Let’s Get Dirty!

Trying out the dirty pour & the flip cup. The flip cup gave my favorite results on YouTube and my least favorite with myself LOL

And as the universe would have it – I got my dose of love as yet another heart appeared 🤩

I didn’t have everything I needed, I substituted the silicone oil for some hair serum, & used my cheapest paints from the dollar store because I don’t have fluid acrylics yet and I didn’t feel like thinning my paints .. figured I would would practice with the cheap stuff first.

These two cups – although they look amazing – are the ones I did the flip cup with. I poured the paints in the cup from really high (after seeing a video where the artist’s results turned out better that way).

A regular dirty pour gave me my favorite results. The flip cup I did turned out horribly. I tried one with a little bit of alcohol and that one gave me the most cells. The hair serum not so much LOL

Gotta keep practicing! This was my best turnout from a regular dirty pour; my goodness how cute that paint in the cup is! 😍


Studio Time: Acrylic Fluid Painting Trial

I’ve made a few of these in the past that turned out well; oddly that was before I even read any instructions on how to do it. So I watched a few pretty incredible ones last night. Glad I was able to quickly spot my mistakes. Learn, grow, evolve 😌

Last week I wrote about the constantly appearing Hearts in my paintings – it began not long after I started Love Infusion. And lo & behold here’s another one!

Heyyyy … look, left on the heart; I see 4 outstretched fingers – is that a little hand waving, or saying hello? Maybe for the funky gold dude (bottom-left) who seems to be reaching towards it? Mind you he could very well just be holding a fork 🤣😂 Again I over-mixed, & too much medium, paint not adhering to the canvas.

Next, ‘Wild Horses?’ Ok, ‘Wild Horse?

Same, started well but over mixed, & too much medium left bare spots; & you can see small blue clumps, bottom left – I need to take my time, really mix it properly.

And..🥁..drum roll please..🥁.. same thing here. Oopsie loll

A lot of that green kind of evaporated; too much medium, got bare spots again. But that’s what’s so awesome about abstract! You can continuously add on the spots you consider ‘ugly.’ You just keep going until you don’t see anything you consider ‘ugly‘ anymore, & Voila! You have a finished painting!

  1. Ratio of medium to paint too high, paint did not adhere in certain areas (s/b no more than 50/50)
  2. Dark blue showing a few small random clumps – didn’t mix it enough. Signs of impatience? What, moi??🙈😌
  3. Red & blue? Definitely not the colors I should put together for this – the purple went gray in some areas & looked awful

I’m off to my studio. Round 2 & these learned lessons. More paint⬆️ Less medium⬇️

Try! Believe in Yourself! You can do absolutely anything if you tell yourself you can. But continue to say you can’twithout ever trying – & you never will🕉



Shaving Gel + Acrylic Paint?

I tried, but don’t think I did it correctly LOL

Mine didn’t turn out anywhere near as nice as the ones online!

I was initially going to use a canvas but went with paper instead.


Dispensed the shaving cream on a plate.


Flattened it out a bit.


Added some paint randomly.


And Meh! 😅🤣😂

Gonna hafta give it another shot! There are as many techniques as there are artists, it’s fascinating!

🎶 Ohh I Heard it ‘Through the Grapevine’🎶

🎼🎶Ooh oh .. I was just about to lose my mind🎶

Setting up my new art profile on Fine Art America & Pixels .. reminding myself to:

∴ ∴ S l o w D o w n ∴ ∴


‘Through the Grapevine’

Love Infusion Artwork – Fine Art America & Love Infusion Artwork – Pixels

It’s mind-blowing; since 2016, when I started Love Infusion©️, I’ve been choosing to give out lots & lots of Love, & I’ve seen constant nods from the Universe lovin’ me right back!!

Hearts everywhere!

So many that it’s impossible to be ‘just a coincidence;’ cuz there’s no such thing!


Coincidence = absolutely nothing to do with mere chance!

Used by oh so many, understood by so few.


Might be time to learn its’ actual meaning & intended use 😉

More & more Love 😉

Intuitive Painting: What Is It & Have You Ever?

The first time I heard about it I was hooked. 

“Intuitive or Process Painting allows individuals to travel a private path where they can uncover images of their inner selves through painting.

Play is encouraged.

The goal is not to make paintings for exhibition or to learn specific techniques.

The goal is to allow yourself the space to be inside color, paint, & process while locating the inner core of your creative self.”

– Nancy Fletcher Cassell

‘Breathe, relax, & tune-in, let go; open, still, calm, quiet – you become a beacon/a bridge/a channel; & the Universe/Spirit speak to you, & it will, through the canvas.’ Having recently tried my hand (head? heart?) at meditating I soon realized how much the two have in common. You just never know what kind of messages you’ll get. Here are two beautiful expressions by whimsical Intuitive Artist Flora Bowley:


Intuition is a Key that opens many a lock 😉


‘The First Time I Noticed the Universe Might be Conspiring to Help Me’

My intro to this amazing process was:
& her 10 tips / reasons to paint, & I do concur! I’ve since purchased books by both ladies!


I don’t know ‘whose idea’ The Universe was – Proofbut it’s a messenger alright; in my life for sure, & there are others too. Messages can be received in a variety of ways. I’ve had inexplicable things just appear, without a conscious thought in sight!



My first (clueless) attempt: It started out as an orange background, & with a small brush I took some blue paint & began to just make swirls, like the ribbons I love doing – ‘Ribbons’. Do you remember the first time you tried to paint something? Especially if you’re like me & without any kind of artistic background, training, or even an artsy relative .. Do you remember having any clue as to what to paint; let alone even a smidge of a grasp on the incredible variety of techniques, tools, styles, colors, etc?

So why & how did this girl appear on my tiny I’m-just-gonna-push-some-paint-around-and-see-what-happens-canvas, & who kinda reminds me of me? And she just happens to be standing in front of what looks like a tornado? And beyond that, a swirl of blue skies are on the other side of that tornado – & lo & behold – an Angel? Seemingly ‘guarding’ the ‘entrance’ of a place with golden light?

The Angel literally just appeared. It actually looks just like an angel. It looks like it’d take quite some effort to try to paint that; effort & some experience/talent/skill .. None of which, atm, I have enough of to be able to purposefully paint, let alone draw, an angel like that – those wings, esp the right one, look so – Angelic.

I don’t do ‘stuff’ that’s supposed to look like ‘stuff’ – that’s why I chose Abstract 😉


Might not seem super significant; I get ya. Except ..

At the time I was working on a chapter, my-life-story-so-far, for a book called ‘Soaring Through the Storm.’ In it I spoke of living through a hell that was compared to being stuck in the Eye of a Tornado, & how I came out the other side shining: ‘How a Failed Book Launch Turned into a Love of Painting & Blogging’.

I look at this little painting, in shock & awe. I never set out to paint anything. How could I? I didn’t know how to do anything yet. My running joke for 44 years re my ‘artistic talent’ was coming up with a slightly humorous way to look at my complete lack of artistic anything: ‘If I try to draw a blue house it looks like a red boat!’ I made up a silly joke to cover up why I couldn’t do something – that I never even tried! I’ve been gifted some pretty precious things – but patience was not among them. Kinda like when I tried teaching myself acoustic guitar but was ‘pissed’ (translate – impatient) that I hadn’t become Jimi Hendrix within the first 2 weeks: ‘Stella’ 🎸

So what’s the moral of the story? Well – do you want to succeed, stop suffering, & discover the endless well of Eternal Joy inside you that you can tap into at any moment?







I know you’re not here to stick sticks in your spokes 😉

‘Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is you.’

You CAN do anything.

The catch – You have to you believe you can 😉


My Favorite Painting: Abstract & Acrylics 🎨

Haven’t been in my studio in awhile .. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m not creating!

Love making digital art, love love love it!

But I’m missing the canvas big-time 🎨

This one here, she still stands as my fave💞

Tap into your creative side & be free 🏇

How a Failed Book Launch turned into a Love of Painting & Blogging

It was exactly two years ago, when I met someone through social media, & the spiritual group I used to admin for with 19 other wonderful souls, for Lightworkers & Empaths. A ‘How to survive in this wicked world when you feel so much’ kind of guide; a support group for ‘extremely sentient beings.’ I was in my element, having gone through so much crap, knowing that if I made it through anyone can. I lasted two years – it took a toll on me when I saw how many people just refused to wake up, stuck in their ‘poor me’ victim mode. I thought, ‘If I could just word it this way, they’ll get it this time.’ Much like my blogging 😉 But as we are well aware of, “Doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results, is – altogether now: INSANE! 

But the fierce desire I have in me to wake up the others can’t be an accident. 


“Soaring Through the Storm” was to be a compilation of 30 ‘earth angels’ stories – 30 people who’d made it through hell to get to their slice of heaven. The project was headed by the compiler in Toronto, with LWL Publishing House. Well – that’s definitely me! I was beyond delighted when I got the invitation to participate. I submitted my chapter & was ecstatic to hear it was just what they were looking for. Contracts were signed, payments were made. Could this really be the beginning of a new career as an author? Alas, like many projects, this one wasn’t without a few bumps in the road.  Between not enough participants, a drop-out, & a kerfuffle I’m not aware of, the project was shelved. My heart sank. Now what?

I looked for something else to throw myself into. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but it did: I found myself at the dollar store buying painting supplies. After watching youtube vids for inspiration, I came across one dude assuring people that the whole “I can’t draw or paint” spiel we self-hypnotize ourselves with all our lives was an outright lie & I think I set out to prove him wrong. Instead, he proved himself right. For $20 dollars, I bought some cheap paints, brushes & canvases. I set myself up on my living room coffee table over a tarp, full knowing I hadn’t a clue about what I was about to do.

With my brushes & paints all set-out, a cup of water for rinsing, my mini-canvas on my mini-easel, I set out to do I don’t know what. Really. I had only watched a few minutes of a few instructional vids, never being the patient type. I’ve been the Queen of starting stuff I don’t finish for far too long – ask anyone who knows my “I’m going to teach myself acoustic guitar” days, & about my friends laughter at my impatient frustration of not being ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in two weeks. After months of inconsistent self-lessons from youtube, notes n chords practiced in front of the tv, trying to build up those callouses, I realized that this is a lot harder than I ever thought.


But gladly, painting, I stuck with. Armed with orange I painted my first background, & with my favorite color blue I started painting some spirally shapes which started to look like a bunch of free flowing ribbons. I wish I had a picture of that background before it became what it became; but learning to photograph my work through its’ various stages was something I learned a little later 😉 I still cannot, even as I write this, produce an explanation that would satisfyingly describe how the painting came to be what it is. Looking back, I can only surmise that it was a strong connection to my intuition, or what I describe as the Universe.

For we are all connected. Consciousness 🙂 This & many other little things came together as one & gave me the proof I needed that this physical world is just an illusion & that we are so much more than just these physical bodies. That we can communicate with the Universe, & that I do. It is a living being of energy, of consciousness. As are we. Because what ‘magically’ appeared on my canvas could not have been a better depiction of someone “Soaring Through a Storm.”


How this girl who looks like me, or the tornado before her, or the angel behind the storm, seemingly summoning me into the golden light, appeared, I’m still not sure.

Then I discovered that Intuitive Painting IS a thing!

Learn about ‘Intuitive Painting’ with wonderful artist Flora Bowley.

And just let go. 


Now I know: The Universe wanted to show me that book or no book, I had made it through my storm.

And the chapter became my first blog, called “The Importance of Finding Yourself.”