Fact Checkers: EXPOSED

You really gonna trust a sketchy, random company to tell you what reality is⁉️

‘Tech Giants Faced Antitrust Scrutiny Hearings’

It’s been 3 days. Do you think anything’s gonna change⁉️ Tech Giants Face Antitrust Hearings .. has to right .. ? And just as importantly – I wonder how many of these disturbing allegations they mentioned to Congress – if any ⁉️Shall we take bets? Go on take a guess! Just for fun 😉 IContinue reading “‘Tech Giants Faced Antitrust Scrutiny Hearings’”

The ‘Special Treatment Club’ = Pansies & Cowards: Carlos Maza

Boy is this guy ever a piece of work. Never heard of @gaywonk before today & now I know why = cuz @voxdotcom Journalists at vox? Surely you jest⁉️ There are no “journalists” at vox – just a bunch of hacks; paid political operatives masquerading as journalists. True objective reporting should leave you not knowingContinue reading “The ‘Special Treatment Club’ = Pansies & Cowards: Carlos Maza”