The CDC LIED about 144,000 COV Deaths

They’re F.R.A.U.D.S.

Watch “The Elites’ Defense Mechanism” on YouTube

Well well well look at what the Deep State created to muddy the waters of what’s about to come out! Ever heard of ZAO ⁉️ Me neither.LOOK AT THIS SHIT. They’re doing this so that when the vids come out of the ‘Elites’ doing horrific things to kids they can pretend somebody used this appContinue reading “Watch “The Elites’ Defense Mechanism” on YouTube”

Minneapolis Authorities Warn Residents ‘Prepare’ to be Robbed & Obey Criminals🤦 This is normal to you? Minneapolis tells residents to prepare to be robbed & to obey criminals ⁉️ Instead of installing MORE police – which clearly is needed – they prefer to protect criminals, instead of their own hard-working tax-paying citizens. No wonder Trump has to step in, these states are run by criminalsContinue reading “Minneapolis Authorities Warn Residents ‘Prepare’ to be Robbed & Obey Criminals🤦”

Watch “A Proper Protest” on YouTube

A Proper Protest. If people knew how bad it really was every single human would be in the streets. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 🎯 There’s so many more of us than them so we need every single one of you to stand up now before they obliterate us all 💥 This is no joke, it’s aContinue reading “Watch “A Proper Protest” on YouTube”