Stop Panicking!

The media. Cockroaches. They thrive on tragedy, destruction, & fear. Actors reading scripts & being paid millions. Political operatives masquerading as “journalists.” Nothing more than really really really bad infomercials. Don’t believe the hype when it comes to the coronavirus. The media adores conflict, adores spreading fear & dividing – & of course attacking TrumpContinue reading “Stop Panicking!”

MSM Exaggerates #Coronavirus with Same Pic in 3 Cities⁉️

If it’s as serious as they claim why do they need to make it look like the shelves at Costco are being emptied because people are in a panic by using the exact same picture from a different angle in three different cities in two different countries ⁉️ And this: And the truth: Why⁉️Because it’sContinue reading “MSM Exaggerates #Coronavirus with Same Pic in 3 Cities⁉️”