The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny

So THIS is what warrants “Covid Camps??” THIS?? Anyone with any common sense can see that’s preposterous. To be actively scouting locations in every major city – “because we have a “major pandemic” going on??” These stats DO NOT warrant stopping the entire Earth from turning, forcing tens of thousands of businesses to go bankrupt,Continue reading “The Real “Pandemic” is Government Tyranny”

The Rock gets Trump’d 😂

Did you catch this last night on IG, “The Rock gets Trump’d 😂 Brought to you by @dreamrare 🥳 I love how Hollywood celebrity Jack Black swoops in at the end to agree with Rock -> it made them both stick out like sore thumbs at how phony they are 🎯 Ha. Ha. Ha. 🤹‍♀️