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Bill Gates Vaccine: Plans To Make Us STERILE!

Omg Mind Blown AGAIN 🎯He confirms what I’ve (we’ve) been saying about masks / virus / vaccine / pedophilia, but THIS:–1) Watch for them changing LGBTQ to LGBTQP, the P for Pedophilia 💥2) #BillGates vaccine is not only aborted fetuses – it has something in it that’ll make humans STERILE / INFERTILE to stop humanContinue reading “Bill Gates Vaccine: Plans To Make Us STERILE!”

Watch “You Were Born To Stand Out” on YouTube

It’s nice to see that not all of Hollywood is fruit from a poisonous tree. Thank you Jim Caviezel for standing up 🎯

Watch “The Epstein Case Blows Up – Dan Bongino Show®” on YouTube