Most Evil Company? Move over Monsanto & Make Way for Google

Dear #Google 😈😈😈😈 Of all the corrupt things in this backasswards world, you are the definite front-runner. [After your master Hillary Clinton of course]. You & your corrupt, soulless entity – a bratty 8 year old pulling a tantrum in the sandbox so he gets his way & all the toys for himself – areContinue reading “Most Evil Company? Move over Monsanto & Make Way for Google”

Citizens Forensics: ‘Corruption in America’ Case

“Thanks to Project Veritas & congressional leaders exposing the true purpose behind Google & the Silicon Valley Cartel: “…To manipulate politics, stock market valuations & government funds to their own nefarious ends…” .. it is time to take these criminal oligarchs down! ” .. victims had global character assassination & propaganda-media defamation reprisal attacksContinue reading “Citizens Forensics: ‘Corruption in America’ Case”