Canada’s Diane Lebouthillier Just “Wrote Off” $133,416,922.33

And again, those who can afford to pay don’t have to, but We will.

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Bad Memories: #AirCanada

Every person I talk to has their own Air Canada horror story. It’s unbelievable & absolutely unacceptable. A little research showed: guess who wins the race for the most lost luggage of any airline in Canada – yep you guessed it – Air Canada.

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Neon Dreams

So hot right now! Have you heard of Canadian band Neon Dreams?! Neon Dreams: Matt Gats, Frank Kadillac, Adrian Morris, & Corey LeRue – a Canadian four-piece EDM band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, that defies genre pigeonholing, as they draw freely upon pop, rock, EDM, hiphop & reggae elements, integrating & blending them in seamless […]

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