Stop Panicking!

The media. Cockroaches. They thrive on tragedy, destruction, & fear. Actors reading scripts & being paid millions. Political operatives masquerading as “journalists.” Nothing more than really really really bad infomercials. Don’t believe the hype when it comes to the coronavirus. The media adores conflict, adores spreading fear & dividing – & of course attacking Trump […]

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Vaccines are harmful dangerous poisons. Don’t trust ’em. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be trying so hard to cover their asses by deleting his account & forbidding people to even discuss it. Companies don’t censor something that’s good, no company would shoot themselves in the foot like that.

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How the Media Lies

They do this all the time!! You’d be shocked to learn how often!! Believe everything you see on your screen, do you⁉️ Here’s Ricky Gervais & Eric Bana in “Special Correspondant” showing you how easy it is to make “Fake News.”  “Special Correspondents” Trailer

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Building a Tiny Home! 🏡

Never met a #TinyHouse I HAVEN’T fallen in love with❣️ Tiny homes are of the way of the future. ADORABLE & totally customizable, & more importantly Practical & Efficient – a dream for someone with OCD; major organization, everything has a purpose & a place – not to mention being mobile! The tiny home map […]

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“Diet Racism”

#DietRacism–Once Upon a Time, a ridiculous world was created by a bunch of unauthentic unawake unaware people who spent [wasted] all their time trying to fit in certain boxes & squishin’ n squeezin’ n forcing people into them kickin’ & screaming into all kinds of different boxes.–This is because THEY’RE out of control – NOT […]

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