Oh, You Want to Cut Off Your 5 yr old’s Penis⁉️


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Ever noticed anything unusual about the statuettes the movie & music industry give each other for so-called great acting / performances / films / songs etc .. ? Found myself daydreaming earlier .. totally speculating just for sh*ts n giggles ☀️🧘☀️ Just exploring out of curiosity to see if there’s anything to find .. Akin […]

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MSNBC Should Be Taken Off The Air

Ask yourself this: If liberals can ban the use of a word – a word – ‘owner’ by the NBA, why can’t we ban a network that’s falsely representing itself as a news organization, instead pummeling the public with political propaganda every single day⁉️ Could it be cuz it’s all by design ⁉️ That’s exactly […]

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Citizens Forensics: ‘Corruption in America’ Case

“Thanks to Project Veritas & congressional leaders exposing the true purpose behind Google & the Silicon Valley Cartel: “…To manipulate politics, stock market valuations & government funds to their own nefarious ends…” .. it is time to take these criminal oligarchs down! http://londonworldwide.com/ ” .. victims had global character assassination & propaganda-media defamation reprisal attacks […]

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