The Rock gets Trump’d 😂

Did you catch this last night on IG, “The Rock gets Trump’d 😂

Brought to you by @dreamrare 🥳

I love how Hollywood celebrity Jack Black swoops in at the end to agree with Rock -> it made them both stick out like sore thumbs at how phony they are 🎯 Ha. Ha. Ha. 🤹‍♀️

Watch “How Canada Thinks We Should Have Sex” on YouTube

If you still haven’t figured out yet that they’re laughing at you behind closed doors then there’s just no hope for you 🤦 Some people are actually gonna do this I bet 😂

Wake up. It’s all one huge, monumental Joke, & it’s on You 🎯
These people are clowns, they’re frauds. You think ANY of them plan to abide by ANY of the rules they try to set for US ⁉️

Don’t be ridiculous 😂

Just look at Nancy Pelosi – she got caught & then proceeded to blame the Salon Owner, who cleared that up real fast on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. Nancy is a Weasel, a Parasite, & you’re too brain-dead to see the Big Picture 🏁😎🏁

Democrats: Their NeverEnding Coup d’Etat on Trump

Corruption is rampant in the party that calls themselves the Democrats. They’re responsible for more of the chaos in the world than you can imagine. “You are watching a movie.” No matter how hard the MSM tries to smear Q, I’ve been researching from the beginning, & this military operation is legit. There’s nothing chaotic about Q, or us, we’re the critical thinkers, the investigators, the researchers. He’s called things out two years in advance – the Q proofs are many.

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by the opinion of the corrupt mainstream media – do your own research & come to your own conclusions. But make no mistake – the chaos we see in our world is being brought about by antifa, & their brothers black lives matter, all created by & funded by .. you guessed it – the Democrats. Follow the money. Because when you do, you see that all donations going to black lives matter are funneled through “ActBlue,” & ironically enough right into the pockets of Rich Old White Men. You just can’t make this shit up. Sadly the irony is lost on those brainwashed fools. When you make another race kneel before you & apologize for the color of their skin – you are not fighting racism, you are creating it, you are enforcing it.

The Coup

Here’s what’s going to happen at Election time: Trump is going to win by a major landslide. So to buy time to try to overthrow the election they’re going to cause as much chaos as humanly possible in order to cause confusion, they’re going to claim mail-in ballots aren’t counted & they’re going to use those few days allotted to them by the courts to gather up all their friends & fill out as many phony ballots by hand as they can to try to overthrow the election.

There isn’t an honest bone in any of their bodies. If they channeled all the time, energy & money they waste trying to overthrow the greatest president the United States has ever seen, & put it into actually doing good they could have had a platform. But they do not because they stand for nothing. They’re not interested in helping you – they’re only interested in helping themselves.

Do you research, do your homework, don’t allow anyone to tell you what to think or what is real – you are here to figure that out for yourself.

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