Let’s Get Dirty!

Trying out the dirty pour & the flip cup. The flip cup gave my favorite results on YouTube and my least favorite with myself LOL

And as the universe would have it – I got my dose of love as yet another heart appeared 🤩

I didn’t have everything I needed, I substituted the silicone oil for some hair serum, & used my cheapest paints from the dollar store because I don’t have fluid acrylics yet and I didn’t feel like thinning my paints .. figured I would would practice with the cheap stuff first.

These two cups – although they look amazing – are the ones I did the flip cup with. I poured the paints in the cup from really high (after seeing a video where the artist’s results turned out better that way).

A regular dirty pour gave me my favorite results. The flip cup I did turned out horribly. I tried one with a little bit of alcohol and that one gave me the most cells. The hair serum not so much LOL

Gotta keep practicing! This was my best turnout from a regular dirty pour; my goodness how cute that paint in the cup is! 😍


Studio Time: Acrylic Fluid Painting Trial

I’ve made a few of these in the past that turned out well; oddly that was before I even read any instructions on how to do it. So I watched a few pretty incredible ones last night. Glad I was able to quickly spot my mistakes. Learn, grow, evolve 😌

Last week I wrote about the constantly appearing Hearts in my paintings – it began not long after I started Love Infusion. And lo & behold here’s another one!

Heyyyy … look, left on the heart; I see 4 outstretched fingers – is that a little hand waving, or saying hello? Maybe for the funky gold dude (bottom-left) who seems to be reaching towards it? Mind you he could very well just be holding a fork 🤣😂 Again I over-mixed, & too much medium, paint not adhering to the canvas.

Next, ‘Wild Horses?’ Ok, ‘Wild Horse?

Same, started well but over mixed, & too much medium left bare spots; & you can see small blue clumps, bottom left – I need to take my time, really mix it properly.

And..🥁..drum roll please..🥁.. same thing here. Oopsie loll

A lot of that green kind of evaporated; too much medium, got bare spots again. But that’s what’s so awesome about abstract! You can continuously add on the spots you consider ‘ugly.’ You just keep going until you don’t see anything you consider ‘ugly‘ anymore, & Voila! You have a finished painting!

  1. Ratio of medium to paint too high, paint did not adhere in certain areas (s/b no more than 50/50)
  2. Dark blue showing a few small random clumps – didn’t mix it enough. Signs of impatience? What, moi??🙈😌
  3. Red & blue? Definitely not the colors I should put together for this – the purple went gray in some areas & looked awful

I’m off to my studio. Round 2 & these learned lessons. More paint⬆️ Less medium⬇️

Try! Believe in Yourself! You can do absolutely anything if you tell yourself you can. But continue to say you can’twithout ever trying – & you never will🕉



Shaving Gel + Acrylic Paint?

I tried, but don’t think I did it correctly LOL

Mine didn’t turn out anywhere near as nice as the ones online!

I was initially going to use a canvas but went with paper instead.


Dispensed the shaving cream on a plate.


Flattened it out a bit.


Added some paint randomly.


And Meh! 😅🤣😂

Gonna hafta give it another shot! There are as many techniques as there are artists, it’s fascinating!

🎶 Ohh I Heard it ‘Through the Grapevine’🎶

🎼🎶Ooh oh .. I was just about to lose my mind🎶

Setting up my new art profile on Fine Art America & Pixels .. reminding myself to:

∴ ∴ S l o w D o w n ∴ ∴


‘Through the Grapevine’

Love Infusion Artwork – Fine Art America & Love Infusion Artwork – Pixels

It’s mind-blowing; since 2016, when I started Love Infusion©️, I’ve been choosing to give out lots & lots of Love, & I’ve seen constant nods from the Universe lovin’ me right back!!

Hearts everywhere!

So many that it’s impossible to be ‘just a coincidence;’ cuz there’s no such thing!


Coincidence = absolutely nothing to do with mere chance!

Used by oh so many, understood by so few.


Might be time to learn its’ actual meaning & intended use 😉

More & more Love 😉

Five Reasons You Should Blog

  1. As therapy, to help you deal, heal, & move on
  2. To ease anxiety & stress, as it helps you process & put to rest, getting closure
  3. To make new friends, connect with like-minded, like-hearted, & like-souled people
  4. To keep a colorful, ‘artsy‘ record of your growth, your spiritual evolution
  5. You have a story to tell & you want to help others
  1. Run to the pain.’ Not away. To it. So many people avoid it – cuz it hurts – essentially keeping it around indefinitely – until they deal, heal, & move on.
  2. Get it out of your head. I’ve had words swim around in my head, posts & blogs practically writing themselves up there while doing other things, until I finally went to the computer, & just let it spill out of me. They stop swimming after that 😉
  3. Let’s face it, as we get older, making new friends isn’t the easiest thing to do. In blogging communities, it’s easy to find people on the same wavelength & connect.
  4. I love to look back & see how much I’ve grown – I’ve come so far – I see it clearly through my blogs, art, posts, from what I write to the way I write. It’s like an online scrapbook 😉
  5. Telling stories is fun, & helping people feels really good. You never know who’s reading & who you may have inspired today!

So blog on peeps! The world is waiting!

Blogging for Business


Unleash Your Creative Side


Of course you do – we all do; in our own versions of expression 😊 Tap into your creative side – you never know what you could or are meant to create 😉

Stop telling yourself you can’t. 

Try telling yourself you can. 


For $20, your local dollar store can get you started: a few brushes, canvases, & some paints .. all you really need is yellow, red & blue (you can mix the others from these) & maybe black & white, & just see what happens.

Like life, art really is about the journey, not the destination. Don’t think about creating a masterpiece – not the point. In art, like life, let all expectations go.


Best thing I ever did; I have so much fun as the possibilities are endless. I’ve been all over the place trying to find my style loll You have to try different things to find yours & what you’re drawn to. There are as many different styles & techniques as there are artists as you will see with the incredible variety of youtube vids.


It really keeps you in the now, turning off the many trains of thought that are often rolling on those many tracks in an anxious or ptsd mind .. what helped me a lot was realizing that anxiety is worrying about things that haven’t happened yet (the future) & depression is worrying about things that you cannot change (the past) – both are not staying in the now.


P.S. The easel, & sitting at one, are just not for me. This was at my school’s studio – I don’t have an easel in my home studio, it hurts my back after just a few minutes. I prefer sitting on the ground with my canvas on my lap, or with it flat on the ground. Find what works for you. If you fall in love with it as I did, it won’t be long ’til you start envisioning pieces you can do with the colors in your own home, & create custom pieces for yourself. Who knows you may just start getting some special requests from friends who like your work & you might see yourself doing this as a sideline or even full-time!

5 Rituals To Get Centered & Unlock Your Creative Side image

6 Ways to Tap Into Your Creative Self

The world is your oyster. Creating something out of nothing, yourself, for yourself, that you see everyday in your home, brings you great satisfaction that you wouldn’t otherwise get from just purchasing something random at the store 😉



The Electromagnetic Rain Dance scene, ‘Step Up 2’

Something very few know about me: I am a sucker for dance movies! But not just any music or any dancing – it’s the Step Up’s that do something to me I cannot explain. I can literally feel it coursing through my veins like wildfire – there are no words …. no words! I’m even gonna say, cuz I feel it: It’s my fuckin’ favorite movie scene.

It’s been about a decade since I watched this .. what, maybe 50 times in a row? The full body goosebumps are still there! It’s the last minute that Rocks My World!! I fondly remember my dancing circles around anyone as I glided across that dance floor. Oh the Energy! Enjoy 😉

Watch the Electric, the Magnetic, Rain Dance: The Final Dance

“It’s not about what you got; it’s about what you make of what you got!”

You tell ’em sista!!

Still giving me goosebumps after all these years.