Meet Your Domestic Terrorists: Hollywood Celebs, MSM, Democrats & Antifa

HILARIOUS watching these Big Tech guys scrambling, playing whack-a-mole with every single one of us 😂 It’s futile yo! We’re currently watching you drown & it is a beautiful thing, because you have no Integrity no Character & no Honour. No sportsmanship, no ability to keep it a level playing ground & give everyone aContinue reading “Meet Your Domestic Terrorists: Hollywood Celebs, MSM, Democrats & Antifa”

We’ve Come Too Far To Go So Far Back.

Oh the irony of having a colossal lack of self-awareness among a self-proclaimed “woke” crowd! Cuz didn’t you know that in Backasswards Bizarro World everything is the opposite! It is not the world’s responsibility to accommodate you. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of emotionally stunted people in my life. One day when they growContinue reading “We’ve Come Too Far To Go So Far Back.”

Ode to the Eternally Offended

No. Come on! This is real⁉️Liberals Have Lost Their Minds. This is What a Democratic Convention Looks Like And it ain’t pretty. Just caught the it-has-to-be-a-comedy-skit embarrassment of a spectacle of “personal privilege, keep the chatter to a minimum nonsense,” & the WTF is with the Jazz Hands⁉️ Or did I take a wrong turnContinue reading “Ode to the Eternally Offended”