Shaving Gel + Acrylic Paint?

I tried, but don’t think I did it correctly LOL Mine didn’t turn out anywhere near as nice as the ones online! I was initially going to use a canvas but went with paper instead. Dispensed the shaving cream on a plate. Flattened it out a bit. Added some paint randomly. And Meh! 😅🤣😂 GonnaContinue reading “Shaving Gel + Acrylic Paint?”

🎶 Ohh I Heard it ‘Through the Grapevine’🎶

🎼🎶Ooh oh .. I was just about to lose my mind🎶 Setting up my new art profile on Fine Art America & Pixels .. reminding myself to: ∴ ∴ S l o w D o w n ∴ ∴ ‘Through the Grapevine’ Love Infusion Artwork – Fine Art America & Love Infusion Artwork – PixelsContinue reading “🎶 Ohh I Heard it ‘Through the Grapevine’🎶”