The Fakestream Media

True objective journalism should leave you not knowing what side they’re on.

The complete & total opposite of the mainstream media.

Why trust someone who tells you “what to think” instead of “to think?”

Why trust someone who ridicules you unless you “obey?”


The Trump Card

Great post anon💌

Both possible – as we’ve seen from our research – and mind-blowing. Of course the very overactive schills will ridicule that, as they do everything else .. but a neutral objective person who researches & thinks for themselves will explore any & every theory & possibility😉❤️

Donald Trump sure made me sit up & pay attention when he immediately started confirming stuff I’d been blogging about for 2 yrs & had learned thru my own research, re the corrupt deep state, the biased unobjective bought-&-paid-for media & the global epidemic called pedophilia.

He doesn’t NEED a trump card cuz he IS the trump card.

But hey if you wish to continue operating from your place of constant hatred, go ahead .. it’s your life ..

For those who are fed up now, feel foolish, or want to move on – it’s okay it’s not your fault; the fault lies with the people who angrily force-fed you a lie like it was the golden truth without an ounce of proof, just wishful thinking.

Perhaps Miss Chelsea Handler can inspire folks to look within as she shares her decision to consult a psychologist to help ease her out of her hatred, which ultimately led her to address an unresolved childhood trauma .. her reason for her pain & grief – not Donald Trump😉

Chelsea Handler: I Decided I Needed Help

Human Behavior 101:
“A person only discredits something that can hurt them, that they fear, or that they don’t understand.”

The trashing of Q (Anon) lately is in hyperdrive .. they want you to believe it’s a crazy cult of ‘conspiracy theorists’ = just more propaganda & gaslighting you.

Ummm .. we’re so violent they have to make up fake hate crimes to pin it on us?

People who do their own research, investigate & think for themselves are in a cult?
Ummm we’re the complete & total opposite of the cult mindset.

Ask yourself, ‘WHY⁉️’

Q – if nothing else – has #United so many, & reminded us of the necessity of researching & thinking for ourselves. If you are against THAT, very few will trust you.

The Twisted Game of Gaslighting

Everyone needs to be aware of the total mindfuckery known as “Gaslighting.”

It’s a very serious form of abuse, as shown in this oldie but goodie:

“Gaslight” Full Movie

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is important; crucial. I think it’s time for a modern remake for the current & next generations. Awareness is KEY to ensuring you’re NOT being manipulated.[Being gaslighted by an old toxic bf – before I knew ‘gaslighting’ was a thing – almost drove me insane.]

It’s a game of manipulation & mind-control done purposely to make you doubt your own mind. How? Starts with something along these lines:

And it ends if/when the (lucky) person finally realizes what’s going on. Some never do.

I think it’s a friggen miracle I did.

Now, I’m grateful for the experience. I don’t know if I’d have recognized it happening to We the People so easily otherwise.

“Less Human?”

How does this make you feel? Look at those eyes – what do you see? What does your heart say?

Two things scream at me:
1) the “less human” part
2) the incredible sadness in those eyes

🆘If this is so wonderful where is the joy in his eyes? Why isn’t he smiling or even the faintest hint of happy?🆘

Isn’t he supposed to look like the happiest kid in America? I mean, they’re sending drag queens to schools for story hour, & tell 3 year olds they’re not really girls .. ? But if you comment on it negatively, you’re intolerant or racist or whatever narrative du jour, cuz they have to give that daily dose of gaslighting to keep the people confused.

This Kid Is Lost. All I see is sadness & despair.

And that “Less Human” was included in that title?

It’s like they’re trying to strip us of our humanity, of what makes us individuals.

Made me think of their hide-in-plain-sight game. A reveal of a part of their plan perhaps? Unintentionally? Arrogantly?

Too many things they’re teachin’ n preachin’ are the complete & total opposite of PERSONAL FREEDOM.

You feel so happy, light & free when you let go of labels, expectations, outcomes, of what people think, of how you’re perceived, & the need for acceptance.

So when I started seeing stories of teens committing suicide because of bullying & cyberbullying, I thought, “Why aren’t they being taught to not let what others say/think/do affect them or knock them from their path? Why aren’t they being taught to believe in themselves? That although yes – the world can be cruel – but there’s an incredible amount of Beauty in it too; & you get to choose what to focus on?

Personal Freedom is beautiful thing✨🥳✨ It’s what’s brought me the most Joy & a permanent smile 😁

Miguel Ruiz, Toltec Wisdom

It’s a BIG problem that much of what they’re teaching kids steers them towards NOT accepting themselves for who they are.

The ridiculous 57 gender thing, teaching 3 yr olds they’re not really a girl or boy .. ? I agree with the whole ‘be whatever you want to be’ message; but not pushing a child into it, into subject matter way beyond the comprehension capabilities of an eight-year-old let alone a three year old.

Not to mention the invention of the “microaggression”🚷

Folks, back in the “good ol’ days” we taught ‘Sticks & Stones’ – you let that shit roll right off of you.

Meditation teaches us to ‘keep our calm amidst the chaos.’

But not these guys – the microaggression people teach kids to look for as many things as possible that they find offensive.

This is so wrong.

They’re not teaching them to change the channel & move on like grown ups do – it’s “If they are offended by something/someone then they should proceed to have it /them banned / shut down / destroyed to ensure eradication from the entire world.”

At some point everyone has to become an adult, a responsible adult, “gotta grow up n put on your big boy pants,” & deal & behave in the world in a responsible & civilized manner.

There is a breakdown in that department.

There is an incredible amount of hatred & division being created in our world – especially with the young people who are indoctrinated & brainwashed.

It’s warfare on the people, & it’s very concerning, I’ve been doing an incredible amount of research on it.

🔹 Psychological Warfare

🔹 Political Warfare

🔹 Spiritual Warfare

I think we need to be talking about this, & educating our kids about this & gaslighting.

‘Conspiracy Theorist:’ Why ‘We the People’ MUST Stop Validating a CIA Term

This is by far the most reasonable, accurate, & objective explanation of where we’re at with this term.

Whenever we use the term ‘conspiracy theory’ we’re implying [even if we don’t mean to] there is something wrong with believing, wanting to investigate, or giving any credence at all to the possibility people are engaged in secretive or deceptive behaviour.

Read article @TheConversation:

Conspiracy Theories: A Misnomer

The Mastery of Love

This book quite literally saved my life. I was in such a terrible situation at the time another couple of months would have killed me .. thank God it came to me right at the right time.

I jumped up & down with Joy as I felt I was reading my own thoughts & feelings; it broke me free from whatever ties I had bound myself with & gave me such incredible personal freedom.

I recommend this book to anyone & everyone – nevermind spending hundreds in therapy, the power of the mind is incredible, you can do it all yourself!

Read up on this & other great books filled with Toltec wisdom & hopefully it will resonate with you as much as it did with me❣️

Awaken From Your Slumber

We are one race – the human race. We must love each other, despite the division between us they try so hard to create. One Love 💗 Where we go one, we go all❣️

Beyond the Abstract: Pouring, Swiping, Flipping, Dipping

I’ve disappeared into an exhilarating cosmic exploration of this enchanting love affair with everything that is Art.

Had to refresh my space – emptied the space, cleaned, de-cluttered, & organized, & I’m happy with the setup. Brought in two 3-high rolling storage drawers, that can move with me as I move around my studio, & one of those ‘hang on the back of your door organizers’ with 6 rows of storage pockets.

A practical, easily accessible hideaway for my brushes, torch, stencils, cups, paper towels, gloves, palette knives, & everything else I’ve confiscated from the rest of the house; hidden from view if the door is open. Finally got rid of some grungy old canvases that has been used one time too many too, & picked up a huge blue tarp that covers more than half of my space, so I can really let loose & not worry about the mess.

Every 6 months or so I like reorganizing the furniture in my room, studio [main living space, maybe once a year. Sometimes I get a little messy, a bit lazy .. I guess it’s more of a disconnect / unable to deal / zone out that’s usually if I had long day, rough week, too much stress at work [the restaurant industry is one in which we take a ton of abuse,

I can just feel the stagnation – when my space is stagnant or cluttered, I am stagnant & cluttered.

Again I must thank all the artists who mesmerize me with their techniques, experiments, tutorials, & of course their final works, each a masterpiece in their own right. I’ve been trying every technique I’m drawn to & have failed more than I’ve succeeded – but just like life art is all about the journey not the destination✨💃✨

The Swipe:

The String Pull:

The Pour, Dirty & Flip Cup:

More pouring:

And my first ‘pretty sloppy poor color choice’ Tree Ring Pour:

It needs work but I adore some of the effects I’ve seen other artists get with this technique so Tree Ring Pour practice is on the agenda for today!