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Chief Counsel Robert David Steele on Human Trafficking

Something CAN be done about it. Be aware. Be vigilant.

What if it was your child?


Exposed: The Story the US Would Never Dare Touch (by 60 Minutes Australia)

“Australian 60 Minutes published a story that 60 Minutes (America) would never dare touch: In America & the UK, the Paedophile Network controls high ranking Paedophile Politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA & top Law Enforcement. This has made it almost impossible to get the truth out about the presence of this worldwide Satanic Paedophile Network.”

You know, that thing referred to as #Pizzagate in the media – the thing no one wants investigated (huge red flag) .. oh it’s real alright, & it’s beyond disturbing. How do I know? Well, I’ve done an incredible amount of research, & I don’t listen to what the media thinks I should think, say, do or feel. I’ve been investigating this for years – I’ve seen things I can never unsee, & heard things I can never unhear – & far too many aren’t ready to hear that. 

Ask anyone who studies Human Behavior:

If it wasn’t true, why push to investigate (we wouldn’t), just making us look foolish on our wild goose chase, as we’d find nothing (if there was nothing to be found) .. & they’d let us do it wouldn’t they, cuz why would they care? They wouldn’t. Exactly. Why would the  media/government care about some “insert derogatory name here” looking into the existence of something that isn’t real (such as unicorns)? They wouldn’t.

They absolutely would not. If they weren’t involved in a top secret mission to hide the existence of unicorns, they wouldn’t give a flying fuck about what some random twit was looking into / claimingBut that’s not what’s happening is it? Oh no .. they care alright – they care very very much!!

Why do you think they’re trying to keep us from investigating in the first place? Think. For. Yourselves! 

The truth is right before our very eyes; they told us where to look when they told us where NOT to look.

Kids are being raped right now as I type this, it must be taken seriously!



Boston Marathon Bombing: Survivor Stories

I watched this incredible HBO documentary this morning as it rained down in Cuba around 8am & tears rolled down my face the whole way through.

Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing

I had no idea. Definitely puts things in perspective. Did you wake up this morning, breathing, & with all your limbs? Count yourself lucky.

Go ahead & complain about your life, I dare you.

I can’t imagine having to go through that struggle day in, day out – and for what??

A misguided soul who’s only goal was to destroy & kill.

Note to all human beings in existence: if the goal of your group/organization/religion is to destroy & kill other human beings, YOU ARE WRONG. No matter your reasoning or justification, YOU ARE WRONG.

These evil, lost souls cause a ripple effect that destroys so many people in the process. Lives forever changed. Everyone has the right to & deserves to live in peace. Nobody has the right to take away another human being’s life. NOBODY. End of story.

A Treasure Trove of Info! The ‘Neil Bush Pedophile Network’

😳🤯 😳🤯


🌞 Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity & joy. The award is given to bloggers by other bloggers who are creative, positive, & inspiring. 

1)Thank who nominated you 2)Share 10 things about you 3)Nominate who inspires you


Much Love & Gratitude to one of my favorite bloggers here, The Blooming Scribe. Thanks for the nod! Check out his blog, you won’t be disappointed! As is the tradition for this award, here are 11 random facts about me:

  • I love peanuts! Cannot stand peanut butter!
  • First concert, Honeymoon Suite, Toronto, at 13 #StayInTheLight
  • I’ve skydived 6 times #SkydivingForLife
  • Met/hung out w/ Antonio Sabato Jr, ’98, when working at Club Med Turks & Caicos
  • In 1989, 4 of us saw NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) tix 10th row floor+room at their Four Season’s hotel (.. tbc in another blog ..)
  • I was born with my right foot so twisted, they weren’t sure if I’d be able to walk
  • As a toddler I wore special shoes with a metal bar attached underneath to guide my foot into growing a certain way (it worked cuz I can walk!)
  • In grade school I wore a lift in my right shoe, I had a limp – 2″ diff/legs (Sigh.)
  • I got teased & bullied relentlessly (Relentlessly.)
  • At 10, had chunk of left tibia bone removed, I s/b 5’9/5’10 not 5’4 (dad is 6’0 & my bro is 6’2) They made me shorter! (It was that or a limp..)

If you could speak before thousands of people, what topic would you choose & why:


I’d talk about the importance of lifting people up. We must Empower, Inspire & Motivate. There’s way too much of the opposite, & the world is suffering. Everyone has a right to Life, to Freedom, To Peace. I take issue when someone stands in the way of this – especially when it’s for their own nefarious gains. This & similar peer given awards here on WordPress are in total sync with my message.

12) Name 2 people (living or dead) that have inspired you & why:

  • Ben Bradlee: “The man who took on the White House”
  • He was one of the few (last) authentic journalists with integrity
  • He wasn’t interested in being liked – he was searching for the truth.
  • Watch this great doc, his life & times at the Washington Post:
  • The Newspaperman: Life & Times of Ben Bradlee (2017)Trailer0
  • The Sunshine Makers: Tim Scully & Nick Sand, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s US drug counterculture; united in a utopian mission to save the planet through the consciousness-raising power of LSD; Orange Sunshine. What could go wrong?
  • A noble mission, to raise the consciousness of the planet;
  • Didn’t take long for the merchants of doubt to come out of the woodwork – as disinformation campaigns were launched & quickly began demonizing drugs – the same ones docs used to treat people
  • The last thing gov’t wants is a planet full of people they can’t control! 
  • Awakened, enlightened beings, expanding our consciousness – can’t control us.
  • Big reason why these tools have been made illegal in the first place.


I would like to nominate the following bloggers, who use their experiences, lessons learned & acquired wisdom to help others along their path. I chose blogs that really inspire me with their honest & loving desire, intent & action to Empower, Motivate & Inspire – but that I haven’t yet gotten to know very well. I’d like to 🙂

Much Love to you all & thank you for what you do. You are an Inspiration xo


Watch “Q: The Plan To Save The World” on YouTube

✴This vid is the best thing I’ve seen all year✴

This is what I research & blog abt for 2 yrs now.

Whether you’re ready to see it/accept it or not depends where you are in your Awakening process ..

But it won’t make this any less true or any less real.

✴There are still so many people who cannot see the amount of work that goes into pitting us against each other✴

Media, celebrities, actors, singers .. so many plants in the world around us if only you could see.

Resonates 1000% #Real #Truth

Ask Questions & Think For Yourself: Free Yourself From Others’ Opinions

Are #Aliens & #ET’s real? Maybe. Maybe not. There has to be life more intelligent advanced than us .. it can’t just be .. these people .. here. Sigh 😢

I want them to be. Don’t NEED them to be.

If no aliens, is there outer space? If no aliens or outer space, where are we .. really? A Flat earth? Round globe? Movie set? Experiment gone wrong? Something divine?

“Big Bang” = Non-answer. So pedestrian! “Yeah, so there was this Big Bang, & now we’re here.” As ridiculous as those who claimed we have Junk DNA. “Gee Rufus, we don’t understand it, so it must be junk.” I’d have said ‘YET, don’t understand it YET.’ #Nasa is sketchy. ‘We’ went to the moon on that contraption? That flimsy thing wouldn’t survive if I threw it across the street let alone to the Moon & back. Highly doubt it. How’s #StanleyKubrick these days?

Neil Armstrong can’t remember if he saw any stars? Stutters, searching for an answer. He & Buzz refused interviews after such a “grand feat?” Buzz clocks guy asking for truth, then appears in #Unacknowledged stating “Wait til ppl find out the truth?” Neil refuses request to touch a bible & swearing he DID ‘moonwalk, instead uses projection: “That bible is fake,” hoping to deflect our attention elsewhere? If one ‘walked on the moon,’ one might be proud, milk the claim to fame, raking in $ for appearances, signing autographs, being a Hero?

Not them: Stayed in seclusion. Dove into the bottle. Became recluses. WHY??



I don’t think I could possibly care any less about what any other person in existence thinks of me. I don’t need to be accepted & I don’t need to be liked.

And I gotta say that is one hell of an incredible level of personal freedom!


Why are you so concerned with what others think of you? You know that is operating from a place of fear? What are you afraid of? Why don’t you believe in yourself? What are you gonna to do about it??

#PERSONALFREEDOM is highly underrated.

There’s more that’s fake than real. If you can’t see that then you haven’t been paying attention. There’s more that’s the opposite of what it claims to be.



#CriticalThinking #Analysis #CreativeThinking #Narratives #Agendas #OperationAvalanche #OperationNorthwoods #CIA #ControlledOpposition #Corruption
#Speculation #Intuition #Objective #Investigation #OpenMind #Curiosity

Who’s Looking out for the Hollywood Children? #Oscars

Are the Hollywood Children Safe from the ‘Open Secret’ ?

Oh look, it’s Oscar night. Whoop-ti-do. I never cared for awards shows before & I certainly don’t plan on ever watching one again. Some people are taking to the streets to express their disdain in interesting ways:



“Seemingly inspired by Oscar-nominated ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,’ a street artist takes aim at industry predators this week, with 3 huge billboards in LA. They’re covered over with messages attacking Hollywood for purportedly shielding pedophiles.”

 “Street Artist Commandeers 3 Billboards in Hollywood ahead of Oscars.”

Well, ain’t that ballsy! Touche! Way to bring attention to the problem.

Has anything changed in Hollywood since the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal? Have we made any progress? Only Hollywoodians know for sure. For me, as the audience, much has changed. I can’t watch a movie without wondering,“Was that kid molested? Or that one?” Just how many young actors & actresses had to pass the casting couch audition before the actual audition? Some of them? All of them? Thanks a lot Hollywood for ruining movies for me. I’ll get over it. But, the kids – you ruined so many kids lives. Ruined, yes, ruined. Only victims know how much it royally fucks us up.


Are fame & fortune so grand, that morals & principles go out the window? Many who reach the pinnacle of success in the industry have stated it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. We mustn’t allow any more children, blinded by ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ to ever be taken advantage of again. Although the predator moves from victim to victim without a second thought, always hunting for new prey; each victim’s life, from just one incident of abuse, is forever altered. We must work harder at keeping the children safe & keeping people aware. These things mustn’t continue to get swept under the rug.

The only way I know how to do that, short of erecting billboards in California, is to continue to keep them & their families aware. How? For starters, watch & share exceptional documentarian Amy Berg’s eye-opening 2014 documentary, “An Open Secret.” Share it with your friends & family, ask them to share it too.

It’s the movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to see; which is why it’s a must-see; like all her docs. She is truly a gift to the industry, to the world, & to the children. We need more people like her exposing these broken systems if we’re ever going to break free from the vicious cycles in place. See my previous blog for the movie link:

 ‘An Open Secret.’ Official PG-13, Copyright Esponda Productions LLC’

These 10 Hollywood predators need to hang up their clipboards & call it a day, if they haven’t already. If Hollywood wants to retain or I guess, regain some credence, it should ensure these names are no longer seen in the rolling credits of any movie:

  • Roman Polanski
  • Woody Allen
  • Jason Michael Handy
  • Marty Weiss
  • ? (re: Corey Haim, RIP)
  • Brian Peck
  • Marc Collins-Rector
  • Bryan Singer
  • Bob Villard
  • Jason Michael Murphy


Coming soon: Blog in progress about the heart-breaking number of kids in the industry who died before turning 18 from suicide, a drug overdose or under suspicious circumstances.  Some even younger. They shouldn’t be forgotten. There are way too many 😦  


The Fabric of the Cosmos

Brian Greene is one of my favorite humans on this planet; a theoretical physicist, mathematician, & string theorist, he has been a professor of physics & mathematics at Columbia University since 1996. He is also the chairman of the World Science Festival since co-founding it in 2008. Allow your mind to be blown by my favorite series:

The Fabric of the Cosmos.’

 “Interweaving provocative theories, experiments, & stories with crystal-clear explanations & imaginative metaphors like those that defined the groundbreaking & highly acclaimed series The Elegant Universe, ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’ aims to be the most compelling, visual, & comprehensive picture of modern physics ever seen on television.”

Here is part 1 (parts 2,3, & 4 will follow) Enjoy!

Fabric of the Cosmos
‘With each step in this series, audiences discover that just beneath the surface of our everyday experience lies a world we’d hardly recognize – a startling world far stranger & more wondrous than anyone expected.’

The reviews are in & they’re unanimous! 

  • ‘Greene is as elegant as ever, cutting through the fog of complexity with insight & clarity. Space & time become putty in his hands.’ –LA Times
  • ‘Highly informed, lucid & witty. There is no better introduction to the strange wonders of general relativity & quantum mechanics, fields of knowledge essential for a real understanding of space & time.’ –Discover
  • ‘The author’s informed curiosity is inspiring & his enthusiasm infectious.’ –KC Star
  • ‘Mind-bending. [Greene] is both a gifted theoretical physicist & a graceful popularizer [with] virtuoso explanatory skills.’ – The Oregonian
  • ‘Brian Greene is the new Hawking, only better.’– The Times (London)


A Gun Problem? No, it’s a ‘Lack of Humanity’ Problem.

My Canadian perspective: the ‘US Machine,’ the broken system, & this epidemic of sleepwalking through life. They keep you distracted by guiding your focus towards symptoms; that’s how they keep the problem around. It’s time for people to address the root, instead of the symptomsUnless quicksand is your thing ..

Do we have a gun problem? It sure seems that way, doesn’t it; especially in the US. But is it really a gun problem, or is it more of a Humanity problem?

“I’ll take Where is the Humanity,” for $1000 Alex.” 

People are suffering; hurt, lost in pain. Sadly this comes as no surprise if you see the system for what it really is. There is an incredible amount of turmoil & needless suffering in the world; all by design, of course.“The system isn’t broken it was built this way.” If you can’t see that yet, or think it’s preposterous, you haven’t been paying attention. I beg you dear one, investigate. You shouldn’t be taking anyone’s word for anything without personally looking into it.

“Continuing to focus on just fixing the symptoms, & we’re squandering our time & energy. Instead, we should shift our focus from fixing symptoms, to finding a root cause & fixing that instead. And although finding the root cause may require courage & persistence, it is the only true way of fixing the problems you are facing for good.” 

   “Stop Fixing the Symptoms – Find the Root Cause Instead.”



Here in Canada we watch in disbelief our neighbors to the south killing each other at what seems to be a much higher rate than elsewhere in the world.


And now after the umpteenth US school shooting, people are blaming Trump. No surprise there. God forbid people do a little research. Find & attack the root, or the symptoms will keep popping up. Don’t be a hamster on an endless wheel going nowhere fast as you are Circling the Drain. You’ll be the only one to blame. Will people ever think for themselves again? Or will they continue to just scratch the surface, not even realizing there’s an infection, let alone treat it. 


Check out this awesome vid from a fellow blogger who knows what’s going on:

 “Literal Insanity” by 3iconstructs

Don’t you know – everything is Trump’s fault?! Just last night I stubbed my toe pretty bad & I yelled out, “Damnit Trump I know that was you!” Surely I jest. You don’t blame outside things for what happens in your life when you’re awake. Broken records singing the same song; & boy is it time for a new tune. 


Blaming anyone for the Florida shooting, cuz they’re in the NRA, is misplaced anger. Oh hello narrative, what are you doing here? Why are you blaming someone else, for someone else picking up a gun & choosing to go on a murderous rampage? For being in a group you don’t like, but ignoring the fact only 5% of gun owners are in said group? Surely you jest .. Candid camera, is that you

Oh, narrative .. it’s you again. Talk about overstaying your welcome .. 


The shooter made a choice. His choice is his responsibility

“Student survivors of Florida shooting slam Trump over FBI tweets.”

Gimme a fuckin’ break.  

“The NRA has about 5 million members, & about 90 million gun owners in the U.S. That means just over 5% of gun owners forked over $35 to sign up.” 

Even gun owners don’t like the NRA. Hey straw – careful – you’re being grasped at ..

This, or any school shooting, has nothing to do with the NRA or it’s members. Their narrative is addressing a ‘symptom,’ not the root of the problem.

 “Most gun owners don’t belong to the NRA & don’t agree with it either!”

“Why It’s Total Bullshit – You Don’t Join the NRA.”

Where is the madness at the fact that guns / assault rifles are so easily available in a world that’s in so much pain some act out violently? Protect yourself with your handguns if you must. Relax, no one is trying to take that away from you. But there is absolutely no valid reason for people to have access to the “kill several in seconds” automatic rifles & other killing machines.


Why aren’t the ‘responsible gun owners’ – the licensed, the safety first, practice at the shooting range, proper cleaning & safe storage folks – those who own it to protect their family & property – ever go on mass shooting sprees? They don’t. So maybe it’s not the guns. What about women? Women suffer from mental illness. Why aren’t more women embarking on assault rifle mass murder shooting sprees?? They don’t. Hmmm, so maybe it’s not mental illness?


If you’re awake, you know it’s ‘a la mode‘ to be on the bash Trump train, according to just about every “media” outlet; & many agree. The world is filled with too many reactionary thinkers & not enough critical ones. People love to bash people for going against the narrative. You’re angry at a system – a very fucked up one. You won’t realize that unless you know about the system. The Matrix – that is the real issue. The evil is the system  – not any sitting presidentWhen more people wake up to that, we’ll stop attacking each other & make some actual progress.

Our differences ARE our beauty. Don’t be afraid of what’s different – embrace it! We should be teaching & learning from each other – that’s how we grow. Not by ripping people apart & destroying their lives because they don’t agree with us. Don’t be a 6 year old having a tantrum in the sandbox. And that all comes from fear. People are afraid if they accept others’ differences, they’ll lose a part of themselves. Learn to play well with others without ripping the heads off their dolls. 


It’s painful to watch people wasting their time fighting fluff, static, & nonsense – playing right into their hands – instead of figuring out what the root of a problem is. Because if they cut the head off the snake, eliminating the problem once & for all, what ever will they whine about then? How will the MSM ever sell their papers? Yeah I’m talking to you MSM. The mainstream misleading teams. And you Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. It’s an open secret that they silence those whose opinions differ, as they pledge their blind allegiance to those who fill their food bowls. 

If they were anchored in truth, that would be completely unnecessary. But they aren’t. They’re anchored in narratives. 

God forbid they keep it a level playing ground.


Or maybe greed corrupted them along the way, & the value of human life fell to the wayside.

Whatever it is, the current craze needs to fade away; hearing a narrative & jumping on board because it’s believed by the majority; or their friends, boss, parents, spouse or church. There’s always someone trying to tell someone else what to do. But bandwagons are often hopped onto without any kind of  investigating. Where are the days of the healthy debate, comparing notes, to see how each got to their conclusion, agreeing to disagree?  “The Lost Art of Critical Thinking💡Can it Make a Comeback?”  In it’s place is the automatic disparaging, ridiculing & discrediting of all that is not popular belief. ‘If you’re this, then I hate you / If you’re this, then I love you.’ Well, as long as it’s not conditional! The whole “If you’re not with us, you’re against us “mentality is a misguided one. Stop taking guidance from the Box of Lies.BoxOfLies.jpg

“If we pit them against each other; having them fight each other will keep them from fighting us.”

We mustn’t let them divide us. 


A few caught red-handed: CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post,Janet I-heard-they-took-away-your-Pulitzer Cooke. Newsweek, CBS, Dan Rather, NBC, Brian Williams, MediaMatters: When you have to write Media “MATTERS” – you know it’s cuz it doesn’t. It’s like a restaurant that calls itself “Tasty Pizza.” If it really WAS tasty, it’d speak for itself & wouldn’t need to be deceptively included in the name. The New York Times, Walter Duranty, Jayson Blair, The New Republic, Stephen Glass, Rolling Stone, Daily Wire, Nik Cohn, Mike Sager; & sadly the list goes on & on.

What’s the going rate for a Soul in 2018?

 “A Plea to Journalists”PLEA.jpg

We don’t have a gun problem.

We have a Humanity problem.

I really don’t think the US political machine wants gun control. If they did, we’d have it. They’re obsessed with military & defense, & spend more money on it than I can bear to think about. “Here’s how the US military spends its billions.”

Isn’t it just another illusion, like the war on drugs? “If voting actually changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” Hold on lemme see if I get this: You’re saying with more laws, all of a sudden criminals are gonna say, ‘Shit, I better not break the law now?‘ If laws stopped people from breaking laws, then why are there criminals?


People are drifting further away from reality, seeing only the narrative. It’s truly frightening.


The problem isn’t Trump or any sitting president; the problem’s been around since way before he came along. See for yourself! Check out this explosive documentary from Oliver Stone. It even shocked me. And I’ve been researching this stuff for years. This exceptional film gave me an even deeper look – not to mention the incredible footage. I didn’t think it could be any worse than I already thought, but it is. I’ll take the $1000 I won from Alex earlier & place a bet: I wonder how many Americans  don’t know the half of the stuff Stone exposes. Power & Greed are sickening disease. 


“Untold History of the United States: Explosive Documentary by Oliver Stone”

We may not respect what the other is saying, but we must respect their right to say it.

Will people ever realize there’s been a huge propaganda & disinformation campaign going on for so long? “The Disinformation Campaign.” Will they realize the importance & necessity to do their own research, to question everything? 


Politics is such utter bullshit. American politics is an insane asylum. In 45 years on this planet, I’ve happily avoided the nonsense of the political machine. And around & around they go. It’s a merry-go-round, & all the riders are clowns – they’re just not very merry. They think they are, but you cannot fill your void with money or stuff.

You can see the evil in their eyes. 


Take a 6 month break from Twitter, & when you return, it’s still the same arguments over & over, one side trying to prove to the other why they’re wrong. If people could not only accept, but embrace our differences, we could move past this onto something else. People need to let it go. It’s about as necessary as religion in our lives. And the fashion world. And the sports world. And the news world ..

Distractions. Meant to divide. It’s those still attached to it that keep it alive. Its’ purpose is to keep you busy – busy & distracted. All these constructs are just static – to distract you from figuring out why we’re really here.


How about trying something you’ve never done before?

What if you just let it all go? 

All the labels, classifications, assumptions? What would you be then?


Pure. Authentic.

And it just so happens that that’s one of the goals of this spiritual journey. Peel away the layers of this never-ending onion & get to the core: Authenticity. Our differences are our beauty. Don’t be afraid of what’s different – embrace it!


I’ve always been fiercely against conforming & complacency. I don’t follow the herd & I never will. I usually go out of my way to do the opposite of the mainstream. I refuse to be a sheep – I discovered there was a veil after enduring the umpteenth trauma; & I’ve been peeking behind it ever since. 

The Matrix, escape it: the corrupt, depraved, deceiving, decaying, hypocritical, double standard, meant to keep you down, never built for you system. A system you need to know about to pop out of, let go of, detach from. It’s been fucking people over for years; while they blindly pledge allegiance to a flag / religion / country / other nonsense. These are labels & not who we are.