Scientology is the Abusive, Toxic Boyfriend🕴

We’ve all had one. The one we’re oh so happy ‘got away’. The parallels between ‘him’ & scientology are frightening. He wants to control everything. He isolates you. He has something to say about where you go, how you act, what you say, who you talk to. What you keep from him. He interrogates you. Spies on you. He threatens you if you want to leave. He comes after you if you try. These are not the actions of a mature, stable, well grounded person:

360409b1404619468793a0e3c7595bfcOn the contrary, these actions speak volumes. Fear. Paranoia. Arrogance. Callousness. Ruthlessness. Lack of trust. Lack of self-awareness. Immaturity. It’s toxic. And it’s unhealthy. For everyone involved. Narcissism. Projection. Gas lighting. Unstable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. He stalks you. Your friends. Your family. Your coworkers. Your boss. He smears you everywhere he can, spreading lies in hopes it turns people against you. He’s a master manipulator. Egotistical. Obsessive. Impatient. Aggressive. Out to get you. A huge reflection of scientology’s inventor, L. Ron Hubbard. Delusional. Zero scientific evidence.

It’s abuse on so many levels. Toxic. Wrong. And when you call them out on their bullshit, they deny, deny, deny. 

“Never happened!” – scientology

Let’s be frank – if LRH was really interested in helping people, he wouldn’t have charged such exorbitant fees. That in itself is proof he was only interested in helping himself. Combine that with exploding volcanos, invisible alien body infestations, Xenu, & well …
Move over Pyramid, Ponzi, & Madoff: This is the Hubbard scheme. He puts the evil in devil. Auditing: A blackmail session – Log your secrets for use at a later date = Control & SP: One who cannot be brainwashed = Control over those he cannot control.a9033160968b2bdf2fabe3010cfeb285--narcissistic-sociopath-narcissistic-peopleThe best thing to do in both scenarios is run. Run like hell.wp-image-1416157132


Scientology: A Smear Campaign a Day Will Keep New Recruits at Bay

Keep it up! 💩 Can they make themselves look any worse? 💩

Scientology’s report card: 

Originality: D- 

Predictably: A+ 

Believabilty: F 

Transparency: A+ 

Authenticity: F 

Scientology’s fraudulent smear campaign is at it again. Automatic tweets are being sent out to smear the victims they created with their immoral & unethical practices. Do we need any more proof that they are guilty as charged? Most of these accounts have been outed as fake accounts, with pictures taken from various websites & stock photos. Some of these accounts have thousands of followers (paid I’m sure); but aside from the robotic smear posts, their timelines are like ghost towns – no one ever likes or retweets them. They claim to have 10 million followers, but like everything else that comes out of their mouth, that is a blatant lie. That was made obvious by the necessity to create fake people to push their agenda: Accusing others of the very things they do themselves – THEY are the bigots, the haters, the cowards. 

How dare you attack people for trying to heal from the pain YOU caused them in the first place! Is their no limit to your depravity? 

Cheers to them digging their own grave.

See What Judges are Saying about Scientology

Scientologyland: A Playground for Madness

Lafayette Ron Hubbard knew exactly what he was doing when he set up his Ponzi scheme. He was misguided to say the least. Here he is, in his own words, charming as ever. From his books, memo’s & policies:

H​e wanted ultimate control of everything – all the scientologists, their money, their minds, their children, their lives, the IRS, the psych industry, Big Pharma, the media, the papers, his critics, his enemies, the world. Everyone.

He was not qualified to treat anyone, especially not their mental health. His was in such a state of disarray. He had no training or certification of any kind to treat anyone. In fact, he never finished college – his grades were terrible. He did not have any degrees from any accredited schools. When he invented scientology, he gave himself a ‘doctorate of scientology’- which has absolutely no validity in the real world.

He set up his scam in such a way so that if anybody dared to question his policies & ways of thinking, they would turn the attack on that person instead of addressing the allegations. “Don’t defend, deflect. Don’t explain, attack.” .. ‘that person is lost & they haven’t realized how wonderful scientology is yet, we must cut them off so that they realize the error of their ways & come back to us’ .. or whatever their bullshit du jour is.

He was evil. A compulsive liar. There wasn’t a genuine bone in his body. Even if scientology was valid, he can’t charge people 3 million dollars while simultaneously claiming he’s helping people. There’s only 1 person he’s helping – LRH. Actions speak volumes – they drown out words .. He used fear to control. He created such a climate of fear; a reflection of his sick & twisted psyche. He isolated people to better control them. He saw the world through the eyes of fear. Everything he did yells Fear! Fear! Fear!

The “bridge” to total freedom would have been more aptly named the ladder. A bridge takes you across, & often you are at about the same level as when you started. Sounds more like ‘being taken for a ride’. A ladder takes you from the bottom to the top, you climb the levels to reach higher & higher. So a ladder would have definitely been the better piece of equipment. You’d save a whole lot of time by using a ladder instead of a bridge. There is no logical reason to call it a bridge. I think he called it a bridge because he wanted to laugh at people in plain sight. Remember the age old saying re gullible folk? “.. well if you believe that then I’ve got a bridge to sell you!” People have been making that joke for eons when they run into somebody gullible; always the joke about trying to sell them a bridge. Well there you go. He weaved a very wicked web. A lot of these twisted delusionals take sick pleasure in watching the results of their evil schemes.I noticed one thing continuously absent from his “teachings.” The one thing that is consistently missing from any & all of the org’s policies, rules, vids & people. There is something that he, & scientology as a whole, never speak about; something so important, so beautiful – Love 😍

Where is their Compassion? Empathy? Kindness? Joy? Inner Peace? Harmony? Positivity? Authenticity? Unconditional Love? That’s right, nowhere. It isn’t present in anything in scientology. He never wrote about that. He holds the Guinness book of world records for most books published by one author, but never once mentioned that maybe what would help the world is being kind & compassionate towards others. Giving instead of taking. Showing gratitude & appreciation. If you discovered (invented) a formula that could help people, give it to them at a reasonable price; show that you truly want to help them instead of just making yourself rich.

Instead, he chose to be aggressive, hostile, combative & volatile. Chose to rob them blind. Chose to tear families apart. Caused many deaths through negligence & drove many to suicide – too many people weren’t getting the help they needed. They don’t help people, they destroy them. It was never about helping people. They fraudulently claim they can treat & cure people of things they have zero qualifications or certifications to do so! It’s Insane! The truth is he didn’t have the faintest fucking clue on how to live a good life. He was trapped in his sick & twisted mind. He set up a perfect plan, evil but brilliant – by ‘declaring’ everyone who disagrees as the problem; deflecting the attention away from himself.

.. trick them, fool them, keep them busy, isolate them, suffocate them, & all will be mine, you’ll see.

The Impostor: L. Ron Hubbard’s True Colors


Magic? Manipulation? Mind-control?? The Smooth Operator & his Lucky Trifecta 🍀

There are maybe about 25,000–30,000 people on this planet who revere this one particular man. Like a God. They still salute his friggen statue 😂 That small group seems convinced. I don’t believe he is one. Far from it. Although he sure thought he was something special, he was more like a legend in his own mind. Maybe he believed he was a God. Maybe in a twisted way, he will be remembered as one, just not a good one: L. Ron Hubbard; the man who ran the biggest Pyramid scheme of all time. A total mind fuck. Mind control masquerading as spiritual enlightenment. He started this less than TWO YEARS after begging for psychiatric help because he couldn’t manage his life & questioned his own competence. He thought he had the answers for all mankind, when in reality he couldn’t cope, was on medication, & he really should have seen that psycho-analyst. Clearly, he was not well:

The man had a plan. He wanted to get rich quick. He knew religion was a way to do that. So he literally invented  Scientology. The sickest, most twisted part was he tricked them into thinking that anyone against them was an enemy, therefore protecting himself from the certain backlash from those who would realize he was peddling bullshit. I think SP’s are actually just people who can’t be brainwashed. 

Perhaps we should call it by it’s other name: How to Get & Keep Someone on a Downward Spiral to Extract as Much Money from them as Humanly Possible

Right from the horse’s mouth. He makes his intention quite clear right here. So that’s why he started scientology! It wasn’t to help people, it was to help himself.

If you want to figure someone out, don’t look at what they do; look at why they do it. Therein lies the answers. Same goes for yourself. When figuring yourself out, find the reason WHY you’re doing something – if it’s something you want to change. It’s not hard to learn, grow & evolve. Challenging, yes. But rewarding too. The good news is you don’t have to take out Millions in loans to do it.

NEWSFLASHIt’s totally fucking free!

I was able to do it for free, & so can you. Anybody can. Everybody can. That’s a part of what we’re supposed to be doing while we’re here. Finding ourselves. Being the best versions of ourselves. Creating. Everyone’s journey is different. How awful it would be if we were all identical – I’m quite certain we’re not here to just be the clone of one person. LRH hid his inadequacies after his ego stopped him from getting the medical help his physician clearly said he needed. Delusions of grandeur to say the least. And sure enough, the definition fits LRH to the T. It reads like an LRH Bio:

Couldn’t have said it better myself 😉

The extent to which they lie is mind-blowing. Not just little white lies – colossal lies & cover -ups. Fool the world lying. Put & keep you on a downward spiral kind of lying. For years, decades even, they have been doing things that are unethical, immoral and downright criminal. They force people to do as they do & think as they do & if they don’t they are bullied, stalked, attacked, harassed. Sometimes even killed. Research how many scientologists have taken their own lives because they felt they had nowhere to turn. Scientology doesn’t help people – it destroys them! 

The minute anybody criticizes them, they peruse their rolodex of bullshit & smear the shit out of them. But the MINUTE someone does it to them, all of a sudden it’s not ok?! It’s very hard for me to understand how somebody can be so completely & totally unaware.

💩 L.Ron Hubbard was paranoid, irrational, & delusional. His mind was the opposite of healthy – he was extremely toxic – the way he went about everything was the opposite of peaceful, harmonious & joyful. His mind was as ugly as his mouth.

L. Ron Hubbard in his own words

What they don’t seem to realize is when you treat someone as shittily as they treat people, it’s not actually revealing anything about the attackee. But what it does do is reveal a whole lot about the attacker. What happened to: ‘Treat others they way you want to be treated?’ or ‘Never do anything to anyone you wouldn’t want done to you.’  Nope, not for the ‘church’! Morals, ethics, & basic human decency goes out the window with these guys. Who needs that crap when they have the ol’ Double Standard! ‘Do as I SAY, not as I DO’. ‘Why face the ugliness in me when I can project it onto someone else!’ Hello projection! and the hellish Gaslighting: ‘I will mind fuck you so bad, ’til you question your own sanity!’
This Magician hid his many mental disorders & inadequacies by pretending to be something he was not. Something so outrageous, so grandiose, so over the top .. he just needed a really good imagination to pull it off ..

Wait, what? Oh! Check ✔ As luck would have it, he happened to be a science fiction writer! He must have been good – because somehow he convinced people that he had become a non fiction writer overnight! Or perhaps he was just a master manipulator. I’ll go with the latter.

So how did this catch on?

You know how when before you go buy a new car, you do your research: You check prices, models, sizes, colors, reputation, reviews & then you take it for a test drive.

How many people do you think did thorough research on LRH beforehand? I will say very few. A half hour Google sesh will show you a myriad of verifiable facts about the man – none of which paint a picture that could ever be described as pretty. Oh the lies he told .. there are so many. When you realize that this thing came from a man known for his wild imagination – in fact, it’s so wildly outrageous that he holds a Guinness world record for his wacky science fiction; having told the most tall tales!

I think that if everyone had had the chance to do some research beforehand, they would might have taken it with a grain of salt. That’s why ‘the rush’ to get you in that auditing session. Well, let’s be blunt: the Blackmail session: Get your name, log your secrets, & never let you go! 

Many report feeling their extreme pull, starting at their very first visit. I think their agenda is to hook you fast, before you get a chance to research, or think for yourself. I don’t think thinking for yourself is encouraged in there. The only permitted ways of thinking are LRH’s. Cuz he’s a Superhuman! .. or some shit like that.

There is less & less about Scientology that is authentic. Just yesterday they were caught stealing people’s identities & creating fake profiles online in order to launch their smear & hate campaign, just to try & stop us from continuing to tell the truth about them. That’s what it is, ‘Scientology & the Aftermath’: Truth. That is obvious even if you don’t watch the show – nobody would waste their time smearing, following, stalking, harassing, discrediting & trying to destroy a person who was spewing nonsense. No. There’d be no point.

What they don’t realize is the auto – confirmation of who’s telling the truth they give us, with every single smear website they create. Which is basically EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has appeared. So thanks, even though I knew it already 😉 Pretty sure I can predict their behavior Tuesday night: Another carbon copy letter with a lot of words but not really saying anything at all. They just keep cluelessly digging their own grave. I don’t think they know they’ve already lost 🐇

They think that people will just believe them. But their credibility numbers are dropping – just like their membership 😒

I don’t hate people because they’re scientologists. What I despise is that a man made you believe you had to pay 2-3 million dollars for something that doesn’t cost a damn thing. I don’t want to attack you, I want to help you. I just don’t think that you know the truth about the person you worship. I despise that someone has convinced you that there is only ONE WAY to succeed at life, & all other ways are not only wrong, they’re evil enemies & they must be destroyed.

Who thinks like that? How in the world does that sound like something you’d dedicate your whole life to, & bankrupt yourself for? That isn’t a stable person’s thinking. Quite the opposite. It’s toxic. It’s immature. It’s irrational. Volatile. Who decides one day, to just crown himself on a whim, as the only knower of the only way to succeed at life?  😒😒😒😒

I am not your enemy. I genuinely want you to be happy. I’m just, as a concerned member of this human race, concerned about other members of this human race. I despise injustice. And now there are just too many testimonies to sit here & do nothing. I cannot ignore that & cannot comprehend those who choose to turn a blind eye. The common denominator is always the ‘church’. Innocent people come forward, since they have nothing to hide. Guilty people lurk in the shadows & throw stones.

🕉🐇Do your own research🐇🕉

How One Man Fooled the World: Scientology’s Delusional LRH 

Picture this: California. 1947.

A man is struggling, unable to cope in the world & losing his grip on reality. Lost, confused, he struggled with his demons. But not before playing with them first.


It was 1947 when he reached out, pleading for psychiatric help.  He states that for two years he tried, unsuccessfully, to regain equilibrium in his life & he questioned his own competence. His physician thought it in LRH’s best interests to see a psychiatrist. He was on prescribed medication at the time. He avoided any further examinations out of pride.


Three years later he swears his 1057th science fiction book is actually non fiction; because he just realized where the money is: religion. And he wants lots of money, & he doesn’t want anybody touching it. He realizes that a religion can qualify for tax exempt status. He thinks he’s on to something. He thinks he just might be able to pull this off.

Every time I see the above quote, and I read the second line, the image below pops into my mind. Another jab at psychiatry?

“.. write that down in your book in great big letters ..” I think so.

He didn’t realize that our purpose here is absolutely not to control others. He was very unstable. A twisted mind. And how awful to want to purposefully put & keep someone on a downward spiral in order to get a great deal of money from them! Pure Evil.

Does this sound ok to you:

Cringe-worthy ..

He boasted of being a war hero injured in combat & claimed he had about two dozen medals from said war. The truth tells a much more embarrassing tale. He was never even in combat. Injuries? More along the lines of pink eye & arthritis ..

Oh did I mention he also claimed he was a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST?

… and the show must go on …

“The Scientology Scam” by Love Infusion

This is the guy you want to follow?

Sure ’bout that?

The ‘church’ considers all critiques as attacks. Not so.

But it is So, if you’re playing the victim, as they are doing. As per their own policy, if something happens to you it is your own fault. So by their very definition, I guess they just outed themselves. Or scientology doesn’t really work. If it did, & if they believed their own crap, then the ‘church’ should be looking at themselves & their crimes – and there are many, aren’t there? But they aren’t. Instead they deflect. Guess what #Scientology? Everything that is happening to you right now is your own fault. You brought it on yourself. So which one is it? You can’t change the rules to ensure you come out a winner every time. Double standard much?

This is Support for the Survivors. And for the ‘critics’, as the cult calls them.

Well, what else can they do? They know every single person on #ScientologyTheAftermath is telling the truth. So they have to hide. David Miscavige & Karin Pouw & the org as a whole are cowards. They could invite cameras in to prove us wrong. Show us how wonderful they are. Show us all the wonderful stuff they do. But they don’t. They can’t – because it’s all an Illusion. They hide behind the letters.

Those in it can’t see it because they’re too close to the project – the science fiction project. It’s so dangerous because it’s so smooth – you don’t even notice it’s happening. Some do. More are. This cult won’t last more than a year. People have had enough. Everything they are accusing everyone else of doing they are actually doing themselves. Project much? It’s narcissistic, it’s paranoid. Funny, for an org so against psychology, it sure seems to exhibit many disorders psychology claims exist ..

And as for ‘critics’ you have many, #Scientology.  And the list keeps growing every day.

People who are telling the truth show up.

People who lie hide.

Your house of cards won’t withstand this much wind.

We’re Blowin’ 😚✌☮🕉

The Scientology Scam 

When a few people come forward with some pretty serious allegations of abuse, violence & criminal activity, & then more people come forward with similar stories & more & more & more – don’t you think that warrants somebody taking a look to see what the hell is going on? I sure do. There is an award-winning brave new show on A&E: “Scientology & The Aftermath” with Leah Remini & Mike Rinder. Have you heard of it? Have you been watching it? Check it out. Make up your own mind.

Of course it comes as no big shocker that the ‘church’ denies any & all allegations made against them by everyone who appeared in season 1. It’s unfortunate that instead of coming forward & having a healthy debate or discussion, they choose to childishly smear, viciously harass & aim to destroy those who are just trying to find some peace in their lives. In my opinion a mature, emotionally stable, well-balanced, respectful person will listen to an opposing side’s story & weigh other people’s opinions. Grown-ups agree to disagree. They don’t attack, discredit, belittle, harass, & smear in a cowardly fashion. wp-image-454334181

I support their bravery. I support everyone who has come forward. I stand with them. The ‘church’ says we are religious bigots. We are not. For it to be religious bigotry we have to believe it’s a religion. We don’t. The only reason it is classified as a religion is to ensure tax exemption. There are only 11 countries which classify it as a religion & there are 23 that do not. There are four countries that classify it as a cult: Chile, France, Israel & Norway.

Scientology Status by Country



We are supporting the victims. The ‘church’ has not once shown their face to tell their side, instead they hide behind letters smearing everyone. They want us to believe it’s all lies. I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. And I’m not sorry. What you are doing is wrong on so many levels. Who would subject themselves to that kind of relentless aggressive harassment for years? They can deny that they do that all they want – but all you have to do is type Scientology on YouTube & see for yourself. It’s pretty sad to see people so aggressive, so hostile & even violent defending something that they don’t see for what it really is. wp-image-1429064719

I applaud this show & I believe these people. I’ve watched many movies & docs from many different viewpoints – from those who are scientologists & those who are not. I have read many different opinions. I’ve done my research. Do yours. The facts are out there. Wake Up! They say they aren’t a cult but they tear people down when they’re inside, they tear families apart when they  leave, they are shrouded in secrecy. Actions speak much louder than words – they say one thing but what they do is quite different:

The Church claims a membership of 118,000 members in the United Kingdom,[7] including 15,000 regular participants,[8] and in the past has claimed as many as 200,000 British members.[9] However, the 2001 census of England and Wales, which included an optional question about religion, gave a figure of 1,781 Scientologists.[10

They grossly exaggerate membership in every single country.

If Scientology was such a success & these people who were in for 20 or 30 or 40 years are all these things that the church say they are – well then I guess Scientology doesn’t really work after all ..

Watch & decide for yourself. Also check out the fantastic eye-opening documentary “Going Clear & the Prison of Belief.”