Hatred from Behind the Safety of the Keyboard

Jon Miller: Hate Mail

It’s a shame these people cannot see that they are the very hatred they claim to be against.


Welcome to Your PsyWar: When Media Matters; Truth Not So Much

I don’t like being conned in so many ways, on so many levels. I have no respect for those who make the choice to deceive innocent people for no other reason than, “I want.

And this guy, David Brock. What a piece of work. EGO much? Seems to speak of himself like we’re lucky to have him, this God’s gift to the world🤦

Except censorship is eliminating opposing thought & speech because you have nothing to bring to the table & must cheat for a chance to win.

You might think you’re winning. I assure you you’re not.

For years he’s been trying to take down one of my favorite people: Tucker Carlson. Tucker works for Fox News – the very last media outlet with integrity; he’s honest, funny, & objective.

“True objective reporting should leave one not knowing what side the author is on.”

So the complete n total opposite of the other 99%. It’s so refreshing to not have to listen to the deep state spew their nefarious narratives through broken-record-political-operative-puppets🤖

Or having to listen to the 99% trash Trump 24/7 about things that aren’t even true. All so easily verifiable with the world at our fingertips on multiple gadgets 24/7. But they don’t, they didn’t. 2.5 yrs & they never even bothered.

The Kool-Aid must be strong. Too busy on a FB quiz finding out what kind of potato they are. It’s a miracle, really, how they get through a day.

Ok, so the ‘Anti-Trump Manifesto.’ A propaganda campaign like this – this kind of shit has to be made illegal. It’s a real soulless ass that can carry something like this out & for so long.

There has got to be something illegal amongst these 49 pages ..

It’s a damn good thing I never ever ever paid attention to human behavior or I might be inclined to think that soulless ass is doing everything in his power to keep something secret a secret. You don’t say ..

They’re just so damn stupid. Depravity or perversion does not bring with intelligence or awareness. They censor people thinking they’re eliminating the opposition to their narrative. But what they’re actually doing is half our work for us: Giving us a map of who is closest to the truth & by how much – by how fast & in how many areas they’re censored & de-platformed. Same goes for what they label “conspiracy theories.”

If you’re awake you know that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was born out of CIA propaganda to smear those who saw through the bullshit & refused to believe their fabricated cover-up story about the JFK murder. AND same goes for QAnon: as we watched their pathetically robotic coordinated smear attack all using the same shitty script – that & so much more solidified Q’s legitimacy.

Nothing like watching a cliche come to life: “What you fear, you create.”

Couldn’t possibly be any truer in this case!

The WaPo/CNN Lawsuits: Will They Bring Integrity Back to Journalism? 

First it was the Washington Post, for $250 million. Now it’s CNN, & they’ll be suing for even more. 

A warning to the mainstream media political operatives that it just might be time to start acting like actual journalists again. 

Watch “Nick Sandmann’s attorney reveals lawsuit against CNN”

Beyond the Abstract: Pouring, Swiping, Flipping, Dipping

I’ve disappeared into an exhilarating cosmic exploration of this enchanting love affair with everything that is Art.

Had to refresh my space – emptied the space, cleaned, de-cluttered, & organized, & I’m happy with the setup. Brought in two 3-high rolling storage drawers, that can move with me as I move around my studio, & one of those ‘hang on the back of your door organizers’ with 6 rows of storage pockets.

A practical, easily accessible hideaway for my brushes, torch, stencils, cups, paper towels, gloves, palette knives, & everything else I’ve confiscated from the rest of the house; hidden from view if the door is open. Finally got rid of some grungy old canvases that has been used one time too many too, & picked up a huge blue tarp that covers more than half of my space, so I can really let loose & not worry about the mess.

Every 6 months or so I like reorganizing the furniture in my room, studio [main living space, maybe once a year. Sometimes I get a little messy, a bit lazy .. I guess it’s more of a disconnect / unable to deal / zone out that’s usually if I had long day, rough week, too much stress at work [the restaurant industry is one in which we take a ton of abuse,

I can just feel the stagnation – when my space is stagnant or cluttered, I am stagnant & cluttered.

Again I must thank all the artists who mesmerize me with their techniques, experiments, tutorials, & of course their final works, each a masterpiece in their own right. I’ve been trying every technique I’m drawn to & have failed more than I’ve succeeded – but just like life art is all about the journey not the destination✨💃✨

The Swipe:

The String Pull:

The Pour, Dirty & Flip Cup:

More pouring:

And my first ‘pretty sloppy poor color choice’ Tree Ring Pour:

It needs work but I adore some of the effects I’ve seen other artists get with this technique so Tree Ring Pour practice is on the agenda for today!

Delete, Censor & Ban

Ain’t that the truth!

The Establishment is doing everything they can to erase content & people who refuse to obey & echo their narratives.

We can see through the bullshit. 

Sign the Petition: #StopTheBias

Free speech means free speech for all. Please sign the petition: 

Sign the ‘Stop the Bias’ Petition

Funny how the inappropriate vids of a sexual nature, involving children, are never flagged on YouTube. But those offering a different take on mainstream things are?? Why is that⁉️

Did you know youtube was started by convicted pedophile Marc Collins-Rector? Yes, the same Marc Collins-Rector named in the Bryan Singer lawsuit. Research!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re now flagging any vids about “a supposed conspiracy theory about 9/11.”


In 2017, 9/11 was officially declared a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION by the grand jury – A FACT THEY WANT TO KEEP KEEPING FROM THE PUBLIC. 


Twitter is no better, as I am shadowbanned every other day, as I try to get this info out to people, evident in my stats. 

They have a right to know. 


A Gorgeous Flip Cup: ‘LillyPad’

Oh my!! 

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at this! *whistle*

I didn’t do anything, wasn’t me, the paint gets all the credit – it’s magic🎑

Elation: Finally A Successful Swipe! “Aquarium”

I haven’t blogged in ages – but that’s because I have been painting in my studio – every single day. 

Can’t Get Enough! Freshened up the energy in my studio by de-cluttering & organizing, & it’s invigorating 🙃

And I wouldn’t be here talkin about this right now – if it wasn’t for all of the amazing artists sharing their tutorials & tips online! Thanks you guys!!

What do you think of my acrylic pour + black & white swipe ⁉️

Have you tried these techniques yet? Did you like your results .. let me know in the comments!

Visit my shop on Fine Art America for this & other original abstract artwork – printed on just about anything under the sun! 

Love Infusion Artwork on FAA: “Aquarium.”

The Great Awakening

Don’t you know that .. 

We are one race. The human race. 

Let’s return to love 💕 C’mon, it’s time!🐾