Purple Unicorns & #QAnon

To believe or not to believe? That is the question asked by many. Who should I listen to? Celebrities? My friends & family? Should I listen to the media?

For me, I trust those who don’t tell me what to think, I trust those who invite questions, & different points of view, & who can agree to disagree without wanting to come back in the middle of the night to set the house on fire [for being different].
Trust me a planet filled with clones of just one dude = not good, not good at all; appreciate our differences – Love & Learn from one another.

When one awakens, one will want to connect to themselves – their authentic self, their intuition, & discover their path, from inside themselves, not from another person. When you follow what another says you should do you are not following your own path. You are following theirs.

Only you know the answers that you seek, & how you find those answers is through quiet, stillness, peace – by going within.

I’d like to talk about something that is being portrayed in the media as the complete opposite of what it actually is – causing uncessessary fear, hate, & possibly harm to innocent people. It is imperative that you do your own research, & think for yourself – as you are perfectly capable of coming to your own conclusions if you just tune out all that static.

Why does the media constantly trash #Q you ask⁉️

Put it to you this way:

🦄Let’s say I started telling everyone purple unicorns exist🦄

People would see my posts & laugh, probably thinking, “What a nut!

Then they’d move on, going about their day. Most would probably forget about “crazy purple unicorn girl” – cuz you know, purple unicorns don’t exist❌🦄❌

🤖But then she starts getting harassed by this one guy. He won’t leave her alone. He ridicules, smears, & attacks – oddly enough he spends all of his time, energy, AND money making sure everybody thinks she’s lost her mind.🤖

💡Why; who would do that?💡

There’s only one person who would:

🔥The only person who would do such a thing would be one who is secretly hoarding purple unicorns in their basement; there’s just no valid reason for anybody else to.🔥

Human behavior tells us, for there to be such a huge coordinated simultaneous smear attack on Q, it can only mean they’re friggen scared to death.

Nobody attacks something with such fervor that is supposedly a ridiculous fairy tale unless it can hurt them in some way.

What do you think?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Believe in whatever you damn well please. Don’t let anyone stop you from following your heart & creating your own path in this world!

Love yourself! 💞💃💞

Welcome to the Great Awakening ✨


The PsyWar: Combat it with Awareness & Personal Freedom

Look into when radio began.
And more importantly into WHY it began – what its’ intended use was for from the get go. The more I dig into psychological warfare & political warfare, I’m discovering so many propaganda campaigns in every aspect of our world. There are way too many people concerned with learning as much as they can about behavior modification.

Wayne Dyer wisely said: “When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.” Always thought, great quote. Wasn’t until I really ‘got it,’ that I understood how profound it really was, & I realized that I never really understood how profound it really was😬🤭😅😁😉

Be Yourself.

We have incredible power, literally creating our reality, in every moment, & the next, & the next, & so on; by what it is we think, what we tell ourselves is true, is real; by what we believe.

Try something new:
Let. That. All. Go.
Don’t be afraid. Trust.
Allow each moment to unfold, however it wants to, without expecting a damn thing. Peel off that layer of expectations, attachments to outcomes – don’t create unnecessary personal suffering.

It’s time to see life’s magic✨The Universe is a playground of self – discovery, & life wants to show you things✨

Don’t miss it by focusing on ‘constantly trying to control your world;’ what ppl are allowed to think, believe, vote for, express, now it’s where we can & cannot research, & basically all non narratives slowly getting erased, etc. etc.

You’ll wind up missing the most incredible stuff. Turn your focus inward. If you see too much hate, then love yourself more. Every morning CHOOSE to be happy, like you choose what to eat, choose what to wear. Happiness is a feeling. Feelings are inside of us, WE control them⚡💫

Never fails, at work, out, wherever, someone asks, You’re always smiling, always cheery, why, how lol
Emanating positive energy, infuses positive energy, creating more positive energy, win-win-win.🤩

Happy New Year 🎉

2019✨New Year’s Resolutions⁉️

🎁Gift yourself the most satisfying, most important, most fulfilling gift you can: Freedom. Personal Freedom🎁

Expand your ⚪Awareness⚪Consciousness⚪

Learn. Research. Investigate. Ever heard of Cybernetics? Teleologic Evolution? So much happened here in Montreal under the guise of science. USAP’s – Bluebirds, artichokes, mockingbirds, paperclips – like Dr. Greer said last year at the Alien Cosmic Expo:

☢️USAP’s quietly get $Trillions$ yearly; no receipts, tracking or accountability of any kind☢️

People need to know, need to wake up, need to see – the colossal amount of PsyWar (Psychological Warfare) existing & used against us in every aspect of our society / life.

It’s worse than I thought. When people see it, they’ll be pissed – and rightfully so.

But then the magic happens.


🔺Out of the Matrix🔺

💕Personal Freedom like you’ve never felt before💕

Watch “The Minds of Men”

‘The Yellow Vests Protests In France Are Creating a Massive Shift In Consciousness’

Collective Evolution

Happy New Year 2019!

“The Great Awakening”

All I Want for Christmas: Flip It! From Brainwashed Nation to Personal Freedom Warriors

Such an incredible level of personal freedom when you let go of caring what anyone else thinks of you.

Let go of attachments to outcomes & truly live in the moment.

All I want for Christmas is for people to wake up & escape the matrix, & experience a level of personal freedom words could never describe.


Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁

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