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Why You Hate: Signs From the Universe

It’s a Reflection. Think Mirror.

To yourself, ask, ‘What do you hate?’ Did you come up with anything? If you thought of 1 or more things, read on.

When you see someone you think you hate, what you’re actually seeing is a part of yourself that you don’t like, reflected from them back at you, so you know what it is in yourself that needs working on.

A great gift from the Universe.

There is no reasoning, discussing or debating anymore – my god do I ever miss debating; I remember looking so forward to it back in school, I’ve always been insatiably curious – I always wanted to know & understand how the others got to their conclusions. It was always fun because it was an opportunity to see things in a new & different way, learn, grow, evolve🥳

Now, it more often than not quickly degenerates into ridicule, insults & name-calling – if they can’t attack the argument they attack the person. They have no idea what they stand for or who they are. Not even a hint of self-awareness or self-reflection. Complete & total brainwashing on a colossal level. Meanwhile we investigate, research, dig & explore all possibilities & viewpoints. We come to our own conclusions.

These days when we present facts, a sort of ‘heads-up,’ to awaken the asleep – we’re labeled the crazy ones. Presenting facts is pointless when they just don’t research a darn thing. How does one show a brainwashed person they’re brainwashed ..

The broken-records-are-playing the same-old-songs & boy-is-it-ever time-for-a-new-tune!

Chiming in, right on cue, the media, celebrities, talk show hosts, social media, google & the rest of Big Tech – having placed their weapons of mass confusion & disinformation throughout society long ago, to pummel the oblivious with propaganda on the daily. And the ignorant sheeple just continuously echo the narratives of their nefarious agendas.

A huge Psychological Warfare & Political Warfare campaign on a global scale & they are blind to it. They project & gaslight – constant mindfuckery .. & these dummies defend them – oblivious to the fact that they laugh at them & their gullibility in their boardrooms.
And every day they attack us thinking we’re the enemy when in fact we’re actually trying to help them wake up by pointing out what they’ve missed cuz we actually care about our fellow humans & despise seeing them deceived. I was asleep too once.

And I probably wouldn’t have listened either LOL But I learned quickly that not much is as it seems, & began to question everything, researching & digging through the disinformation & propaganda. Stay neutral, stay objective💕

Dear Facebook

You’ve got a lot of nerve accusing me (& many others) of posting something that would harm people, when it is YOU & YOUR constant Propaganda who is doing the actual harm 🎯

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with terms like defamation & slander but I can assure you lawyers are not. You use Psychological Projection & Gaslighting to project YOUR dirty deeds onto us, & think we’re too stupid to figure it out. Sure, many are oblivious pawns to your little MindFuckery game – but not those of us who study Psychological Warfare, Human Behaviour, & Psychology for breakfast.

Your constant use of this Psychological Warfare, along with your incessant Nazi-like Censorship show YOUR Fear, YOUR Guilt, YOUR Corruption, YOUR knowledge of wrong doing. Your actions speak volumes – they show you’re losing your grip on the narrative, & it’s glorious to watch. You threaten to shut down my account as though it were something of value 😂 I couldn’t possibly care less.

But what feels the best is knowing I don’t have to take any action at all – I can just sit back & put my feet up with a huge smile on my face as I watch you sink your own ship 🎯 You’re Pathetic.

Perhaps you’re uninformed, but it’s the CDC itself that was forced to admit it grossly exaggerated the CoronaVirus numbers (once those subpoenas hit the deck of course) for a Political Advantage, to both force mail-in voting, as well as yet another opportunity for you to smear President Donald Trump.

Ohh wait, you DO know, cuz your Censorship is your attempt at Damage Control on that fuck up .. you thought you had it in the bag, but alas you do not – the White Hats are in control. Boringly predictable & blatantly transparent, as is everything you do from that measly little one-play-playbook you hold so dear. #Yawn

You’ve told me to watch MY step, well now I’m telling you to watch YOURS 🎯 We know exactly what you’re doing & why, & who you’re protecting, & nothing can stop what is coming 😎 NOTHING 🎯

Going on Facebook at this point in time is akin to being in communist China or Nazi Germany, or perhaps a mix of the two. We know who you work for, we follow the money 💰 Your Power is dwindling no matter how hard you try to maintain your flailing stranglehold 🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️

You do know the meaning of the white flag in racing don’t you -> you’ve only got one lap left 🎯 😎 🎯


Trust yourself to Be The Captain Of Your Own Ship. Become The Master Of Your Domain. That’s the last thing *they* want. AND INCREDIBLY ENOUGH IT’S THE THING THAT’LL GIVE *YOU* THE MOST POWER 🌊

Bill Gates Vaccine: Plans To Make Us STERILE!

Omg Mind Blown AGAIN 🎯
He confirms what I’ve (we’ve) been saying about masks / virus / vaccine / pedophilia, but THIS:

1) Watch for them changing LGBTQ to LGBTQP, the P for Pedophilia 💥
2) #BillGates vaccine is not only aborted fetuses – it has something in it that’ll make humans STERILE / INFERTILE to stop human race from reproducing!!