it must be to be a Clone. An Echoer. A Pawn.
What a shame. You’ve let someone who couldn’t possibly care any less about you control you. Why is that?

Global News: Censorship Live

There is no glory in winning by cheating.

🎶There’s Something Wrong with the World Today🎶Malcolm X Knew🎭 

X-Ray Vision 👀

Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction? Why Has Mainstream Media Claimed, ‘No They Didn’t?’ 34 Times? 

Did they or didn’t they? Can you explain the mainstream ridicule?

Twisted Curiosity

The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself.

Controlled Opposition 

Many haven’t a clue what it is. All should.  https://wakeup-world.com/2014/12/15/controlled-opposition-the-hidden-hand-of-misdirection/

These 4 Constants Bombard You Daily: Do You Even Notice? 

An Open Letter to the World: You MUST Do Your Own Research. Here’s why: If you find yourself being ridiculed for thinking differently or wanting to look into something that everybody else laughs at – SMILE – you are not a clone! You are being led…

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