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Watch “Facebook is Tracking How You Move Your Mouse” on YouTube


Official Poll: People Choose the Internet over Bacon, Beer, Shoes, Friends, & Underpants

Well the title is pretty self-explantory isn’t it? Thanks for the chuckles, great for the Soul 😉 On a side note, he makes a great point – albeit a bit worrisome – with one of the later comparisons, after those polls 🤔 I’m gonna…

Ask Questions & Think For Yourself: Free Yourself From Others’ Opinions

It’s healthy to ask questions. Trust your Intuition & FUCK WHAT THEY THINK!

Let’s Play the IP Game: I’ll Start: UK Ministry of Defense. You?

How do you spell S-k-e-t-c-h-y? A friend of mine asked me to do this ‘test.’ Insatiably curious, I obliged. I was quite surprised by the result. And I can’t say that I understand it. What’s yours? Just follow these steps. Turn off WiFi Restart phone…

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane …. oh it’s Bloatware Propaganda.

Stop it. Seriously. Stop.

I Did It: Goodbye Windows – Hello #Linux #Mint!

Better is Better.

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