Wisdom: Say No to Google

Wisdom is knowing you must research every source possible on a subject to make the most informed, intelligent assessment. It’s in looking at every single angle of a subject, the good, the bad & the ugly. But just how can you do that when the search engine you’re using is altering your results – for […]

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Why People Bully

“Throwing your weight around on people who are defenseless against your meanness is the worst form of cowardice imaginable. The desperate need to intimidate & control others in order to feel good about oneself is the most pathetic way to let out emotional & psychological steam. Bullies are, in essence, cowardly losers.“ Why People Bully […]

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How did Google become the internet’s censor & master manipulator blocking access to millions of websites? A random company to tell me what is real, what is not, & what is true, & what is false? Thanks, but I don’t need that, that’s my job. Do you? Then the self-proclaimed “fact-checkers” popped up. Why? To […]

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Censorship = Cowardice

A generation of whiners & cowards. By their logic we should ban every single person / outlet who bashes Trump. But of course they’d never call for that; they just want to silence those they don’t like. A big generation of whiners, babies, COWARDS. We don’t have to agree with what people are saying – […]

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