To Spend or Not To Spend: Experiences vs. Things

Some people are so poor all they have is money.

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Thank You ☮

I would like to give a big shout out to some amazingly beautiful✨Souls✨today. You guys truly make the world a better place ☮ Morning, noon & night, you remind people to be positive, to believe in themselves, to follow their hearts & chase their dreams. I salute you. My resonance with your subject matter is […]

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Love: Why We’re Here

Love Yourself ~ Self-Love ~ It all starts with you 🙂 The world is so beautiful when you choose to look at it through the eyes of love. Operating from a place of joy & kindness brings me a richness that money could never buy.  I graciously thank every obstacle, challenge & hardship – for […]

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Moving into Joy

There’s nothing wrong with being sad, it’s not a bad thing – I learned how good it feels to have a good cry – it’s such a release! I try to have a really good cry at least once a month – to get all of that crap out.  I keep a shelf of go-to […]

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