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Scientology is the Abusive, Toxic Boyfriend🕴

We’ve all had one. The one we’re oh so happy ‘got away’. The parallels between ‘him’ & scientology are frightening. He wants to control everything. He isolates you. He has something to say about where you go, how you act, what you say, who you talk to. What you keep from him. He interrogates you. Spies on you. He threatens you if you want to leave. He comes after you if you try. These are not the actions of a mature, stable, well grounded person:

360409b1404619468793a0e3c7595bfcOn the contrary, these actions speak volumes. Fear. Paranoia. Arrogance. Callousness. Ruthlessness. Lack of trust. Lack of self-awareness. Immaturity. It’s toxic. And it’s unhealthy. For everyone involved. Narcissism. Projection. Gas lighting. Unstable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. He stalks you. Your friends. Your family. Your coworkers. Your boss. He smears you everywhere he can, spreading lies in hopes it turns people against you. He’s a master manipulator. Egotistical. Obsessive. Impatient. Aggressive. Out to get you. A huge reflection of scientology’s inventor, L. Ron Hubbard. Delusional. Zero scientific evidence.

It’s abuse on so many levels. Toxic. Wrong. And when you call them out on their bullshit, they deny, deny, deny. 

“Never happened!” – scientology

Let’s be frank – if LRH was really interested in helping people, he wouldn’t have charged such exorbitant fees. That in itself is proof he was only interested in helping himself. Combine that with exploding volcanos, invisible alien body infestations, Xenu, & well …
Move over Pyramid, Ponzi, & Madoff: This is the Hubbard scheme. He puts the evil in devil. Auditing: A blackmail session – Log your secrets for use at a later date = Control & SP: One who cannot be brainwashed = Control over those he cannot control.a9033160968b2bdf2fabe3010cfeb285--narcissistic-sociopath-narcissistic-peopleThe best thing to do in both scenarios is run. Run like hell.wp-image-1416157132

Scientology: A Smear Campaign a Day Will Keep New Recruits at Bay

Keep it up! 💩 Can they make themselves look any worse? 💩

Scientology’s report card: 

Originality: D- 

Predictably: A+ 

Believabilty: F 

Transparency: A+ 

Authenticity: F 

Scientology’s fraudulent smear campaign is at it again. Automatic tweets are being sent out to smear the victims they created with their immoral & unethical practices. Do we need any more proof that they are guilty as charged? Most of these accounts have been outed as fake accounts, with pictures taken from various websites & stock photos. Some of these accounts have thousands of followers (paid I’m sure); but aside from the robotic smear posts, their timelines are like ghost towns – no one ever likes or retweets them. They claim to have 10 million followers, but like everything else that comes out of their mouth, that is a blatant lie. That was made obvious by the necessity to create fake people to push their agenda: Accusing others of the very things they do themselves – THEY are the bigots, the haters, the cowards. 

How dare you attack people for trying to heal from the pain YOU caused them in the first place! Is their no limit to your depravity? 

Cheers to them digging their own grave.

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