Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, another without a Soul. A real piece of work. Your very own citizens, towns & businesses are burning to the ground by a terrorist organization you REFUSE TO DENOUNCE; & what comes out of your constantly lying mouth at a time like this, when people are crying in their homes terrified, is propaganda??–YouContinue reading “Anderson Cooper”

CNN Exposed: “We Created the Trump Hate”

Like we’ve been saying it’s Manufactured Hate by Propaganda Circa 2016. All propaganda all the time. How anyone can take these idiots seriously is beyond me.

MSNBC & CNN: Controlled Opposition

The only people who wrongly think Trump is a criminal are those who watch the always biased MSNBC & CNN. How do people still not realize these folks have no interest in speaking the truth – they get too much of a kick out of fooling the world. And with such easily verifiable information tooContinue reading “MSNBC & CNN: Controlled Opposition”