Imagination Station

Sublime: Characterized by nobility, majestic; Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth; Not to be excelled; supreme.

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Of the stars I am I am. From the stars we are we are. Astral dancing across the Universe Each star a soul, near & far. We are here to play, to learn. Not to fade or burn. But to last, an eternal flame In this game We call Life.  

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Conflicts arise when people fiercely dictate to others how they think they should live. Sadly, many do this. And the belief that they have the right to dictate this is what I’d say is responsible for many of the conflicts in the world. Why so serious? Actually it is easy. Real easy. I’d rather be […]

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Present Presence 

Present The present is a gift very few unwrap. Lost in what’s gone, or what might come Never truly present. The moment is all there is All we have. For there is no time Only the mighty power of now. Don’t fret over what can’t be changed Or waste time worrying of bad that might […]

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