“The Big Bamboo” Jamaica Calypso Soca 😂🌴😂

These lyrics omg lmao 🤣😂



Fleetwood Mac

Favorite band of all time?

Yeah pretty much!
I love Fleetwood Mac 😍

When most of the bands you love are from the 60s n 70s, getting to see them live is not always a possibility, as some broke up (or moved on to the next world) – but I thank my lucky stars when Christine, after 15 years, came back to join the band 2 yrs ago. To see the original members back together was something else! I flew to Toronto for the weekend, no Montreal show – but upon my return they added Montreal to the tour so I saw them twice!!
They rocked my world 😍
I love you Stevie Nicks – You are my favorite woman in the world! Mick Fleetwood I’m reading your book “Play On”; wild is an understatement😚
Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie, Christine McVie Together the 5 of you have a magic that cannot be explained – or contained! What the five of you came together to create is absolutely legendary 😍 THANK YOU.

Neon Dreams

So hot right now! Have you heard of Canadian band Neon Dreams?!

Neon Dreams: Matt Gats, Frank Kadillac, Adrian Morris, & Corey LeRue – a Canadian four-piece EDM band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, that defies genre pigeonholing, as they draw freely upon pop, rock, EDM, hiphop & reggae elements, integrating & blending them in seamless & thrilling fashion.

They have rapidly emerged as one of the brightest new stars on the Canadian music horizon but their success story has long & deep roots. They first made an impact on Canadian radio in 2016 with their breakout single “Marching Bands,” featuring Kardinal Offishall. Certified gold, the smash hit brought Neon Dreams victory in the Best New Group or Solo Artist (Dance/Urban/Rhythmic) category at the 2017 Canadian Radio Music Awards in Toronto.

They are currently on their ‘The Good Days Tour’ & are donating $1 from each ticket sale to We Charity, formerly known as Free The Children. Gotta love that!

Tell me this doesn’t make you feel good?! I’m going to see them October 16th in Montreal!! So hot right now!


Tattoos: The Thunderbird & Electromagnetism

I was always drawn to the Thunderbird, but it was only after getting the tattoo on a whim that I really researched the significance. And I got my mind-blown a little:

A spirit bird that is considered sacred is the Thunderbird.

He boldly represents “Dominion” which is to hold your own power.

He is universally symbolic of profound power & glory, transformation, an indomitable spirit, indisputable authority, being a courier from another realm, provision, & divine dominion.

A symbol of endurance & an emblem of supreme empowerment he represents a force to be respected, honored & reckoned with. Thunderbird is drawn to energy dynamics & always follows the path of the most dynamic energy –> the reason for his incredible power.

He carries the same powers as Thor, the God of Thunder & has the capacity to wield the creation, direction, intensity or length of a storm. It is electromagnetic energy that surges through the storm that gives them their legendary power. The Thunderbird represents a culmination of all these powers. He intrinsically understands electromagnetic energy & he absorbs it from the atmosphere, empowering him & giving him the understanding of the forces of nature. He has awareness of the essence of lightning –> electromagnetic energy discharged from the earth.

It is this power that holds all things together at the molecular level.

Another aspect of the mighty Thunderbird is panorama –> panoramic view:

It means getting the big picture of your life, your life’s purpose, of seeing how it all fits together, how everything has a rhyme & reason, how for everything there is a time & season.

Also regarded as the harbinger of life sustaining water, elaborate rituals are prepared & enacted to ensure local agriculture thrives, with access to an uninterrupted food supply. Tribesman create beautiful headdresses & dance. Many tribes believe the Thunderbird carries souls to the other side providing strength & comfort. During their rituals their masks would open up, epitomizing this spiritual journey of man & Thunderbird where Soul becomes one with the spirit bird. Source: Thunderbird Symbolism & Native American Thunderbird Symbolism

Most people spend a lot of time designing their own or just looking for the perfect tattoo. As one should, if uncertain – cuz as you know it doesn’t exactly wash off 😉 I have 7 tattoos so far, & have said for years I was going for 11, my favorite number. (I’ve been seeing 11:11 & 1:11 on clocks, as tips, as bill totals, as change, on taxis, you name it – everywhere; for years now.) And you know what ‘they’ say about that 😉 But as I sit here & type this today, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna exceed that number. I have a ton of stories to map & tell.

I look at my body as a canvas on which to display artwork that is important to me, as reminders & to map my spiritual journey.

Strolling down Notre-Dame in Montreal 6 years ago, on a piping hot July afternoon, wondering what kind of exciting things I wanted to do with my day, on a whim I decided to get a tattoo at a random shop I spotted. All of a sudden, there I was standing out front. I didn’t know for sure what I wanted – at this time I only had 2 tattoos: my first, for my sign, Scorpio – a Scorpion. Most everything I’ve read about it describes me to a T. I don’t know many Scorpios who don’t have one tattooed on them actually loll. My second, a red Treble Clef, with 2 black music notes on either side. Music is the food for my Soul. Normally people also research their choice of tattooer; but for this one I did not. I knew I was taking a bit of a risk – but something bigger told me, go. Something drew me there. And then I found this pic & it was perfect! “No I don’t need to look at any other Thunderbird pics, this is the one, let’s do this!” When you know, you know 😉 I sat through the 2.5 hours it took, proud I did it all in one shot, my longest one yet.

He did a fantastic job – it’s exactly like the pic 🙂

Shivers when I read the description! There’s definitely nothing like a fierce thunder & lightning storm!! As odd as it may sound, in a sense I feel as though I am a Thunderbird, in certain aspects (especially energetically & definitely electromagnetically speaking) on this spiritual journey 😉

Thunderbird Traits:

  • Indomitable Divine Dominion
    Messenger Authority
    Powerful Warring Sun Nature Victory

Thunderbird Magic Powers:

  • Prophecy

These days I’m just in love with pretty much every one I see! I feel so connected to it 😉


Stella 🎸

Ask anyone who knew me from my “I’m going to teach myself acoustic guitar” days & they’ll remember my friends laughter at my frustration of not being ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in two weeks. After months of inconsistent self-lessons from youtube, notes n chords practiced in front of the tv, trying to build up those callouses, I realized that this is a lot harder than I ever thought. So many things interest me, & I start too much that I don’t finish. I’ve been the Queen of starting stuff I don’t finish for far too long!


But being a server in the restaurant industry, where ‘picking things up with my hands’ is a big part of my job, my callous success interfered with work: my ‘not being able to grab anything with my hands’ had me yelping in pain & I dropped it as fast as I picked it up. My beautiful blue acoustic, nicknamed “Stella,” purchased online & exchanged in a shopping mall parking lot, now sits in the corner of my room in it’s case & has become nothing more than a dust magnet. One day I’ll try again!

Hats off to all the guitarists in the world!

Simple Pleasures

Create your own Happiness. No one else can do it for you.

Happiness is an inside job 😉

Have an attitude of gratitude & transform your life:

🎶🎶 “How did I get so lucky? Lucky lucky me.”🎶🎶



How Sweet It Is

As soon as I saw this month’s Photo Challenge‘Sweet’, this song started playing in my head: James Taylor’s ‘How Sweet It Is.’ I was finishing up a blog, My Cosmic Lifesaver, where I was expressing my love for the Universe. How all the epiphanies & synchronicities since starting this spiritual journey have shown me life is an exquisite symphony of majestic elegance. Except ooops – I thought it was the ‘Discover Challenge’ & prepared this post accordingly. Oh well, I do like goofy, silly, n corny 😉


  • Is the Universe better for me than I was for myself? YUP
  • Is there anyone better than the Universe? SURELY YOU JEST!
  • Did I stop & thank the Universe? OH YEAH. SEVERAL TIMES.
  • Is it sweet to be loved by the Universe? AND THEN SOME.
  • Did I need the shelter of the Universe’s arms? YUP
  • Was the Universe there? YUP
  • Did the Universe understand my ups & downs? THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD.
  • Did the Universe show up? IT ALWAYS DOES.
  • Did the Universe show sweet love, devotion? YUP
  • Did the Universe deeply touch my emotion? YOU BETCHA. (*that meditation)
  • Have I wondered where I’d be without the Universe (not awake)? YUP
  • Was everything I did before the Universe a bore? IT WAS AWFUL (pre-awakening)
  • Did everywhere I went seem the same before the Universe? STAGNANT
  • Does the Universe brighten up my days? ONLY THE ONES THAT END WITH Y.
  • Is the Universe’s love sweet in many ways? THE SWEETEST.
  • Eternally grateful to & for the Universe? 8 DAYS A WEEK & TWICE ON SUNDAY

You were better for me than I was for myself,
For me, there’s you & there ain’t nobody else,
I want to stop & thank you baby. I just want to stop & thank you baby, yes I do,
How sweet it is to be loved by you. How sweet it is to be loved by you.

I needed the shelter of someone’s arms & there you were.
I needed someone to understand my ups & downs & there you were.
With sweet love & devotion, deeply touching my emotion,
I want to stop & thank you baby. I want to stop & thank you baby.

I close my eyes at night wondering where would I be without you in my life.
Everything I did was just a bore, everywhere I went it seems I’d been there before.
But you brighten up for me all of my days with a love so sweet in so many ways,
I want to stop & thank you baby, I just want to stop & thank you baby.