The Real Flow

Let it go, let it Flow.

In This Universe, You Get What You Give

What are you putting out into this world? Are you contributing to or taking from? Are you looking at the world through eyes of love or eyes of fear? ‘What you focus on grows’ & ‘you get what you give’ aren’t just cliches – they’re very, very real. Just a little Sunday reminder that whatContinue reading “In This Universe, You Get What You Give”

Let’s Get Dirty!

Trying out the dirty pour & the flip cup. The flip cup gave my favorite results on YouTube and my least favorite with myself LOL And as the universe would have it – I got my dose of love as yet another heart appeared šŸ¤© I didn’t have everything I needed, I substituted the siliconeContinue reading “Let’s Get Dirty!”

Studio Time: Acrylic Fluid Painting Trial

I’ve made a few of these in the past that turned out well; oddly that was before I even read any instructions on how to do it. So I watched a few pretty incredible ones last night. Glad I was able to quickly spot my mistakes. Learn, grow, evolve šŸ˜Œ Last week I wrote aboutContinue reading “Studio Time: Acrylic Fluid Painting Trial”