Watch “Proof of Treason & Seditious Conspiracy” on YouTube

There’s no coming back from this. The Obama administration is going down. We now have solid proof that Obama & Biden orchestrated the takedown of a three-star General only by reason of being a political opponent. NTM everything they’ve done against President Donald Trump🔥💥🐸💥Everyone’s been lying to you. The Media, Hollywood, & most of all […]

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Vaxxers Are Ignorant

The ignorance of the vaxxers stretches far & wide. I bet you most don’t know that around the 80s the U.S. vaccine industry needed a bailout from the US government, cuz they were pretty much bankrupted by all the times they were sued for their shitty product. Human Behaviour 101 tells us no one censors […]

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Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, another without a Soul. A real piece of work. Your very own citizens, towns & businesses are burning to the ground by a terrorist organization you REFUSE TO DENOUNCE; & what comes out of your constantly lying mouth at a time like this, when people are crying in their homes terrified, is propaganda??–You […]

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