Watch “These Are Your Democr@ts!” on YouTube

The CDC LIED about 144,000 COV Deaths

You don’t say 🤦 “We’re Shocked,” said absolutely no one.

CDC: 94% of COVID-19 Deaths Had Underlying Medical Conditions

Big Time

Take your filthy Slave Gear mask OFF.

The Difference Between #QAnon & #Antifa 🎯

Here you go, this sums it up quite nicely. So why is the media trying to convince you that it’s QAnon that’s dangerous & it’s antifa that’s peaceful? If you’re not familiar with the terms ‘psychological projection’ & ‘gaslighting,’ do look them up 😉 Then take a look at this list again. Then ask yourself ‘Why is the media trying to convince me of the opposite of what is true?’

That in of itself shows there’s absolutely nothing dangerous or even harmful about QAnon 🎯 Cuz they’re using psychological projection & gaslighting on you plain & simple it’s textbook 🎯

Watch “The Elites’ Defense Mechanism” on YouTube

Well well well look at what the Deep State created to muddy the waters of what’s about to come out! Ever heard of ZAO ⁉️ Me neither.
LOOK AT THIS SHIT. They’re doing this so that when the vids come out of the ‘Elites’ doing horrific things to kids they can pretend somebody used this app & others like it 🎯 MARK MY FUCKIN’ WORDS BABY 🎯


Trust yourself to Be The Captain Of Your Own Ship. Become The Master Of Your Domain. That’s the last thing *they* want. AND INCREDIBLY ENOUGH IT’S THE THING THAT’LL GIVE *YOU* THE MOST POWER 🌊

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